Teams: Team Páginas Amarillas HP 40

PUIG renovates as a technical partner of Pons HP 40 led by the ex-rider Sito Pons with the aim of winning the championship. The team has two young riders that fought for the MOTO3 championship last year.


Maverick Viñales and Luis Salom

Rookies prepared to win the championship

Riders of Pons 40 HP for season 2014 in Moto2 World Championship.


Viñales is imposed with an iron hand in the Malaysian GP

The Malaysian Grand Prix played this morning Spanish time at Sepang track, the pilot of Yellow Pages HP 40 Maverick Viñales has returned to dominate from start to finish the race Moto2 and has won his second consecutive GP, the fourth in far this season. The Viñales rookie year, has made ​​a good start and the first lap was placed third at wheel Mika Kallio. The pupil of Sito Pons had gotten a good rhythm on the previous training and career faced with the clear objective victory. Viñales has advanced to the second round Kallio to go for Rabat at that time was leading the race. On lap nine Kallio has overtaken Rabat and Maverick has done the same curve later. Then Kallio has gained pace and both have distanced themselves from Rabat and Aegerter was fourth. Waiting turns were happening Maverick decided to keep Finnish wheel to overcome with six to go. It was then time Viñales chosen to trigger the attack that ultimately would give the fourth win of the season the pilot of HP 40 Yellow Pages. With this win rookie Viñales a total of 9 podiums and points surpasses the record for a rookie in the category he held until Marc Marquez with 251 points on 274 Pilot HP 40 Yellow Pages. More difficult was the race to mate Luis Salom, who has been involved in the incident in the first round in which he was hit by a driver and lost many positions. Salom started from sixteenth position on the grid and the first lap has completed thirty-first. Luis has been concentrated at the time of going slowly gaining ground. It was a tough race because of the weather but have not prevented Louis has managed to make up a total of twenty seats to finish eleventh. 1 MAVERICK VIÑALES "It was a very hard, probably the hardest of all to have run until race because the conditions were extreme. The tactic we have prepared with the team going to go very easy on the gas during the early stages to avoid having problems with the rear tire to the limit and it worked perfectly. From half of the race I started to drive a little more aggressive and with six laps I decided to go on the attack. I managed to open a gap with Kallio and win. I am very happy that everything worked perfectly. The team and I are doing a great job and this is allowing us to do a very good season finale. In Valencia I hope to make a good career as a farewell to the sport. " LUIS 11th SALOM "It was a very difficult race because output a pilot is dropped in front of me and I lost many positions. I started to climb slowly and in the end I managed to finish eleven, although this was not our goal because I think that with the pace we had in career might have ended go in the top six. Now you have to think in Valencia where I want to have a good race there and see if we are lucky because ultimately it is not doing. "

Viñales gets third win of the season at Phillip Island

The newly proclaimed mathematically "rookie of the year" Maverick Viñales was imposed after an uphill fight in the GP of Australia that has taken place this morning Spanish time at Phillip Island. Viñales started from the second row of the grid after winning the fourth fastest time in the qualifying session played in yesterday. soon as the lights go off, the pupil of Sito Pons has gone in search of victory. on this occasion, Viñales has gained two positions in the first round and has stuck to Finn Mika Kallio who was leading the race to complete the first lap. immediately has formed a group of six riders who have excelled the other participants. Viñales decided then stay in the top three of this group of six to be attentive to any driver who tried to escape from the rest. Thereafter the pilot of Yellow Pages HP 40 has waited until they were past returns, while they were changing the positions of the occupants of this sextet led the Grand Prix. With nine laps ahead of Kallio Maverick has to be placed in first position and start imposing their rhythm. Gradually it has been marching to face their pursuers the last lap of the race with a distance of nine-tenths of the second, and so get the third win of the season. With this result Viñales is a little closer to second place in the championship and reduces the distance Kallio twenty points with two races. On the other side of the box of Yellow Pages HP 40, the Spaniard Luis Salom has been more difficult. Salom began badly this weekend, suffering a sharp decline in the early stages of the first session on Friday. Luis took a nasty blow to the left shoulder being damaged ligaments. Salom has had to overcome the pain to finish the race and get a meritorious eighteenth position taking into account the physical conditions in which he found himself. 1 MAVERICK VIÑALES "It was a fun race. There has been fighting between the six who were in the front group and reminded me a little of what we had last year in moto3. We are in a very good form. I feel very strong, the team is doing a phenomenal job and are giving me a great bike. We have come a little closer to Kallio and now the goal is to win in both races remaining before the season is over. " LUIS 17th SALOM "The first laps were difficult. Then I started to coer a decent pace. He was ahead of pilots wearing front and then I went back out on track, I lost more than two seconds that lap and I had to go back again. When I passed all of my group I tried to catch a driver who saw before him. I finished seventeenth and the result does not reflect the race, but I hope for a good race in Malaysia and have there shoulder recovered ".

Viñales gets second place at the Japanese Grand Prix

The pilot of the Paginas Amarillas HP 40, Maverick Viñales has achieved second place in the Japanese Grand Prix which was played this morning Spanish time at Motegi. Viñales started from the second row of the grid after winning the fourth fastest time in the qualifying session yesterday disputed Japanese track. The pupil of Sito Pons, who took the win in the last round match at the Motorland circuit, where he also won the title mathematically rookie of the year, the victory was marked as a target for this race. After a good start, Maverick has been placed after the Frenchman Johan Zarco who was second and tried to follow the Swiss Luthi imposing a strong pace from the start, thanks to which has managed to open a gap to the chasing pack. When Viñales has shed Zarco, the difference Luthi was just over two seconds. At that time the objective of the pilot of Yellow Pages HP 40 was to reach Luthi to bid for that would have meant a second successive victory. Viñales has begun to spin faster, improving the pace of training in second half. After several fastest laps (Maverick has broken the record of the circuit), the pupil of Sito Pons has reduced the distance Luthi until seven tenths, but by then there were only two laps and Viñales has not had time to overtake the Swiss who has made victory. Maverick and get the seventh podium of the season and mathematically secures third in the championship, when GGPP still three remaining. His partner in the Yellow Pages HP 40, the Spaniard Luis Salom, has had a more difficult race. Started from the twenty-fifth position, and has been immersed in a large group for much of the race that has prevented him from bowling fast. Gradually Salom has been shedding several rivals and has been climbing to finish in fifteenth place and adding one more point to his locker. 2nd MAVERICK VIÑALES "It was a good weekend. In the race we were quick, we've broken the record for the track, but it was not enough to win. It took me overtake Zarco and when I have done Luthi had gone. I think there has been the key to the race. I have concentrated their best to try to catch him but I have not succeeded. Thomas has done a good race and deserved the victory. In Australia it has always gone well, I'm in good shape, the team is doing a great job there and they accumulate several victories so our goal for the weekend is again fighting to win the race. " LUIS 15th SALOM "It was a difficult race. When you go that far back in this category is very difficult. I've been slowly going up and picking up my pace. We eventually managed to get into the points. I'm not entirely happy but we are gradually taking more feeling with the bike and can not wait to get to Australia to continue working and improving. "

Maverick spectacular victory in the GP of Aragon

Maverick Viñales, current world champion in the Moto3 class, which debuts this year in the intermediate category, which broke the record of precocity by winning the second attempt (GP of the Americas, Austin) this season, has been done with his second win of the season at Motorland Aragón circuit. The pilot of the Yellow Pages HP 40 who started from the top of the grid to get the pole position in timed workouts held in yesterday, has decided to take the win in the first round match. Shutting down the SEMAFOR, Mika Kallio, who also started from the front row of the grid, has made a great start and was leading the race on the first lap, followed closely by Viñales, Zarco, Rabat and Aegerter. Maverick has seen that could print a stronger pace and the group has decided to advance to inmediatio Kallio. Then, Maverick has increased the pace of the race and managed to open a small gap to the chasing pack. Behind him marched Zarco, Aegerter, Kallio and Rabat, and Swiss Luthi trying to achieve. Vinales has scored several consecutive fastest laps to increase the gap to the back up to 2.6 seconds. With this distance, the pilot of the Yellow Pages HP 40 was marked primarily to maintain concentration to keep up and try to manage the advantage gained. Maverick has done a perfect job and has not given any option to Rabat, who strived to reach without success. Thus, the pupil of Sito Pons, has earned the second win of the season, which is his sixth podium in the Moto2 category. Furthermore Viñales has mathematically clinched the title of rookie of the year, fighting with teammate Luis Salom, has taken hold in the provisional third place in the championship and has also reduced the distance separating him from second place. More difficult was the race for Luis Salom in the first round and lost several positions has been immersed in a large group which fought for the eighth. Salom has been slowly finding his rhythm at stroke end to rotate in the leading group similar times. Luis has finally got the thirteenth position to continue adding points in the championship which rises a square and placed eighth. 1 MAVERICK VIÑALES "It was a great race. This morning it was raining and we did not know how it would run. Kallio has gone very fast, as always, and I knew I had to stay on his wheel. Then I saw that I could go faster and I decided to pass him. Since then I have focused my pace to score and control the development of the race with the Board in which my team happened to me all the information I needed. I want to thank the team because they did a great job all weekend. We've got the pole and victory, which represent a great weekend. Now we continue with this because I am able to win more races before the end of the season. " LUIS 13th SALOM "At the start I have made ​​a mistake and almost ahead at the traffic lights because I had the reference Folger. I lost some positions in the first round and more when I've played with West and I have gone to the wet spot. Halfway through the race I started to spin fast and was in a group where he could fight for eighth. I'm feeling good because I could turn fast despite the circumstances. "

