Upper Deflectors
Upper Deflectors
Upper Deflectors

Upper Deflectors for motorcycle BMW F900XR 2020

At PUIG we constantly think about improving the safety and comfort of the rider. The deflectors are ideally suited to the lines of the bike thanks to its design and the quality of its finishes, allowing to divert the air flow to the outside of the legs and improving riding comfort.
You will not have any problem to attach them to the motorcycle, since the parts are easy to assemble and we provide assembly instructions with the product.

Product’s information

With the Puig side deflectors will improve the aerodynamics of the motorcycle and protect the leg area, without affecting its racing and adventurous aesthetics. Its design, thought up to fit with the marked lines of this model, will allow air flow to be diverted to the outside and prevent the impact of small debri on the legs. With its installation you will increase comfort while riding, by avoiding rain and cold weather during the worst seasons.

This accessory is developed in two pieces of clear acrilyc material, resistant to the passage of time and to the dents from riding. The rounded 4-millimeter edge provides the sophisticated touch that Puig brings to all its pieces and will prevent damage from possible light scratches.

Its manufacturing complies with Puig Hi-Tech Parts standards, made of 4 mm thick polycarbonate. High-quality material with specific anti-scratch treatment and UV protection. The total size of the piece is: 265mm x 109mm.

You can mount it in your garage without problems, or the need of a mechanic, thanks to the highly adherent Dual Lock 3M velcro with which it attaches to the surface of the motorcycle. So the use of tools won’t be necessary and you should not make modifications on your own motorcycle either. In just 10 minutes you can follow the instructions included in the package or that you can find in the online catalog.

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