Headlight Protector
Headlight Protector
Headlight Protector
Headlight Protector

Headlight Protector for motorcycle Triumph TIGER 900 2020

Puig has created our new line of products dedicated to the protection of the main headlight of the motorcycle from possible objects or insects that impact against it. It is a protection made of high impact methacrylate that will perfectly protect our headlight. The steel supports are painted with EPOXI paint, in black, to preserve the original aesthetics of the motorcycle to the maximum.

Product’s information

With the Puig headlight protector for the Triumph Tiger 900 you will keep the optics safe from the impact of stones or small elements that can scratch or damage your headlight. Thanks to the minimalist and almost invisible design, you will be able to show off the usual motorcycle, with no significant changes other than a greater safety by not affecting the beam of light or distorting it. In addition, thanks to the Quick Release system, you can quickly disassemble and assemble (10 seconds) the piece without using tools. It is a great feature to take into account on rainy days or when riding offroad routes where the headlight protector gets dirty and the Quick Release allows cleaning it easily and quickly. It is only available in clear color.

This product is manufactured following the quality standards of Puig, which uses the best materials for its production. For this headlight protector we use high quality polycarbonate and 3 millimeters thick, finished with an anti-scratch treatment for better durability. Its final measurements are 324 millimeters wide by 100mm high.

Puig supplies, along with the protector, everything needed for its assembly, with very detailed and easy-to-follow instructions. Any user, even those without previous knowledge of mechanics, will be able to adapt the protector in a matter of 15 minutes. All you need is the two metal brackets, available in the pack, and finished in textured black paint for greater integration into the Triumph model design.

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Technical features

    Avoid the impact of objects and insects original lighthouse.


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