Rearview Explorer

Rearview Explorer

Do you want to give your bike an adventure touch? Is exploration what you are all about? The PUIG Explorer approved mirror is your perfect choice.

Designed especially for adventure touring motorcycles, it is a simple and minimalist mirror that will withstand all types of weather while riding.
It is a piece made from machined billet aluminium, which guarantees reduced weight and the option to adjust it according to our needs, both in inclination and in extension thanks to its 4 axes of rotation and its 30 mm extension.
To guarantee a perfect finish, the Explorer mirror is anodized. You can choose between different colors (black or aluminum) or the combination of both. The Explorer mirror adapts to the handlebar stem, but can also be adapted to the original fairing of the bike by using adapters. There are some models that also require an adapter for mounting on the rod, therefore, must be reviewed before purchase.

Models of Rear Mirrors

  • Retro rearview mirror
  • Hypernaked Mirror
  • Rearview Explorer
  • GT back mirror
  • GTI Rearview Mirror
  • F1 Back mirror
  • Hi-Tech 1 Back mirror
  • Hi-Tech 2 Back mirror
  • Hi-Tech 3 Back mirror
  • Rearview mirror RS1
  • Back mirror RS2
  • MT Mirror
  • MG Back mirror
  • Z1 Back mirror
  • Rearview Mirror Grand Tracker
  • Tracker rearview mirror
  • Hi-Tech 4 Back mirror
  • MP Back mirror
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Technical features

    145 x 90 mm
    Inclination, adjustment and extendable mirror.
    Handlebar and adaptors available for original fairing
    Produced from billet aluminium and anodized afterwards
    Possibility to combine colors


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