Viñales is left off the podium at the San Marino Grand Prix

Pilots HP 40 Páginas Amarillas, Maverick Viñales and Luis Salom presented in the grid GP of the Republic of San Marino confident they can complete a good race. Viñales has been the fastest rider in the warm up this morning which was played at the Misano circuit, another indicator that Viñales could fight for victory in the thirteenth round of the season. Maverick, who started from fourth on the grid, has failed to make a good start and has lost three positions in the first lap. He then placed a wheel of Swiss Thomas Luthi in an attempt to cut the gap to race leader Finn Kallio. His partner in the HP 40 Yellow Pages Luis Salom has come out a little better and has won two seats in the first round. Shortly after he lost the front wheel on one of the fast corners of San Marino circuit and has gone off the track, losing other three and so standing in eighteenth position in the fourth step goal. This race situation, the two wards of Sito Pons have focused on overcoming pilots go slowly to try to gain positions. Viñales podium and Salom options to try to get into the top ten, which was the goal that was marked yesterday after the qualifying session. Then Viñales has begun to turn in times of the race head and has overcome adversaries until being placed in fourth with ten laps to go. But by then the distance to the French Johan Wattle, occupying third place was already more than three seconds. A distance that has proved insurmountable for the rookie Viñales. Salom has also had to fight a group that were hard riders like Krummenacher, West and Simeon. The battle has been particularly hard on West, with whom he has lost too much time thus ending all chances of reaching the leading group that fought for the top ten. 4th MAVERICK VIÑALES "It was not the career he hoped to do. I was pretty confident today, I thought I would be fighting for the win in front. In the first part of the race was not a good feeling, he has appeared much chattering and I could not go as I wanted. As they have passed the laps I felt better but had already fled the front. I've been able to stay ahead of Aegerter and that comes in handy for the championship. " LUIS 15th SALOM "The truth is that I started well, going with the group that was where I belonged Morbidelli and Pons among others, but has been closed to me the direction Turn 9 and I've been about to fall, I went off track, and I lost many positions. I tried to recover slowly, but West was blocking me and when he tried to pass we touched, I lost a long time and when I got past I have started to turn in 38 and 39 was the pace to go with the front group. I'm happy because the feeling with the bike was good, the position is not what we want but we have to keep working. "

Viñales gets his fifth podium of the season after a spectacular performance at Silverstone

Viñales has managed to add another podium to his locker, and we are five in the Moto2 category after a performance at the Grand Prix of Great Britain that has taken place this morning at the Silverstone track. The pilot of the Yellow Pages HP 40, current world champion moto3 category, has become the third in today's race in order to complete a great weekend which has been in the front seats from the first free practice session on Friday. Maverick has managed to make a good start from eighth on the grid with the intention of placing in the top positions of the group but before the end of the first lap, has been hit by the Swiss Dominique Aegerter. Maverick has managed to avoid the fall but has lost almost two seconds with the pilot at that time was in front of him, the Italian Morbidelli. Viñales has worked on the following lap to keep camber with the front group and set the fastest lap. In that time it has begun to gain positions for placing third in the eighth pole sitter back wheel Zarco. A lap later surpassed Viñales Zarco and was about to give chase to Kallio who had opened a gap of nearly 1.2 seconds. But in the next round has been advanced by two pilots and have begun to compete for positions, making it very difficult to narrow the gap with the leader of the race. With two laps Rabat and Viñales have reached Kallio wheel and was then that they have started the three drivers ahead of Kalex to fight for victory. On the last lap Viñales has found no space to overtake the two pilots who preceded him, having to settle for third place in the drawer. Teammate Luis Salom has also been hit by another rider in the first round and has left the track, and has been relegated to the twenty-eighth position. He then started a good comeback to finish in nineteenth position on a difficult weekend for the Mallorcan rider who has suffered greatly impaired crash on Friday during the second free practice session. MAVERICK 3rd VIÑALES "I think we've done a very good race. I felt very strong on the track and have to be very happy. We have made a strong pace and I'm happy because we've been good all weekend. After the race in Brno we are back to take a lot of confidence. I congratulate the team because it has worked very well and we got a quick bike. I am convinced that we Misano another good weekend. " LUIS 19th SALOM "This race was a disaster, as the last six. I have been rammed in the first round and I've been the last. Then I traced what I've been able to finish nineteenth. "

Huge recover in Germany GP from Páginas Amarillas HP 40 riders

The two drivers of HP 40 Yellow Pages paths have staged comebacks in the German Grand Prix has been held this morning at the Sachsenring track and achieved a great result in a weekend that had a rough start for both drivers last Friday . Both Maverick and Salom had many problems in the beginning of this GP and failed a tune that would provide them the confidence to go fast on the German track. Salom and Viñales finished second and third in the world championship event of disputed moto3 category last year, but it cost them a lot more this year and have had to work hard to amend the GP with a spectacular career that the two pupils Sito Pons have made this morning. Viñales who started from thirteenth place in the grid has lost two positions on the first lap and fifteenth by passing the finish line after completing the first lap of the scheduled test to a total of twenty-nine. Worse he has gone on for Luis Salom who started from the twenty-fourth position while trying to pass another driver had to go straight losing much time 8 positions regarding pilots who preceded him. At that time, both as Salom Viñales have decided to focus and go slowly tracing. Maverick has managed to go ahead riders lap after lap to move into eighth place in the seventh round, then his partner Salom occupied twenty-fifth position far from the positions for which usually fight, but nevertheless decided not to miss the opportunity to keep adding points on the board. With five laps Viñales fourth slipstream of Rabat and decided to fight for the podium stood, but on the next turn has sparked a fight fight with Italian Simone Corsi has made him lose some distance with Rabat. Meanwhile, Salom had risen to the fifteenth position and was slipstream Axel Pons. On the last lap when trying to overcome Viñales Italian Corsi, was found with a bent that made ​​him lose almost a second and so all options on the podium. Viñales had to settle for a good five while Salom surpassed teammate Axel and got to add two other points to get away fourteenth. MAVERICK 5th VIÑALES "I think we've made ​​a very good career, we traced a lot, I really enjoyed overtaking other riders. I want to thank the team because this weekend we had to work hard and this morning in warm up we found a configuration that allowed us to go faster. " LUIS 14th SALOM "The start of the weekend was not all bad. On Friday we went fairly well but yesterday started to get complicated and the qualifying is over pervert. It was a shame because he sent us to the twenty-fourth on the grid and that in this category is very complicated, even on this track which is very mousetrap. In the beginning of the carrea I made a mistake in turn the end of the line, I tried to pass Lowes, did not have enough space and accidentally I've played, is bent my clutch lever and I've gone straight. Luckily I did not fall and I was unable to continue in the race. Slowly I have been traced and the final position is very good because left far behind, so I think we can be satisfied with the work we've done. "

Viñales achieved second place in the Dutch GP

Although the weather forecast indicated otherwise, the rain had respected the Moto2 category and all training weekend were played on a dry track. However, this morning when all the pilots were in their positions in the grid circuit of Assen, ready to contest the eighth race of the season, have been surprised by a tremendous downpour. Then, the race direction has notified the delayed start and all the teams have returned to the pits to get the set of rain on their bikes. With a fully wet track he has returned to the grid with Maverick occupying the eighth position and his partner in the HP 40 Yellow Pages Luis Salom the fifteenth. After a good start, Maverick Viñales completed the first round of the Grand Prix scheduled for a total of twenty-four in fifth place with his partner in sixteenth Salom having lost some positions as a result of a touch with another rider. The two rookies who had not played any races in this category under these conditions have been slowly gaining confidence and improving lap after lap to Viñales placed third in the twelfth rotation with Salom occupying seventh place. Then the Spaniard has started to increase the pace to hunt down the group that led the Australian Anthony West and marching in Viñales, De Angelis and Simon. Shortly after Viñales has been second and Salom has advanced to the Italian De Angelis to move into third place. With nine laps, West led the race with both drivers of HP 40 Yellow Pages Viñales and Salom his wheel, but misfortune has become a prime with Luis Salom who has gone down with five laps to stepping on a wet area. Salom was third in that time has managed to start his Kalex and back on track. West was pulling the group followed by Viñales and Kallio and prepared to dispute the race on the last lap. In the penultimate step goal Viñales passed in second position next to West and with a lead of two tenths of a second and Kallio on Finn who seemed to have many options to fight for victory. When Viñales has stuck to West to try to pass him on the last lap he closed the address has been about to go down, which has deterred the pilot of Yellow Pages HP 40 in an attempt to get their second win season and settle for the second position. Viñales has thus achieved the third podium of the season and cut twelve points championship leader. Salom finished in fifteenth position and has scored a point in his locker.   MAVERICK 2nd VIÑALES "At first I was very careful. In the warm up lap has fallen rider ahead of me and I decided to start the race in stride. I had never ridden this bike in water and slowly I've been feeling more comfortable. Every time I have gone faster and taking the head. I had so much fun with this bike because you spend it in water very well, you're skidding but unlike moto3 with Kalex I can go correcting what the bike does. I had a fine. On the last lap I had to try but West has been very fast and I had a scare that made ​​me think that the second today was a very good result. " LUIS 15th SALOM "It was a tough weekend in which I suffered a lot with the finger injury. I have had a lot of pain during training in the arm. This morning in the warm up it hurt a lot and the doctor decided prick before heading out to race. At checkout I've played with a pilot and has made me lose positions. Slowly I have been overcome pilots and winning way up to the head, but in a corner I corrected a stranger who has made me and the bike, I've gone to the wet area and I crashed. It was a shame but these things sometimes happen in racing. I want to thank the team because he has done a great job this weekend and it has helped me a lot. "

