Methacrylate box

Methacrylate box for motorcycle Universal

Stores and cleans all the motorcycle equipment in this methacrylate box, specially designed to disinfect the material using Ozone gas or liquid. Its simple design, and finished in a smoked tone, will allow the box to be used as an exhibitor for products that you want to highlight in a store. It is also perfect to store your own helmet, gloves, jumpsuit pieces or the entire sanity suit, among other accessories necessary to enjoy this passion.

Its manufacturing complies with Puig's quality standards, developed entirely in Barcelona. The methacrylate is 4 millimeters thick and the exterior measurements of the box, completely square, are 490 x 490 x 490 millimeters. The lid is made of the same material and has a small opening.

The panels are delivered disassembled and with all the necessary screws for their assembly. An easy and intuitive process thanks to the instructions that will help you fit the brackets seamlessly.

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