ABS Frontal Plate

ABS Frontal Plate

The frontal plates are a benchmark in the world of motorcycle customization, they have a versatile, competitive, aggressive design and fully adaptable to any type of motorcycle with a round headlight be it naked, custom, vintage or neo style, retro or classic. They also help deflect the air that the motorcycle receives and protect the speedo/odometer from possible impacts while ridingalways with a suitable aesthetic for this type of motorcycle.

It is made of ABS plastic, a material resistant to possible impacts while riding. At the same time, it has the peculiarity of having a thin, high-impact methacrylate surface layer that offers the piece extra protection to ultraviolet (UV) rays and to possible chemical attacks against aggressive cleaning products or other situations. Such surface layer makes it unnecessary to need to paint the piece, since it already has a protection layer. It is offered in two types of finishes, in matte black or carbon look. We also supply a sticker kit, so you can customize the front plate to your liking.

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