Viñales returns to the podium at home GP

Heads and tails for pilots of Yellow Pages HP 40 in the seventh round of the season this morning disputed at the Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya, where Maverick Viñales has made a great career and has returned to the podium after winning the second. Viñales that started from the front row of the grid has made a very good start and was given command of the race on the second lap. With leading Viñales in the second step goal, his team-mate Salom gone long into turn one and opening the throttle is dropped. Fortunately Luis has not been hit by any of the drivers chasing him through a German Folger masterful maneuver to avoid impact with the Spaniard has lifted the bike and gone to the grave. There had to Salom race and also to Folger. On lap three Rabat Maverick leader was setting and decided to put together his wheel to impose a strong pace and drivers off the chasers. In mid-career, when Rabat and Viñales had a six-second lead over Swiss Luthi and Aegerter, Maverick has started having problems with the tires and he can not follow the trail of Rabat. With this situation, Viñales has focused on keeping the distance with the group from behind and secure the second position to a little more about the provisional second in the world, Finland's Mika Kallio. Falling Salom has resulted in an injury to his right pinky that needs to be operated on by Dr. Xavier Mir this afternoon at the Dexeus clinic. The pilot of the Yellow Pages HP 40 expected to be recovered for the next event which takes place in Assen in thirteen days.   MAVERICK 2nd VIÑALES "I was very comfortable at the start of the race. When Tito happened I decided to follow it and see what happens with other drivers who came back. We have been opening hole and I felt pretty comfortable in that position, but when it's gone spending gum cost me keep up. Skidded much and could not keep track. This result comes in handy, especially after the last GP where we were not quite right. We have taken a step in the set-up and now we have to continue working to close the gap to the front. " LUIS N.C SALOM "I've gone over in turn one and I could not prevent the fall when I have given gas. I've been lucky that all those behind could dodge. I have damaged the little finger and this afternoon I operate in Dexeus clinic. Dr. Mir has behaved beautifully and I want to thank you. Folger also for having been able to dodge even though it cost him the race. "

Luis Salom fantastic race, second in the GP of Italy

In the Mugello circuit , located in Italian Tuscan full , was played this morning the sixth round of the season , the Italian Grand Prix , where drivers HP 40 Pons have returned to be protagonists offering a nice show for the fans who crowded the steps of the legendary Italian circuit . Just turn off the lights of the German Kalex , Jonas Folger has set a strong pace to try to distance himself from the other riders trying to follow the trail of Folger . Salom, aware of the potential of Jonas , was placed second in his wake , and together they have opened a gap with the rest of the group in just two laps was two seconds. With Folger and Salom leading the race , his partner in the Pons HP 40 , Maverick Viñales was I going up positions forced to march to try to head the group of no escape. Maverick has overcome while filming pilots in the same times as the head of the race . With eight laps, Salom has seen Folger down the pace a bit and decided to get in his head , while his companion was already ninth . With four Luis has been surpassed by Rabat and the Spaniard has focused on this follow the trail to get to the last lap together and then dispute the victory. But Luis has had a problem with one of the curves and has been ready to fall , which made ​​him lose some distance with the leader , preventing execute your plan and having to settle for second place , reaching as goal only two-tenths of distncia GP winner . Viñales , after making a big comeback and score the fastest lap on the last lap finished ninth in a creditable performance.   2nd LUIS SALOM ( Pons HP 40 ) "When we started the race and Folger has come as a shot I thought I had to press and get his wheel because he had good pace and could open a gap. When Tito has happened to me has closed me in the direction to get on a piano. Then I thought , I'm second and I have to try. I have given up but I could not do more. I finished two tenths of Tito and that's important to me. I want to thank the team because we have done a very good job . We must continue in the next GP in Montmeló with the same line " . 9th VIÑALES MAVERICK ( Pons HP 40 ) "We had problems this weekend with the setup. I have not found comfortable during workouts. Last night we decided to make a big change that has me pretty well in the warm up . I have not gone wrong but traced it took me longer than I wanted to. I must be happy because although the result is not what you expected , we achieved significant improvements that will help me a lot facing the home GP in Montmeló " .

Viñales and Salom remain at the podium

Pilots Pons HP 40 have staged a hotly contested race at the legendary Le Mans circuit this afternoon . Salom who started from the front row has made a very good start and managed to keep his starting position , passing goal in third place at the end of the first lap. Teammate Maverick Viñales has also gone well has managed to gain a position in sixth position in the first lap . The race has played at a very high pace , constantly turning the top six, including two members of the Pons HP 40 were at times very close to the pole position yesterday and below the track record to I was now in possession of Marc Marquez . Salom has left the entire race in the lead group , according to Corsi and Kallio , and with a slight advantage over the other three riders chasing him including his fellow Maverick Viñales was . With seven laps the group was traveling Viñales where hunting has three head and started to compete for the podium places . In this comeback Maverick has managed to set a new track record , the third with those achieved in Qatar and Austin, and has been placed behind Salom, to pass him with four laps. From there both as Salom Viñales has increased the pace to challenge for places , finishing the race in fourth position Maverick eight tenths of the places of honor. His partner Salom was fifth to a half second of Viñales , which gives an idea of ​​what this has been disputed French GP .   MAVERICK 4th VIÑALES "I'm happy with the weekend . We've done a good job in training on Friday and Saturday . Knew that race had to make a good start and I succeeded. The group has been cut and we have been spinning very fast with a very fast pace and has been difficult to hunt down the front. we have to keep working because we still lack a little bit, but I think we can be satisfied with the result and want to thank the team for the work we are doing together " .   LUIS 5th SALOM "I'm happy because I think we've done a good race. We have been fighting for the podium throughout the race . Finally I've got a little nervous and I have gone over a few times . When I tried to return to the fight with Tito advance me Maverick, Maverick tried to pass but I've gone over again and then I tried to keep the fifth position. "

Maverick and Salom fifth and sixth in the GP of Spain

The high temperatures that have prevailed throughout the weekend at the Jerez circuit have made the race held this morning at Jerez , the hardest of which have been held so far this season. Luis Salom , who started from the front row of the grid after securing third place in yesterday 's qualifying session , came out determined to fight for the podium after having done a good job during the two days of testing . The start of Mallorca has been good and has lost one position in the first round of the Grand Prix scheduled for a total of twenty-six . Teammate Maverick Viñales, it has been more difficult in the beginning of the race . While he has made ​​a fantastic start , suffered a few taps on the first lap that he has lost two positions and contact with the top finishers among his teammate Luis Salom , fourth in that time was . In a very close race Salom has been placed in fourth position, with the third in the spotlight , while Maverick has had to go ahead pilots gradually , beating Italian Simone Corsi on lap ten . At that time the race was led by Finnish Kallio with Salom fifth place and sixth Maverick just over three seconds. So Viñales has increased the pace trying to hunt down his partner. Failing three laps Maverick has come in the wake of Luis and exceeded in a nice duel between the two wards of Sito Pons , reaching the finish line in fifth position Maverick followed by Salom who was sixth . Meanwhile Edgar Pons , who at eighteen debuted this weekend in the Moto2 World Championship has made a great career , which has been fighting pilots with much more experience than him and sign a great performance with the twenty-fifth position.   MAVERICK 5th VIÑALES "At first I came out well but then I had a few touches that have made me lose a lot of time. 'm Happy because I again I gain confidence after the fall of Argentina and another suffered here on Friday . We've done a good job this weekend week and already thinking about the race of Le Mans where I hope to continue as before . "   LUIS 6th SALOM " The position that I have finished the race was good. 's Times when I rode in carrear were not bad . But the truth is that I have not felt good on the bike throughout the carrear , I have suffered enough because had no grip on the rear tire , but even though I had the feeling with the bike was not good I'm happy because the result is not bad. "   25 EDGAR PONS "It was a weekend so intense. We've had a lot of work getting the bike ready for the race. This morning in the warm- up I 've found much better and have come out with more confidence to race. Has been fun to be fighting in the group and I had a fine. want to thank the whole team for the work they have done and I think this will help us a lot to keep growing. "

