E.R.S. (Electronic Regulation System)
E.R.S. (Electronic Regulation System)
E.R.S. (Electronic Regulation System)
E.R.S. (Electronic Regulation System)

E.R.S. (Electronic Regulation System) for motorcycle BMW R1200GS 2018

Protect yourself from the possible inclement weather during the ride with the electronic lifting mechanism (E.R.S.) of Puig.
Electronically machined, you can vary the position of the windshield, easily and with one finger during the ride thanks to the actuator button located on the handlebar.

The ERS system allows you to elevate the windscreen 6 cm more than the original lifting mechanism and allows it to lower its position 2 cm lower than the original as well, ideal for use in off-road riding.

One of the main advantages of the ERS system is that it does not require a fixing support and its structure significantly improves the rigidity of the original part on the bike.

The piece has been designed to be mounted with the original screen or with one of the Puig models.

The installation of the new mechanism does not require mechanical or electronics knowledge. It comes with simple assembly instructions, supplied in paper as well as a video tutorial to enjoy the piece quickly and easily.

Product’s information

Adapt the height of your screen, depending on the route, your height, your preferences or the weather conditions of each moment with Puig's electronic regulation system (E.R.S.).

The E.R.S. (Electronic Regulation System) is a mechanism that gives you the possibility of modifying, at any time while driving, the height of the screen of your BMW thanks to a next-generation Joystick-type button that is located on the handlebar.

While the OEM mechanism must be operated while standing still and having to release the handlebar with your right hand to operate it, this button will allow you to do it with a single finger, due to its dimensions and placement on your handlebar.

This mechanism offers you up to 60mm in height in addition to the original mechanism, which will protect you against inclement weather and gusts of wind. For off-road routes or city driving you can lower this height by 20mm below the OEM.

The E.R.S. replaces the original BMW so that it is as integrated as possible in the front of your motorcycle, to reinforce and avoid the vibrations that the original screen adjustment system has.

In addition, the mechanism includes two aerodynamic wind deflectors designed for when we place the screen in the high position, managing to divert the air flow that would pass under it to the sides, leaving the pilot completely protected.

Designed and manufactured entirely in Barcelona using the highest technologies, the new screen lifting mechanism will provide you with the necessary comfort while driving your BMW, being able to choose its height according to each moment and driving situation.

Thanks to its supports that combine aluminum, stainless steel and iron, with anti-corrosion treatment and black textured paint, the piece will be perfectly fixed to your vehicle avoiding annoying vibrations and will not imply an extra weight load.

The maximum height that the screen will reach will be 60mm more than in its original position, while if you want to lower it, it will be possible to do -20mm with respect to the original mechanism.

Its installation is “Plug & Play”, and it is detailed step by step (on video or paper) so that the user can do it perfectly without having specific knowledge of mechanics or electronics. It should be noted that the E.R.S. It is compatible with the original screen of your BMW, with the Puig screen, or with the rest of the accessories designed for this model.

Along with the piece, Puig delivers a PDF instruction booklet, an assembly video tutorial, the aerodynamic study of the piece and an illustrative video “Why E.R.S.”.

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E.R.S. (Electronic Regulation System) For BMW R1200GS 2018

Electrical Regulation System

The item does not include the dome.



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