Downforce Sport spoilers
Downforce Sport spoilers
Downforce Sport spoilers
Downforce Sport spoilers

Downforce Sport spoilers for motorcycle Kawasaki NINJA 650 2017

Now you can benefit from the racing aerodynamic technology in your motorcycle. Puig Downforce Sport spoilers have been developed thanks to the experience and tests carried out by the Kawasaki Racing team on the WorldSBK championship circuits. Get the ultimate racing touch and improve the cornering of your motorcycle with these Sport spoilers.

The fitting of these spoilers improves stability at high speeds and reduces the risk of shimmie effect, which occurs when losing traction on the front wheel and can lead to complete loss of control. In addition, the side winglets help changes of direction at high speeds by channeling the air through the piece. A downforce that also promises the antiwheelie effect in strong accelerations by generating downward downforce of up to 6 kilograms in the front axle. The exact results of the virtual wind tunnel test can be consulted for each model.

Puig Downforce Sport spoilers have been designed and manufactured in Barcelona, following the latest developments in MotoGP and WorldSBK in the field of aerodynamics. Thanks to the advances and avant-garde technologies of the firm, you will be able to equip your street motorbike with the best innovations and features of the high competition, in addition to providing an aggressive aesthetic and personalizing your motorcycle to taste thanks to its wide range of available colors.

They have been manufactured taking into account safety regulations, with rounded edges and a radius of >2 mm. Its assembly is simple, it does not require drilling the fairing, and it is assembled quickly following the detailed instructions supplied on paper.
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Spares Downforce Sport spoilers of Kawasaki NINJA 650 2017

Downforce Spoilers Deflectors Kit

Sportbike type R models

  • Black REF. 3692N 36.5 + VAT

  • Blue REF. 3692A 36.5 + VAT

  • Red REF. 3692R 36.5 + VAT

  • Orange REF. 3692T 36.5 + VAT

  • Green REF. 3692V 36.5 + VAT



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