Visors display

Visors display

Winning the battle against the wind on the motorbike is possible thanks to the multi-adjustable visors and deflectors from Puig. If you want to display them in an elegant and intuitive way, you can do it using the Puig support for visors and screen deflectors.

Show the different types of Puig Hi-Tech Parts visor available in the catalog with just one display, you won't need anything else. The two lower shelves are reserved for the deflectors that require fixing with a drill, while the first support can accommodate an example of a visor with clip. From Puig we encourage you to make the most of this piece, using the upper edge to put another clamp deflector for the highest area of the screen. In this way, your customers or interested parties can easily see and check its mechanism, as well as choose between the different sizes available.

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