Chain Brush

Chain Brush for motorcycle Universal

The Puig chain brush is developed to effectively clean this component, one of which requires more careful maintenance in the transmission system of the motorcycle.

Even though the chain is very well protected, the chain of the motorcycle is always exposed. With miles on, it accumulates dust and other particles, especially when facing routes with bad weather or, above all, in off-road routes. By mixing dirt with grease, its lubrication capacity is reduced and wear is accelerated.

The two ends of the brush have plastic bristles of high resistance, interchangeable and of variable hardness. One side is designed to adapt to the contour of the chain and its short and strong bristles allow to easily remove the dirt embedded in the entire contour of the chain, while those on the other side, longer and softer, are to remove the fallen debris on the rim, the swingarm or the brake caliper.

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Chain Brush For Universal

Chain brush


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