Led License Light Angle

Led License Light Angle for motorcycle Universal

The Angle license plate lighting group is the perfect evolution of the PLA model. Its new compact design facilitates the integration of the license plate holders in the motorcycle, freeing up space in the area of the taillights. The LED technology and the new arrangement of the LEDs make it possible to improve the central and side illumination of the license plate. It is compatible with all models of Puig license plate holders that have a lighting group.

Made of ABS plastic, a material highly resistant to impacts and splashes, it will be strong in any situation. Its compact measurements (48x19mm) allow a perfect adhesion to the aesthetic line of the motorcycle and its LED technology substantially improves the illumination of the sides.

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Led License Light Angle For Universal


License lights ANGLE with leds (48 x 19 mm.)
Material: Plastic

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