MP Back mirror

MP Back mirror

Improve the aesthetics of your motorcycle with the MP PUIG rear-view mirrors. With its metallic finish, available in black and silver, you will renew the appearance of your motorcycle. This product is not homologated.
This mirror model is fixed to the handlebar and can only be attached to 22mm handlebars and an with an inner diameter of 13 to 18mm.
Suitable for M8 and M10 threads, an M10 x 1.25 adapters kit (left thread) is used for the M8 model. Same mirror reference for both sides.

For more information, consult the range of PUIG HI-TECH mirrors by downloading the catalog in the following link:

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Right or left back mirror

Same reference for both sides.
Suitable for handlebars with internal diameter from 13 to 18mm.

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