Multi-adjustable Visor 2.0. Fixed with Screws

Multi-adjustable Visor 2.0. Fixed with Screws for motorcycle BMW R1250GS 2022

Puig launches its new 2.0 multi-adjustable visor with the firm intention of improving the user aerodynamic protection, as well as protecting us from inclement weather or possible impacts that we may find during our route.

Designed under a minimalist line and made of polycarbonate with an anti-scratch finish, the piece will be firm, resistant and with a very high clearness that allows perfect vision through it.

Its special design and measurements (300mm wide and 130mm high) are optimal for acting as a screen against gusts of wind, diverting it from sensitive areas such as the rider's helmet and torso. In addition, it avoids possible turbulence and sounds that can disturb or distract while riding. The user will be able to adapt the visor in up to 4 rotation positions, which together with the guides that allow its height to be adjusted by 100, become infinite positions that allow it to be adjusted to your height or preferences.

The new 2.0 multi-adjustable visor is available in clear and light smoked material, discreet finishes so that the installation of the piece does not interfere with the aesthetics of the motorcycle.

The particularity of the fixed model is that its anchorage is immovable thanks to four screws through which the visor is attached. This system requires making holes in the screen where you want to adhere the part, which allows a super reliable fixation on the windshield of our motorcycle whatever its curvature.

After the installation of it, we will be able to adjust the visor with our hand to the position we want without the need of additional tools.

Product’s information

The new 2.0 fixed multi-adjustable visor substantially improves the aerodynamic ability of your motorcycle, providing all the necessary comfort to enjoy the route. It allows to place it in infinity of different positions to adapt to the needs of each user.

Its simple shapes are specifically designed to deflect gusts of wind that hit sensitive areas of the rider, in addition to avoiding possible impacts and protecting you from inclement weather. On the other hand, it adapts perfectly to the aesthetic line of your motorcycle.

Puig offers the possibility of choosing the visor in clear or light smoked material.

Entirely designed and manufactured in Barcelona under the latest technology, the new 2.0 multi-adjustable visor is made of injected polycarbonate with anti-scratch treatment, high clearness and maximum resistance to possible impacts.

Its rounded contour has been designed to guarantee maximum safety, always complying with the most demanding European safety regulations.

The measurements of the visor are 300mm wide x 130mm high, with a distance between guides of 200mm, so as not to interfere with the view through.

The mounting of the fixed version 2.0 is done using 4 screws provided by the brand. Centrally and statically placing the visor on the windscreen, ensuring that the holes are 20mm from the top.

Puig's 2.0 multi-adjustable visor makes the difference in terms of aerodynamics. Thanks to its shape and its adaptation to the dome, it diverts the air flow from sensitive areas and distributes the pressure.

In addition, it is very useful in the face of possible turbulence and annoying sounds, regardless of the height of the rider.

Along with the piece, Puig serves an intuitive assembly instruction booklet, an infographic video and the aerodynamic study carried out.

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