GS RIM STRIPS for motorcycle Universal

Our motorcycle is the extension of our character and passion for motorcycling. Customize the wheels of your BMW and give it that touch of competition that we like so much with the PUIG strips available in two colors: Black and gold.

The back printing of the strip guarantees long-lasting graphics and resistance to possible scratches. It adheres to the wheel very easily thanks to its textured surface and allowing it to be placed again.

The trail range of the Bavarian firm has different levels of finishes. Puig offers a specific product for the models R1200GS 13-18 'and R1250GS 18' and for the R1200GS ADVENTURE 14'- and R1250GS ADVENTURE 18 '. All of them perfectly coincide with the sophisticated and adventurous essence of a best seller like the GS.

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Technical features

  • Impact resistant
  • Anti Scratch
  • UV resistant
  • Easy installation


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