First podium for Luis Salom in Moto2

Argentina Grand Prix which has been disputed in the circuit of Rio Hondo Spanish hour this afternoon , has brought the first podium for Luis Salom in the Moto2 category . After the red light off , both as Salom Viñales have made ​​a great start . Maverick completed the first lap of the race, scheduled for a total of twenty-three , in third position while his partner in the Pons HP 40 Salom did in the sixth. In the first corner of lap Maverick has gone down, leaving no option to continue . With Viñales out of the race , he placed third Salom to Belgian Xavier Simeon wheel occupying second place. In this position the Spaniard was quite comfortable until it has been surpassed by Corsi in a move somewhat adjusted . The two front runners have opened a gap to Corsi and Salom with Swiss Aegerter pursuit. This race situation and still missing fourteen laps, Salom has concentrated on following the trail of the Italian driver and were going to wait for returns. With four , Salom has surpassed Corsi and standing on third and increased the pace to try to open a gap. In this attempt Luis managed to set the fastest lap and maintain third place to see the checkered flag , earning his first podium in the Moto2 category in the third race of the season.   LUIS 3rd SALOM "I'm very felix with the result that we have achieved. The team has done a great job this weekend. We started very badly, the first day back and was very far from the first , but on Saturday we made some changes to the bike that I have been very good. Something has changed in my mind, and I have finally come to enjoy on the bike during the race today . When I happened Corsi I decided to stay behind him because it was too tight overtaking and wanted by all encimad and finish the race. Finishing in the top six was a great result for me and I could not pass up the opportunity . When three laps I passed Corsi and I concentrated on shooting stops. I want to thank the team that is helping me a lot in my adaptation to Moto2 is a very complicated "category. MAVERICK N.C VIÑALES "I was going as usual without doing anything special I have suddenly seen in the air helplessly to avoid falling . I hate to be so finish this race because I really enjoyed the whole weekend and we had a good pace to fight. Also I crashed very soon with what I have lost a good opportunity to continue learning in this category. Now you have to think about the next race next weekend at home where we will continue working hard as usual . "   CAREER 1. E. Rabat ( Kalex ) 40:06.114 Two . X. Simeon (Suter ) to 2,094 Three . LUIS SALOM ( Pons HP 40) 3,702 April . D. Aegerter (Suter ) 4,868 May . S. Corsi (Forward KLX) to 5,010 MAVERICK N.C VIÑALES ( Pons HP 40 )

Maverick Viñales spectacular victory in the GP of the Americas

The pupil of Sito Pons Maverick Viñales has managed to win the second place in GP Moto2 category . After a promising debut three weeks ago at the GP of Qatar, where he managed a creditable fourth place and track record , Viñales came to Austin with the intent to continue to adapt to the intermediate class. The pilot Pons HP 40 has worked all weekend to get a good set-up on his Kalex allow him to fight for the top positions in the race this morning was raced 19 laps on the Texas track. After the lights off Maverick has managed to make a good start and fortunately could avoid multiple drop the first corner. His partner in the Pons HP 40 Luis Salom has had worse luck and has been envestido by one of the pilots involved in the incident, never returning to pluck his Kalex and being forced to withdraw from the race without even being able to complete a single lap. In the early laps of GP Belgian Xavier Simeon leading the race followed by Aegerter and Viñales. A little more than a second leaving Mika Kallio trying to hunt them down and join the group, but the pace that marked Simeon prevented Kallio approach . In the absence of 6 laps Viñales has taken the lead and increased the pace to try to outrun their pursuers. Maverick has a hollow opening slowly after scoring several consecutive fastest laps that allowed him to reach the finish line in first position with a four-second lead over Rabat who had to settle for second place . Viñales as did the Losail circuit has again broken the record for the Austin track , improving time last year in 1.6 seconds and up to 7 points the Texas category leader .   1 MAVERICK VIÑALES " I'm very happy . It was a great weekend . We have worked hard training and I want to thank the team because they have given me a winning bike . Thanks to them today I could win the race and get my first win in this category . At the beginning of the race I just wanted to avoid any problems because everyone was like crazy , so when I have placed in the group with Aegerter and Simeon I concentrated on driving . When you have begun to distance recortarnos who came from behind I have decided to first and push hard . I have concentrated and I managed to make several turns almost perfect . " N.C. LUIS SALOM "The truth is that the first two races of the year we started pretty bad in Qatar I played with Maverick and I went off track and now I have thrown at the first corner so not much I can say that in Argentina will try to continue working and improving . "

Maverick Viñales spectacular debut in the GP of Qatar!

The debut of the pilot Pons HP 40 in the first race of the season was played tonight under the floodlights of Losail circuit has been exceptional. Viñales has been off the track in the first round after suffering a touch with his team and has been forced to pick a rush . Maverick has gone through line in sixteenth position in the first round of the Grand Prix which has played a total of twenty . At that time the pupil of Sito Pons has concentrated on dialing a strong pace that allowed him to go up the ranks until, when two laps , in the wake of Italian Simone Corsi rolling in fourth. This has gotten beat Maverick comeback in second half , the track record that was previously held by Marc Marquez . Vinales overtook Corsi, but could not overcome the suizio Thomas Luthi , and finished fifth to three-tenths of Swiss pilot. His partner in the Pons HP 40 Luis Salom has had a checkered career. It has been out twice to door and had to move up from the twenty-eighth position to finish in fifteenth and thus score a point. The Mallorcan rider continued to suffer the problems of " chattering" that appeared Thursday.   MAVERICK 5th VIÑALES " We worked hard this weekend . I am very happy and I want to thank the team because in the warm up they have managed to give me a bike that has allowed me to be fighting career . It was a shame the way out, and this has prevented me before fighting for the win , but I 'm very happy to Qatar because I really enjoyed this race . I had so much fun , all the drivers here are very fast and is very enjoyable career . " LUIS 15th SALOM "I 've played with Maverick in turn six and I've gone off the track . I lost a long time and when I tried to recover positions again get out of the line and in the dirty area I've had to get up to keep from falling . My pace was slower than in the warm up . Had much "chattering " and I could not go faster because I've been almost fell several times. We have to make a change for Austin. "

Pons HP 40 riders ended the preseason with a good feeling

Jerez track was the venue for the final day of pre-season test which resulted in the debut Moto2 class , the two pilots who make up the team that runs Sito Pons . Both the current world champion Moto3 , Maverick Viñales , as third in last season's Luis Salom , have been leading workouts this winter . Both pilots in Qatar with the feeling of having fulfilled the work scheduled and confident do well in the Grand Prix championship which opens on Sunday 23 March . LUIS 1:42.628 6th SALOM " We can go quite happy Jerez , because these three days have been very consistent with a rapid pace and we have taken an important step forward. , The bike worked very well and I get to the first race lively . In Qatar we continue working to make the team as we have done so far and thought to be improving every time out on the track . " 11th MAVERICK VIÑALES 1:42.872 " I'm very happy because in the end we had a good pace , we are where we need to be ready and really looking forward to get to Qatar. Many things We've been trying to get to the first Grand Prix with more information possible . 'm very confident for the first race and I feel I 'm ready . "

Pons HP 40 team presents his image for this season

Coinciding with the start of the IRTA tests which take place from this morning at the Circuito de Jerez, the team champion Sito Pons world has unveiled the colors that the team will compete this season which starts in nine days Qatar's Losail circuit .
The Pons HP 40 after winning the world title last Espargaró also world championship team this season , start a new project with Maverick Viñales and Luis Salom, two young drivers who have demonstrated enormous talent and great potential. Both drivers managed to adapt very quickly to the new category and presented very excited at the first race of the year .
Sito Pons : "Today is a day of satisfaction to unveil the design of our team for this season. We are in Jerez, on our last pre-season training at Maverick our pilots and Luis have worked hard to get engaged in record time the greater weight and speed of the Moto2 category . I am also convinced that this season will give us moments of great satisfaction, potential drivers and their working ability . I want to thank all our partners its ongoing commitment to our team and their continued support of this project , I'm sure we will continue to give satisfaction as it has done in recent seasons . "
Maverick Viñales: " I'm very excited to be on the team that I am, I feel very comfortable here and we're working every day to one hundred percent. I want to thank the sponsors who are relying on us this season . The new design of the bike I liked . Whenever I 've gone blue dress I've gotten good results. I hope this season is very fluid and can achieve the goals we have set . "
Luis Salom : "I am very happy to be on this team . This is a very important opportunity for me. I feel very comfortable when working with my crew. There are still three days of workouts before arriving in Qatar , but I think we have done a good job throughout the preseason that allows us to get committed to the first race even though we are new to the category of moto2 which is quite complicated . The design of the bike I liked it , I think the Kalex have been lovely . "

