Levers 2.0

Levers 2.0

Renew the levers of your motorcycle with the new PUIG 2.0 levers. It is the evolution from version 1.0. PUIG has emphasized on the ergonomic improvement of the piece and improved the look of the levers to bring a more modern and aggressive touch to the bike.
The new shape of the levers allows for a perfect handle, fact that will guarantee greater grip and accessibility, making the riding experience of your motorcycle more unique.
Regarding the new looks, PUIG has renewed all the graphics that are included in the piece adapting them to the new times and you are also able to choose the part among 7 different colors.

The 2.0 PUIG handles are available in 4 different models: Folding, fixed, short and extendable folding. PUIG has focused his improvement efforts on this latest model, where it has managed to modify the ergonomics to ensure that the fingers will work comfortably.
As for the assembly of these, the levers are delivered with detailed instructions and do not require modification of the motorcycle. In case it is the first time that a set of handles is purchased, you must also buy the set of specific fittings for your motorcycle, since the Puig handles are not assembled with the original fittings. The assembly of the fittings must be carried out by a specialized mechanic, since before circulating, due to modifications in the models of the brake pump, the wheel must be raised with a trestle to check that the wheel is not braked. If it is braked, it can cause the brakes to lock.

Puig 2.0 handles have the TÜV certificate and has the German approval ABE 91294.

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Fixations Levers 2.0 of Honda CB500F 2019

Clutch lever fixation

Necessary to install it, when it's the first time that you buy the levers.

  • Black REF. 6115N 19 + IVA

Brake lever fixation

Necessary to install it, when it's the first time that you buy the levers.

  • Black REF. 6604N 19 + IVA

Selector lever (optional)

  • Blue REF. 5749A 9.4 + IVA

  • Black REF. 5749N 9.4 + IVA

  • Gold REF. 5749O 9.4 + IVA

  • Silver REF. 5749P 9.4 + IVA

  • Red REF. 5749R 9.4 + IVA

  • Orange REF. 5749T 9.4 + IVA

  • Green REF. 5749V 9.4 + IVA

Extendable set of levers 2.0 (optional spare parts)

Includes 2 screws and washers

  • Blue REF. 8983A 17 + IVA

  • Black REF. 8983N 17 + IVA

  • Gold REF. 8983O 17 + IVA

  • Silver REF. 8983P 17 + IVA

  • Red REF. 8983R 17 + IVA

  • Orange REF. 8983T 17 + IVA

  • Green REF. 8983V 17 + IVA


  • Black REF. 9837N 6 + IVA

Replacement Spring Levers

  • Black REF. 3512N 1.2 + IVA



Mounting Tips

Technical features

  • Adjustable, Folding and Extendable Lever 2.0
  • Short Lever 2.0
  • Non-Folding Lever 2.0
  • Folding lever 2.0
  • TÜV
  • ABE 91294


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