Wall-mounted ceiling screen

Wall-mounted ceiling screen for motorcycle Universal

The COVID-19 acrylic protective partitions are a physical barrier that helps to increase the safety of clients and workers, reducing the chances of acquaring the coronavirus and other airborne viruses. These anti-pollution screens are especially suitable for restaurants and shops with customer service such as shops, pharmacies, supermarkets and others.

-Includes two 10mm diameter holes in the upper area to be hung from the ceiling or similar.

-By not leaning against a counter or table, there is no window.

-Ideal to facilitate the cleaning process of tables or counters.

For volume reasons, the shipping fee is always charged to the client. Also due to the volume, the protective screen cannot be shipped with the rest of our catalog products.

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Wall-mounted ceiling screen For Universal

Technical features

  • Designed & Manufactured at Puig


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