Miguel Oliveira, fifth in the Malaysian Grand Prix

Pilots CatalunyaCaixa Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira, debutantes in Sepang, have returned to complete a great career and have finished in the fifth and seventh respectively in the Malaysian Grand Prix. Thus, both drivers scored points for the sixth consecutive race. Meanwhile, fellow rookie Alex Marquez was 14th and returned to the points for the third Grand Prix followed.
After a good start, in which Oliveira started from the fifth position and Rins from the eighth, both drivers started the race in the top ten riders. Progressively, Rins and Oliveira are up the pace and have been shot by the second group of riders, with Luis Salom and Danny Kent, who has formed. After an exchange of positions between them, despite the onset of rain flag with nine laps of the race, Rins and Oliveira have returned to complete an exciting career. In the end, the Portuguese has crossed the finish line in fifth place and Rins, more delayed after a touch with another rider in the seventh.
Marquez, who started from the 24th position, has managed to climb 10 positions and finished in the 14th place. The Cervera has managed two more points and already has 20 in the general classification of Moto3, which occupies the 21st position.
With today's race, Rins up to fourth place overall with 128 points and is first in the ranking rookie of the year with two more points than Fenati Romano. His teammate, Oliveira has also climbed the rankings and is eighth with 94 points.
Without rest, the riders will travel CatalunyaCaixa Australia, where the next weekend will be held at Phillip Island the 16th race of the season for members of the Moto3 category. The third test in three weeks, in time, more than positive tour of Asia and Oceania.
Miguel Oliveira pilot CatalunyaCaixa, ranked 5th in the Malaysian Grand Prix, the 8674 winner, 8th overall with 94 points:
"It was a very difficult race. Keeping up with the KTM has been really difficult because in the first round opened a hole that we could not recover later. Physically it has been one of the toughest races we've played. When it started raining, I was comfortable and confident with which I could approach the front group. Despite the hardness of the test are satisfied with the result so I hope to continue the progression in Phillip Island. "
Alex Rins pilot CatalunyaCaixa, ranked 7th in the Malaysian Grand Prix, the first 18,973 placed 4th overall with 128 points:
"The race was very tough and demanding. We started the race well, pulling hard and trying to get together with the first group as they passed though the turns the bike behind me was going to open the gas. So when Kent was behind, coming out of a curve we touched since, to him, jumped the deadlock and could not do anything about it. In the end it was a shock. I'm happy with the career I've done since has been extremely challenging physically. "
Álex Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 14th in the Grand Prix of Malaysia, 31,313 in the championship, 21 th overall with 20 points:
"We went from so far behind, at first, we only had to overcome. We've done pretty well and when we contacted the third group we have been somewhat stagnant since the straights was very difficult to overtake. We must improve in qualifying sessions but overall I'm satisfied with the work we have done over the weekend. "
Emilio Alzamora, Team Manager:
"It was very complicated. I congratulate all of them because the conditions that have struggled have not been easy. Miguel, has managed the career of a very smart and eventually was able to get a good result. Meanwhile, Alex Rins continues to surprise us all and that is completing a very consistent first season, is fourth overall in what is his first appearance at the World Cup. Álex Márquez has also done a very good performance as it came from far back and the comeback was not easy. The team, like every weekend, has done a great job and it shows in the results. "

Alex Rins, fourth in the Grand Prix of Japan

Pilots CatalunyaCaixa Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira, finished in fourth and seventh, respectively, in the Japanese Grand Prix. Thus, both drivers scored points for the fifth consecutive race in his debut at Motegi. Álex Márquez, in turn, was 14th and returned to the points followed by second Grand Prix. With today's race, has 13 points and Rins is fifth in the standings, just seven in the fourth. Oliveira goes up to eighth place and Marquez is 21 degrees with 18 points.
The rookie Rins has returned to star in a big race, with another creditable comeback, after starting from the 13th position and finished fourth. The young CatalunyaCaixa has completed the first part of the race by the second group of riders, but Rins has had a little scare and has been somewhat off the hook in the eighth. Wheeling only, has been cutting the gap with the top riders to catch Zulfahmi Khairuddin, who had an intense duel in the closing laps. After pilots Falls Front group, Rins has crossed the finish line ahead of Khairuddin, in fourth place. Oliveira, who started from 11th position, completed the race with a seasoned group of five pilots, in which the Portuguese driver has managed to impose and finish in seventh place.
In turn, Márquez has also had a great game, possibly with the third group of four riders. In the end, the young rider from Cervera has crossed the finish line in 14th place, returning to the points, thus fulfilling its objective.
No time to rest, CatalunyaCaixa pilots will move to Malaysia to compete in next weekend's second race of the demanding Asian tour in Sepang.
Miguel Oliveira pilot CatalunyaCaixa, ranked 7th in the Grand Prix of Japan, 15,523 in the championship, 8th overall with 83 points:
"The race did not go as I expected. At first I struggled to stay with the front group, but in the early laps I realized that I passed on the straight and this has made me lose touch with them. In the end I managed to be the first of my group and, after the fall of some drivers, I could make up some places. This gives us some motivation, but we need to improve some aspects related to engine power. We must continue positive face to the races we have left. "
Alex Rins pilot CatalunyaCaixa, ranked 4th in the Grand Prix of Japan, the 3404 winner, 5th overall with 119 points:
"We are excited by this fourth. At checkout I struggled a bit hooked front group. Then I had a little scare, I went off and I have been away from Maverick [Viñales]. I could keep rolling with the same rate as they did, until Khairuddin Maverick has passed. That started my own struggle, be in front or behind it. It was a shame that the three pilots were on the ground, yet we cut Fenati many points and that is our goal, to become rookie of the year. "
Álex Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 14th in the Grand Prix of Japan, 28,375 in the championship, 21 th overall with 18 points:
"It was a tough race because it cost us quite pick up the pace. When I felt more comfortable, I could gain some position, but I found a group that has not let me continue the progression. Going to Malaysia hope to be with the front group, because every time I feel more comfortable with the bike. "
Emilio Alzamora, Team Manager:
"We made a good run but it is clear that we need to improve some technical aspects. I am very satisfied with the performance of Álex Rins and that is showing great potential host. In his first season is making exceptional results and I am sure that will continue with the same line in the remainder of the season. It was a shame that Michael was not able to progress and roll with the front group. Álex Márquez is progressing very positively and this opportunity to perform much of the current season will serve him well ahead of the next season. "

Great performance CX pilots at Motorland Aragon

For the fourth consecutive race, Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira have gotten back to score. CatalunyaCaixa Pilots have finished sixth and eighth, respectively, in an electric Aragon Grand Prix. Both drivers race filmed largely with the front group, and even Rins has come to lead the test twice. In turn, Álex Márquez finished in 15th position, thus returning to the points.
A great performance that has begun to take shape in the warm-up in the morning, which finished fifth Rins, Oliveira was tenth and 16th Marquez. With only half the dry training, CatalunyaCaixa pilots have taken a step forward this morning, and no clouds or rain in MotorLand. The prelude to the race. After a good start-Rins started from the 10th position and Oliveira in the ninth-and heat into the tires, the drivers have increased the pace CX-2'01 and 2'02-low game and have the front group. Rins has reached the third position and after a great duel with Efren Vazquez, Sandro Cortese Zulfahmi Khairuddin and, especially, has reached the test lead on laps 12 and 13. Oliveira, in turn, has come to roll in the third position, also forming part of cyclothymic first group of eight pilots, in which the exchange of positions has been the common denominator of the 20 laps of the Grand Prix of Aragon to Moto3 .
In the end, Rins has crossed the finish line in sixth position and was eighth Oliveira, confirming the good form of both drivers in this second part of the season. In turn, Márquez, who started from 18th position, has managed to finish 15th and has scored yet another point in the standings. With 16 points, the young rider from Cervera is 21 º. Rins, in his first year at the World Cup has scored points in 10 of the 13 races total 106 points and is fifth in the standings, ranking second in the rookie of the year. Oliveira is ninth with 74 points.
After the meeting at home, CatalunyaCaixa pilots face the Asian tour, which will begin on October 12 with the holding of the first free practice of the Grand Prix of Japan at Motegi.
Miguel Oliveira pilot CatalunyaCaixa, ranked 8th Grand Prix of Aragon, the 1972 winner, 9th overall with 74 points:
"It was a fun race. The track temperature has conditioned the tire wear, although we knew that the race was not going to be easy. The most important thing is that we finished near the front of the race, even though we lacked power, especially in the line is where we have suffered more. The first part of the race was positive and ended with good feelings. Now we turn to Japan, a circuit completely new to me, so we have much work to do "
Alex Rins pilot CatalunyaCaixa, 6th place Aragon Grand Prix, the 1765 winner, 5th overall with 106 points:
"At the start I've been a little late, but have gradually been moving and have recovered positions in the early laps. I've given everything for me, although it is clear that the power difference has conditioned our final result. However, we should be happy with the work done. I want to thank all of my surroundings and all the people who support me. Anyway it has been a beautiful race and that gives us strength to face the Japanese Grand Prix with more enthusiasm if possible ".
Álex Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 15th in the Grand Prix of Aragon, 15,041 in the championship, 21 th overall with 16 points:
"We left far behind and no one knew the pace would each pilot. When we left, the pace was very strong, it has been a very-fought race as it was shot very fast. We have to improve in the qualifying session, and we left behind and the front group always imposes that second and a half at the beginning of a long career after recovering costs. In the race we got up four positions, but in the end we are left with the rear tire gradient. In Japan we hope to improve and get hooked with the front group. "

