Ø195mm Semifairing

Ø195mm Semifairing for motorcycle Universal

The semifairings created by Puig are specially designed for motorcycles with a classic or neo-retro style, with them we want to enhance the vintage image of this type of motorcycle and gain aerodynamic protection. These semifairings give the motorcycle a lot of personality, because they focus on its most classic lines and adapt perfectly to the 195mm diameter headlights.

It is made of matt black ABS plastic, a material resistant to possible impacts while riding. At the same time, it has the peculiarity of having a thin, high-impact methacrylate surface layer that offers it extra protection to ultraviolet (UV) rays and to possible chemical attacks against aggressive cleaning products or other situations. Such surface layer makes it unnecessary the need to paint it, since it already has a protection layer.

We have added a 3mm high impact acrylic screen, which allows us to choose the shade we like most for our motorcycle. We offerclear, smoke, dark smoke or black. Thus achieving a fully customizable set that meets all characteristics to accentuate the retro image of your motorcycle.

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Ø195mm Semifairing For Universal


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