Off-road levers

Off-road levers for motorcycle Husqvarna TC85 2014

If riding on asphalt bores you and your way of escape are the cross-country roads, then complement your bike with the new off-road levers from Puig.

In addition to enhancing the image of your motorcycle, the new Puig Off-Road levers are designed to guarantee the best riding experience away from the asphalt thanks to its capacity to rotate, its pivot is designed with a spring that allows tilting forward thus avoiding the deformation or breakage of it and its regulation allows the rider to regulate the lever at will.
In addition, its exclusive design has a 4 fingers length for the clutch lever with a 3 fingers length for the brake lever, guaranteeing a reduced weight of 100 gr.

The piece is available in black and the brake/clutch lever comes together with the necessary hardware for its assembly.

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Off-road levers For Husqvarna TC85 2014

Clutch Lever + Adaptor
Brake Lever + Adaptor

Technical features

    Adaptor designed with spring which allows the lever to swing forward to avoid the lever to twist or break.
    Exclusive design: Clutch lever – length of lever for 4 fingers. Brake lever – length for 3 fingers.
    The adjustable system allows to adjust the position at rider’s taste.


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