Alex Rins, fourth in the Grand Prix of San Marino

CatalunyaCaixa pilots have started the second half of the season more than positive. For the third consecutive race, Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira, have scored points after finishing fourth and ninth, respectively, in the San Marino Grand Prix. Rins, in his first year at the World Cup has managed to trace 13 positions and fought to the finish line to get on the podium. Oliveira has always rolled with the front group and finished ninth. Álex Márquez, in turn, has been involved in an incident with other drivers on the third lap and could not finish the race.
A great performance that began to take shape in practice and, especially, in the 'warm-up' for today, in which Rins Oliveira was third and seventh. The pilot Barcelona, ​​who started from the sixth row, in the 17th position, has already up four positions on the first lap and the next turn it was 10 º. Oliveira, who started ninth, was located on the seventh, and he and his teammate have achieved on the first lap six forward group. Rins, with a great rhythm-has come to mark the fastest lap on lap eight (1'44 .043) - has gained his way up to the head of the race, with Sandro Cortese and Romano Fenati. The duel with the German championship leader, has been spectacular, and after an exchange of positions constant, which Rins has reached the second position several times.
In the last three laps were added in the group Luis Salom and Maverick Viñales, starring in a duel of heart attack in the closing stages of the race. The pilot has reached CatalunyaCaixa reach the third position on the final lap, but in the end electric Rins has crossed the finish line in fourth place, less than a second behind the winner, Cortese, and just 37 thousandths of a rise in the podium, who have completed Salom, second, and Fenati, third.
Oliveira, in turn, has finished in ninth place and has added seven valuable points in the overall standings. Thus, the Portuguese up to ninth. Rins, which has gained 13 points today, is fifth in the overall standings. Marquez, in turn, has been involved in an incident with other pilots in the third round, when he was 14th after exit 25 and had to retire two laps later.
CatalunyaCaixa Pilots return to action on 28 September, with the first free practice of the Grand Prix of Aragon, the third round of home.
Miguel Oliveira pilot CatalunyaCaixa, ranked 9th in the San Marino Grand Prix, the 4376 winner, 9th overall with 66 points:
"We went out ninth and finished ninth despite hoping to be ahead. At first we made a good start and over the first few laps were rolling with the second group of career. Later, we contacted the first group and have done much of the race at a good pace. Towards the end, I could not follow the same progression and had to settle for ninth place. We are in the right line of work so I hope that we can improve the result Aragon. "
Alex Rins pilot CatalunyaCaixa, ranked 4th in the Grand Prix of San Marino, the 0974 winner, 5th overall with 96 points:
"I'm happy. It was a pretty tough race and we left very far behind from the grid but we have gradually been entering the race and I could immediately contact with the front group. I was comfortable with the bike and have been gaining positions until I could put myself in the top. We shot with good pace throughout the race but, in the last five laps, we lost contact with Cortese, I think it was largely because the engine eluded us on the straights. Overall I am satisfied. As for the incident with Maverick I apologize to him and his team even though I think that overtaking was clean "
Álex Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, nc, 20 th overall with 15 points:
"During the 'warm up' we have taken an important step regarding practice yesterday. I was quite comfortable and the race we knew we could still improve a little more. Then I made a good start and despite having started from way back, I made some posts. When was fourteenth, a driver hit me from behind, things that happen in racing, and we had to leave. I hope to make a good showing at the Grand Prix of Aragon. "
Emilio Alzamora, Team Manager:
"I congratulate the whole team and especially to Alex Rins because as we have seen, has done a great race. We must consider the determination with which he faced the race in which is his first year at the World Cup. He's doing a very good season and it's clear that Alex has enormous potential and great ability to adapt to new tracks for him. Miguel Marquez and Alex have started the test with good expectations. Miguel retained the position from which had left while Alex [Marquez] could not finish the race after being hit by another driver. "

Great performance by pilots CatalunyaCaixa in Brno

CatalunyaCaixa pilots have started the second half of the season very positively. For the second consecutive race, the fourth of the season, Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira rate have again today after finishing fifth and ninth, respectively, in the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic after a great performance. Rins, in his first year at the World Cup and his debut in Brno, has fought alongside pilots category leaders to try to get to the podium and Oliveira has staged a dramatic comeback after starting from the 21st position and Finish ninth. In turn, the young Álex Márquez was 21 º.
Both drivers have staged a good start: Rins, who started from the third row in eighth position stood at fourth place in the first few corners and Oliveira, who did so from the 21st position, and was 11th in the first turn. As usual in Moto3, much of the race was declared wet, was raced in platoon. Pilots have begun CatalunyaCaixa career with Maverick Viñales, Sandro Cortese and Luis Salom-three finishers in the World, in a third group that went from the seventh to the 11th.
With the track drying lap after lap, pilots CatalunyaCaixa with dry settings, have been gaining confidence and increasing the pace. Rins has gained positions to reach fourth place eight laps to finish the race. In turn, Oliveira was running in eighth place, fighting with Salom, Viñales and John McPhee, while Cortese Rins rolled along to try to reach Jonas Folger, winner of today's race, and Jakub Kornfeil.
In the final leg of the race, Viñales and Salom are hooked together and Rins Cortese, who has maintained a great duel with Salom for fifth. A dispute that has repeated Kornfeil Czech driver on the final lap, leaving Rins victorious in his debut in Brno Barcelona youngster finished in fifth place, returning to score for the eighth time in his first year at the World Cup. With this result, Rins up to fifth in the standings with 83 points. Oliveira, in turn, finished ninth after trailing 12 positions. The Portuguese has finished in the points for the second consecutive race, the sixth time this season. The Portuguese, with 59 points, and is among the ten best drivers in the World to climb to the 10th position in the overall standings.
The pilot CatalunyaCaixa Álex Márquez, also debuting in Brno, was 21 º, after playing a career in a group with more experienced pilots. The Cervera has risen to 11th place at the start of the race after a good start. A very valuable learning experience for the young Marquez, leader of the Championship of Spain of speed, that on 9 September host the sixth round of the CEV at the Circuito de Albacete.
CatalunyaCaixa Pilots return to action on 14 September, with the running of the first free practice of the San Marino Grand Prix at Misano.
Miguel Oliveira pilot CatalunyaCaixa, 9th ranked Indianapolis Grand Prix, the first 13,909 placed 10th in the overall standings with 59 points:
"The good news is that we have made a good comeback, we went from the 21st position and we finished in the top ten, in ninth place, so it is not bad. The first part of the race was not the most difficult, because the second part was more complicated, could not control the bike and was getting worse every lap. That was due to a small problem with the rear tire. It has not allowed us to complete a good job. This circuit has been difficult for me, we had to fight hard so we must be satisfied and think about the next race. "
Alex Rins pilot CatalunyaCaixa, 5th ranked Indianapolis Grand Prix, the 6490 winner, 5th in the overall standings with 83 points:
"The run-up to the grid have been the most difficult, was a little nervous about the choice of rubber but once the race has started and I've calmed down a bit. I made a good start and with Cortese have begun to pull up to finish fifth, with which I am very happy with the result. I focused with the pilots who went before me and end up staying with them could be very close to the podium. I have to thank my team and my sponsors for the support they give me. "
Álex Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 21st Indianapolis Grand Prix, the first 41,271 placed 20th in the overall standings with 15 points:
"At first I was running pretty comfortable after a good start. We came out with "slicks" and I think it has been successful mid-career but I'm feeling with the bike, the track was very difficult but I preferred not to risk it and finish the race as we know that we are quick dry. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"Again, I am very happy with the career I have done Alex and Michael. Despite the difficulty of representing the asphalt, have made a great performance. Miguel, getting out from behind and finished in the top ten, and Alex, in his first year at the World Cup and in his debut at this circuit, stopping just short of the podium. So I congratulate them, to them and the team, and that throughout the weekend have done a great job. Meanwhile, Alex Marquez has also done a good performance, adding valuable kilometers in the World, very important in their learning. "

