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Engine Spoilers for motorcycle Kawasaki Z650 2018

Protect one of the most sensitive parts of your bike with Puig engine spoilers.

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, the Puig engine spoilers adjust perfectly to the lines and volumes of your motorcycle. Tested in the virtual wind tunnel to achieve a more aerodynamic volume and improvement in stability while riding, they protect the lower area of your bike from possible impacts, dirt, etc.

Manufactured with the highest technologies, its components are made of aluminum and/or ABS materials that are highly resistant to impacts and UV rays, in turn they are light and durable. The plastic parts have a built-in surface treatment that improves the behavior against chemical agents and in turn also offers total protection against UV rays. This layer avoids the need to have to paint the engine spoiler. The metal supports are made of 2mm metal, with anti-corrosion treatment, resistant and easy to install.

In addition to protecting the motorcycle, Puig engine spoilers are designed to give your bike a more sporty character, so most models come with a sticker kit to customize them. You can find these engine spoilers in two finishes: black or carbon-like.

The instalation is easy and fast following the step by step instructions in paper format and / or video tutorial.

If your motorcycle has OEM or aftermarket accessories such as exhaust pipes, fenders, etc., ask us about the possible interference of these with the Puig engine spoilers and we will inform you.

Puig engine spoilers have the ABE 30653 approval certificate and the German TÜV approval.
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Engine Spoilers For Kawasaki Z650 2018

Stickers kit included

Compatible with original exhausts only




Technical features

  • ​Check the ABE HOMOLOGATION document if the product is homologated for your motorcycle
  • TÜV


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