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Touring Screen for motorcycle BMW S1000 XR 2020

Touring screens, developed by Puig in Barcelona, are designed with the objective to aerodynamically protect the rider without affecting his/her field vision. In addition, these screens fit perfectly with the adventure style and aesthetics of the trail models thanks to their wide range of colors and different sizes. 

These Touring screens are manufactured using the most advanced technologies, using 4mm thick acrylic material, with UV protection and with a 2mm rounded edge. This finish gives it a more elegant touch and offers greater security, fulfilling with the regulations of the German TÜV.

The assembly of this screen follows a process that can be done without having to ask for a mechanic thanks to its simple and intuitive adaptation. The package also includes the aerodynamic studies that have emerged from comparing the Puig screen with the original in a virtual wind tunnel.

Product’s information

The Puig Touring windshield for the BMW S1000XR improves the aerodynamics of your adventure bike without affecting its sport and aggressive design. The lines fit perfectly to the original aesthetics of the German model and it is available in three different colors: clear, light smoked and dark smoked. Thanks to the research and to the aerodynamic study carried out by Puig Hi-Tech Parts, the upper zone will reduce the impact of the air while offering maximum visibility.

This piece is manufactured following the quality standards of Puig, which uses the best materials for its production. The Touring screen uses high-impact CN Acrylic, 4 millimeters thick. Its overall measurements are 565 millimeters high x 360 millimeters wide, 170mm taller than the original screen mounted by BMW. Puig incorporates two metallic supports finished in textured black to achieve an absolute adaptation and integration, keeping the line discreet without losing resistance. In addition, the separation generated by the supports has been designed to create a small air flow that eliminates turbulence.

Puig delivers the Touring screen for the BMW S1000XR together with the assembly instructions, which can also be consulted on our website. Its assemble only takes more than 15 minutes and does not require prior mechanical knowledge.

The aerodynamic study of the screen confirms that the rider's protection increases by 80% without losing the penetration coefficient (Cx). Significantly improves comfort on the bike and reduces fatigue for the rider. If you want to be able to improve this impact, it is possible to incorporate an adjustable visor.

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Technical features

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