Álex Rins, seventh in the Gran Prix Italy

CatalunyaCaixa driver, rookie Alex Rins, finished seventh in the Italian Grand Prix, a race that has come to lead and which has fought side by side with the top pilots. Thus, the Barcelona youngster to score again and climb to seventh in the standings. His teammate, Miguel Oliveira, has been dropped without consequence, on the seventh lap when he was eighth.
CX pilots have shown again today at Mugello the momentum they have. Rins, who started from the front row in third place, has come to be at the head of the race at the first corner, and with three other riders have formed the first group race leader. Oliveira, who started from 16th position, made a great start and in the first round and occupied the 11th place. His first objective was met, and two laps later achieved the second, reaching the front group, which rolled his teammate, Rins, in the second position.
But the first five drivers have formed one group and left behind a second group of pilots, which rolled Oliveira in the seventh. In turn, Rins has come to lead the race on lap six, materializing dramatically progression in his debut at Mugello. In the next turn, Oliveira has gone down in the second corner, when he was coming back from eighth-eight positions. The Portuguese has been back in the race, but five laps later had to retire.
Rins, in turn, maintained a great duel with six other riders at the head of the race. Without wrinkling, newcomer battle until presented with seven laps, Maverick Viñales, Romano Sandro Cortese Fenati and have broken the group. Rins has crossed the finish line in seventh position, less than two tenths of Niccolo Antonelli in fourth place.
So Rins has nine valuable points and climb to seventh position overall. Oliveira is 13 º. Pilots CatalunyaCaixa not return to competition until 19 August, the Grand Prix of Indianapolis. Well-deserved vacation for pilots CX, but Alex and Michael never stop.
Miguel Oliveira, pilot CatalunyaCaixa, nc, fall, 13th in the standings with 39 points:
"We have made a good start and have a good start of the race. We came out fast, we have recovered positions and we contacted the front group but when throughout the weekend you could not shoot at this rate obviously has a direct impact with the settings and feeling with the bike. The work of the bike is different in these conditions and this, to some extent, has been one of the factors that caused my fall. We must be positive and think that over the weekend we learned many things. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 7 classified the Italian Grand Prix, the 5906 winner, 7th in the standings with 63 points:
"I really expected much more. Yes it is true that we should be satisfied with the result if we analyze the situation in the circuit debut and debut in the class but, for me it is not. I have lost my rear tire in the middle of the race and before the first "Rabiatta" I had a scare that made me pick up the front group. I tried to do my career but when you go in a group is complicated. One goal we had was the failure to leave early the last corner to catch the pilot rebufos front. But still, we could not complete a race we had a good start. It is difficult to shoot well but it was a shame as we had pace to finish on the podium. "

First row for Álex Rins in Mugello

Mixed feelings for both drivers CatalunyaCaixa on the second day of testing at Mugello. Rins Alex has achieved the third fastest time in qualifying this morning and will take from the front row at the Italian Grand Prix. A classification spectacular in his debut at the Italian track, which confirms once again the great progression Rins in his first season in the World Cup. Miguel Oliveira, in turn, was 16th. The Portuguese start from the sixth row in the grid with the obligation of having to make a quick exit to avoid losing contact with the front group in which is his teammate.
The morning practice session, under optimal weather conditions, resulted in seventh position Rins and a 12th place for Miguel Oliveira. The Barcelona youngster has managed to occupy the top position in the login and a great rhythm, has been among the few pilots in shooting in constantly-1'59 stopped the clock at 1'59 .467 (0937 Maverick Viñales) in the last of the 16 laps completed in the morning. Somewhat delayed over Oliveira. The Portuguese continued to refine the set-up of his bike and has managed the 12th fastest time (2'00 .102, 1572).
In the afternoon, the first moment of the weekend, Rins has continued to increase his pace and lap after lap has been spraying their own records of yesterday to get 1'58 .821 (0841 Viñales), on his return, 14 the 17 who completed. Only five drivers have been able to shoot at 1'58 and Rins debut at Mugello, was one of them. A record that has earned spectacular to get the third fastest of the session. Thus, the Barcelona youngster will start tomorrow in the Italian Grand Prix from the front row for the second time this season after the pole achieved in the Grand Prix of Spain. In turn, Oliveira could not continue the progression that he would have liked to perform and has failed to find their good feelings with the mount. Unable to take advantage of rebufos, Portuguese was 16th (1'59 .966, 1986), record it has achieved in the last of the 18 turns you have made.
Thus, pilots and Oliveira CatalunyaCaixa Rins leave tomorrow from the first row and sixth respectively in the Italian Grand Prix (11.00 hours), the ninth meeting of the season.
Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 16 th, 35 laps, time: 1'59 .966:
"Our goal was to improve times yesterday but unfortunately not the case. Obviously I'm not at all satisfied with the result as expected much more from today's session. I said yesterday that it was very important to a good training to get ahead. Here in Mugello is very important, but ultimately, we lacked rhythm and consistent lap. We must look with my technicians what has happened and for my part, look where I failed. In the race must attack in the early stages without losing contact with the group since the first half of the race we recover what we have done today. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 3rd place, 33 laps, time: 1'58 .821:
"First of all I want to thank the team during the night were working yesterday to today we have a competitive bike. In training I have done my qualifying second best result of the season which I'm really pleased. Looking morning we make a good start and hooked the group as soon as the race will be in groups. Anyway we do our race calmly but forcefully. We have fast enough to be there before so we can face tomorrow's race in a positive way for us. Race is much easier to make the time as you help to others but it is also true that can harm us that we exchange overtaking us. "

Rain disrupts the plans of the pilots CatalunyaCaixa

Adverse weather conditions have returned to detract from the performance of the drivers CatalunyaCaixa, Miguel Oliveira and Alex Rins, who finished 19 th and 20 th respectively in the German Grand Prix. A strong storm, just before the start of the race, forced to delay the start, and the asphalt puddles, Moto3 pilots have started the race in extreme conditions.
After completing a good 'warm up', the dry, in which Oliveira was 7 and Rins 18 º, the pilots of the team led by Emilio Alzamora faced career with good prospects but the rain has returned to disrupt the plans of the pilots CatalunyaCaixa. Rins and Oliviera, who came from the 27 th and 31 th position, have started the race in order to gain positions and power to shoot as soon as possible with the drivers that were front groups. On dry, both drivers had very good pace, as they have shown during free practice all weekend, but as happened yesterday in the qualifying session, rain conditioned the outcome of the pilots CX. After a good start, Rins has come to be in the 18th position, gaining nine positions in the output, while Oliveira was running in the 25 th position, but today's race, very complicated, proved to be a bone hard nut to crack for young drivers Rins and Oliveira.
Enrolled in a group of nine riders, ranging from the 19 th and 28 th position, and Oliveira Rins have played much of the race, unable to find his feeling with the bike. During the course of it, has been forming a dry track and both drivers were able to shoot a little more comfortable. In the final section, Oliveira and Rins have upped the pace and have won various positions but the difference with the front groups was evident and Portuguese crossed the finish line in the 19th position while team mate has done in the 20 th.
Without the reward of scoring points, but with the experience that involves completing a wet race of this nature, Rins is eighth overall with 54 points and Oliveira is 12 ° to 39 points under his belt. No time to rest, both drivers will contest next week the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello.
Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 19th ranked in the German Grand Prix, the first .878 +1'18 placed 12 th overall with 39 points:
"It was a very difficult race. Furthermore, since yesterday and it cost us to go wet comfortable on this track and now things have changed for us. It was a shame because in the morning, in the 'warm up', I felt very comfortable with the bike and everything seemed to be running dry. But in the end, the conditions are those that had, and we have had to run again with the rain. We left very late in the grid, so I dry strategy was clear: do well and overcome. We had pace to be among the top three but with the rain, everything has changed. The focus has gone from being totally offensive to an objective conservative as the most important thing was to stay on the bike. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 20th ranked in the German Grand Prix, the first .957 +1'18 placed 8 th overall with 54 points:
"We made a good start but later we lacked confidence to keep fighting with the group that was. I had a good feeling at the entrance of the curve as rain first, and the lack of 'grip', then I have not been allowed to shoot as I would have liked. When dry asphalt we moved around a lot the bike and could not finish the race the way we would have liked. We must look forward and focus on the next race since today was a race to forget. "
Emilio Alzamora, Team Manager:
"It was a very difficult race for everyone. Especially for Michael and Alex, who throughout the weekend have shown good pace in the dry. Together the team have developed a great job and the times achieved during the training weekend and have shown, but to those conditions that had to face today is very difficult to leave Sachsenring with a good taste. A real shame as they both had good pace. They are both young riders and learn from those experiences and I'm sure the hidden potential will have learned the lesson well. Next week, more "

CatalunyaCaixa riders are not given a break

Pilots CatalunyaCaixa Miguel Oliveira and Alex Rins face this weekend's German Grand Prix. Without taking a break, the riders will travel CatalunyaCaixa the Sachsenring circuit to contest the eighth round of the season. After the good performance in Assen, where Rins Oliveira finished sixth and 10th, both drivers reaching the new appointment with a good feeling.
Oliveira, who scored three consecutive races scoring, visit a circuit that debuted last year at the finals. In the race, whilst running in fifth place, with the front group, the Portuguese suffered a fall in the third round that ruined his career high start-started from 11th position. Rins, in turn, will debut in another World Cup circuit with the illusion of a flag after the great performance that starred in Assen. Started from 16th position and managed to finish 6 th. Another great weekend for the young Rins, who in his first year in the World is doing a very good progression, from his work and courage.
"I have really wanted to go to Germany, because we have to keep evolving and is a job to do that motivates me. Last year at the World Cup and I was able to race in Sachsenring and is a track I quite like. I know him and I think I'm good, but obviously this year the bikes are very different to the 125cc. We'll see how it goes, but what is certain is that we will work hard to fight again with the front "analyzes Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot. "Nor have I ever shot in Germany and of course I know too well the circuit. From what I have seen on videos from other years and in video games, I know that has a slow part at first, with sharp curves, and is then much faster, winding downhill and then a rise to which we to come with speed. What we do is what we have done in other circuits that have been new to me, which is trying to adapt as quickly as possible to the track, because it is important to take a good pace from Friday "extends Rins CX pilot.
The two pilots CatalunyaCaixa already in the top ten of the Championship. Rins, is sixth with 54 points overall and teammate, Oliveira is 10 ° to 39.

