GT back mirror

GT back mirror

The GT rear-view mirror of the HI-TECH range for motorcycle by Puig is made of machined and anodized aluminum. Its exclusive design personalizes and enhances the sportive presence of the motorcycle. It is an approved component and is available in four color variants for the base and for the mirror section: two types of aluminum and two other types of black.

The rearview mirror GT is adjustable in inclination and height. It is supplied with a generic kit of adapters for mounting on the rod and the original fairing. It is necessary to consult your Puig supplier for the availability of adapters for the specific HI-TECH mirrors for each motorcycle.

Models of Rear Mirrors

  • Retro rearview mirror
  • Hypernaked Mirror
  • Rearview Explorer
  • GT back mirror
  • GTI Rearview Mirror
  • F1 Back mirror
  • Hi-Tech 1 Back mirror
  • Hi-Tech 2 Back mirror
  • Hi-Tech 3 Back mirror
  • Rearview mirror RS1
  • Back mirror RS2
  • MT Mirror
  • MG Back mirror
  • Z1 Back mirror
  • Rearview Mirror Grand Tracker
  • Tracker rearview mirror
  • Hi-Tech 4 Back mirror
  • MP Back mirror
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Technical features

    Machined from an aluminum block and posterior anodized

    A rod and adapters available for original fairing.

    Mirror inclination and height


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