Hi-Tech Grips

Hi-Tech Grips

PUIG offers to all riders rubber grips to replace the original ones searching for grips with a better texture and compound.

We have two types of grips: closed or open end. Both types of grips have a non-skid texture, and for each type of grips we have three types of compound:

  • Hard
  • Medium
  • Soft

If you are not satisfied with the grips that mount your motorcycle, do not hesitate to try one of our basic grips, you will not be disappointed. 

Racing grips motorcycle handlebar diameter 22 with non-skid texture.
Important: Check this measure as his motorcycle.

Models of Grips

  • Hi-Tech Ascent grips
  • Vintage grips
  • Hi-Tech Radikal Grips
  • Hi-Tech Racing grips
  • Hi-Tech Grips
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Technical features

    Suitable for handlebars of diameter 22mm.

    Non-skid texture. Nice touch.

    Length 119 mm.


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