GTI Rearview Mirror

GTI Rearview Mirror

Enhance the R-image of your bike, giving it a more aggressive and competitive character with Puig GTI rearview mirrors. Machined from billet aluminium, with an anodized rear end and homologated, it will be the perfect accessory for your motorcycle. PUIG presents the piece in two finishes, black or anodized aluminium and up to 4 different models.
Thanks to its machining, the GTI mirror is adjustable both in inclination and height and has antiglare glass to avoid vision problems while riding.
The main highlight of the mirror, in addition to its looks, is that it has an integrated indicator on it which will add safety for both the rider and the rest of the vehicles.
Puig's GTI rearview mirror can be mounted to a rod or original fairing of the motorcycle. Includes adapter kit M10x1.25 (left thread).

Models of Rear Mirrors

  • Retro rearview mirror
  • Hypernaked Mirror
  • Rearview Explorer
  • GT back mirror
  • GTI Rearview Mirror
  • F1 Back mirror
  • Hi-Tech 1 Back mirror
  • Hi-Tech 2 Back mirror
  • Hi-Tech 3 Back mirror
  • Rearview mirror RS1
  • Back mirror RS2
  • MT Mirror
  • MG Back mirror
  • Z1 Back mirror
  • Rearview Mirror Grand Tracker
  • Tracker rearview mirror
  • Hi-Tech 4 Back mirror
  • MP Back mirror
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