MG Back mirror

MG Back mirror

Rear mirror of metallic-shell non-homologated, available in three colors: black, silver and carbon look. Ideal for riders that look for an economical rear mirror but with an acceptable quality. Adaptable for motorcycle with rear mirrors M10.

An adapter kit is included with the right rear mirror: M10 x 1.25 (reverse thread)

Models of Rear Mirrors

  • Hypernaked Mirror
  • Mirror Xplorer
  • GT back mirror
  • F1 Back mirror
  • Hi-Tech 1 Back mirror
  • Hi-Tech 2 Back mirror
  • Hi-Tech 3 Back mirror
  • Back mirror RS1
  • Back mirror RS2
  • MT Back mirror
  • MG Back mirror
  • Z1 Back mirror
  • Rear mirror Tracker
  • Hi-Tech 4 Back mirror
  • MP Back mirror
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Right back mirror

Universal thread M10
Includes Adaptors set: M10 x 1,25 (left thread)

Left back mirror

Universal thread M10

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