Spares License Support

Spares License Support

The license plate supports are specially exposed pieces of the motorcycle, which can easily break in case of fall or deform in a touch when it comes to parking in narrow areas with little room to maneuver.

For this reason, the Puig catalog has spare parts that allow reinstalling the license plate support without having to replace the whole part.

The high quality of the parts is identical to that of the Puig license supports, and easily adapt to any motorcycle, maintaining the harmony of the original design of the vehicle.

The plate is attached with total security and its installation on the motorcycle does not require previous experience, knowledge of mechanics or specific tools.

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Spares License Support For Universal

Support for reflector
Homologated reflector 7,5 x 2,5cm. C/ Red
Homologated reflector 8,8 x 3,4cm. C/ Red
Nylon support to move homologated reflector
Nylon support for license support
Nylon support for right turn signal
Nylon support for left turn signal


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