Rins and Oliveira, sixth and tenth in the Dutch Grand Prix

Good day for pilots CatalunyaCaixa Alex Rins and Miguel Oliveira, who finished in the sixth and tenth respectively in the Dutch Grand Prix. As in the Grand Tasting Award, the first of the season, both drivers scored points after completing a good performance in an electrical career, with over 20 riders riding together up to half of the race.
Starting from the 8 th and 16 th position, Oliveira and Rins have started the race as part of the large squad that led the race. In the fifth rotation, the Portuguese was Rins 7 and 10 °, closing the first group that rolled less than a second apart.
Progressively increasing the pace-slow at the start of race-a group of six riders, which closed Rins, has begun to take up with its rivals. In turn, Oliveira rolled behind this group in the 7 th position.
With ten laps to go, Rins been let down by the first group and with Zulfahmi Khairuddin have maintained a great duel for sixth place. With precise steering and no mistakes, Rins has led this second group followed the pilots who led the test. Alex has crossed the finish line in sixth place, capping a comeback from 10 positions in its debut at Assen, despite reaching partially recovered from fractures sustained in Silverstone. Oliveira, in turn, has also come to this second group, the 10 th position.
Thus, the Portuguese get points for the third consecutive race and rises to the 10 th position in the overall standings with 39 points. Rins consolidated in sixth place with 54. Without taking a breath, pilots CatalunyaCaixa played next week the German Grand Prix.
Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 10th place, 8243's winner, 10th in the standings with 39 points:
"The race was quite complicated. We went from eighth place in the early laps was really complicated. The pilots will spend on all sides so the goal was to stay in office. After a few laps, the two groups were formed to race but had difficulty in being able to follow the other drivers, especially on the straights. The rating of the weekend is pretty good because we got another tenth place as we continue adding experience despite not having one of the most competitive bikes now. Anyway I have a great team and we will continue working hard to be there before. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 6th-placed 5033 first placed 6th in the overall standings with 54 points:
"I'm very happy. During the weekend we did a good job and the lap times we had proved we could stay with the front group. We went from 18th position and was that what we have complicated things a bit. Anyway, I made a good start and then I have placed in the front group. Then we were shooting at a fast pace but there was a time when I've been thrown off the track and from there I lost all options to be there before. I lost contact with the front group but I fought all I could. I must thank the team and all my sponsors. Rate had to be there before so I'll stick with this. The right hand has held up well but the left hurts a lot and the fact that we have the two consecutive races will not help us much. The next week ".
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"It was a very difficult race. Both Alex and Michael have done a great performance. They have shown again the great potential to start from home and as late positions on a circuit as short as this is not an easy task. In addition, they both lacked power on the straights in order to contact the drivers front. So I congratulate you, them and the team, since throughout the weekend have done a great job. The important thing was to add experience and continue the line of work we are doing and in this sense I think we can be very satisfied. "

Miguel Oliveira, tenth in the Grand Prix of Great Britain

Miguel Oliveira finished 10th in the Grand Prix of Great Britain and thus returns to score a second consecutive race. His teammate, Alex Rins, has been dropped when contesting the second round of the sixth round of World Championship Moto3.
On output, Rins and Oliveira have not done a good career start. Both pilots, who departed from the 10 th and 11 th position, have lost a position and in the first lap Rins and Oliveira were 11 ° and 12 °. It was then, on the second lap, when Rins, going from less to more, has been dropped in the ninth circuit Silverstone curve. After an initial medical examination, the pilot suffers a rift in the index finger of his right hand and minor bruises.
Oliveira, in turn, from the 11th place held a great duel with Arthur Sissis Australian rider, who have been exchanged on the 10th and 11th. The Portuguese, with a very strong pace, much like the pilot who led the race, has come to hunt down the lead group, closing a string of 11 pilots. That was when the rear tire of the rider 0'0 Estrella Galicia had enough and despite being able to contact the group head of the race had to settle for tenth place finish.
After today's race, the Portuguese driver adds six more points to your overall computing and remains 11th in the standings. Despite not having scored, Rins is sixth with 44 points.
The next event, the seventh of the season for CatalunyaCaixa pilots will be in two weeks at Assen, "The Cathedral", which will be held the Dutch Grand Prix.
Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 10th place in the Grand Prix of Great Britain, 15,613 in the first-placed 11 th overall with 33 points:
"The race was quite difficult. Our goal was to get a good start and win positions in the first round and has been completely the opposite of what we expected, ie, we have lost some position without being able to start the race with very good start. It has generally been a difficult weekend in terms of configuration, we have failed to find a compromise between the fast and the slow part of the circuit with the bike and that has hurt us. Yesterday we lost the opportunity to make a quick turn would have allowed us to start from more advanced positions today. Anyway, we went out with determination and contact with the front group, the middle of the race, I lost my rear tire and did not want to risk more of the account, and I understood that a tenth place in these conditions was not a bad outcome. I hope the next race we can be there before. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, falling, nc, 6 th overall with 44 points:
"It was a shame because in turn nine of the circuit, when we were playing in the second round I played with another rider and went down without doing anything to prevent the fall. We must look forward and recover as soon as possible in order to face the next race in good shape. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"It was a difficult weekend, especially with the weather conditions we had to perform two practice sessions. Michael and Alex have done a good job over the two days without being able to shoot at all comfortable in a circuit to find a good set-up is not easy. The race was a shame that Alex fell off the top of it and that is making a great start to the season. Miguel, who had started from the back, has done a good progression to contact the front group. However, it was then that your tire has had enough and had to settle for tenth place not to risk end. Rins Alex has a crack in the index finger of his right hand and some minor bruising which will not hold that to be fully fit again for the next race "

Fourth row for Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira

Pilots will begin tomorrow CatalunyaCaixa Grand Prix of Great Britain from the fourth row. Alex and Miguel Oliveira Rins have achieved today the 10 th and 11 th position respectively in the qualifying session marked by the strong wind that has swept the demanding Silverstone circuit.
The rain has given respite to Moto3 pilots that were able to play two practice sessions today on the dry asphalt, but with the wind as the star. In the third round of free Rins Oliveira and have started the day with good feelings, despite the fall-without physical consequences, which have suffered in the final session. The Portuguese has improved by almost three seconds got the record yesterday, 2'18 .208 and has signed the third fastest (Sandro Cortese 0373, leading the morning session). Rins has closely followed by getting the 6 th place, after setting a time of 2'18 .562 (0727). Again, the great work of the whole team has allowed the two pilots were on the verge CatalunyaCaixa their mounts for the qualifying session. Under the constant threat of rain, all pilots have logged more energetically. Rins has come to mark the best provisional time in the login, while Oliveira was progressively improving their records. Both drivers managed to lower their times of the weekend, but the strong wind and heavy traffic, the drivers have slowed Estrella Galicia Rins 0.0 Alex and Miguel Oliveira, both newcomers to the British track. The Barcelona youngster has finished in the 10th position (2'17 .908, 1712 Maverick Viñales, author of the pole), followed by his teammate, Oliveira, who has stopped the clock at 2'18 .090 (1903), 11 th fastest time of the qualifying round.
Tomorrow, both drivers will contest the sixth round of the season, the Grand Prix of Great Britain. The race will start after the Moto2 and MotoGP at 14:30 (15:30 CET Spanish).
Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 11 th, Time: 2'18 .090, 25 laps:
"In the morning things went well. In the afternoon we continued the work, although towards the end of the session was difficult, as there were many pilots looking wheel. We have entered to try to exploit a new tire, but I saw that it was difficult to shoot only on the wind and in the end it was just as I have done my best time. Anyway, I think we have pace to be just ahead. The Silverstone track is very long, so we get a good start and make a first round with the front group. That will be a key factor to consider for tomorrow. We've been working a lot with the setup, because after two dry sessions we have had time to test different configurations. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 10th place, time: 2'17 .908, 29 laps:
"The truth which has not too bad. In the first round we have improved the time to first open the morning and then I set my fastest time on the first outing with soft tires. In the second round were too many people looking wheel. We need a bit of pace to be ahead, but is a circuit in which we have adapted quickly and I think we have a good race. If it rains will be a little tricky because, although the asphalt remains fairly grip, we have improved the pace in the wet. If the race is dry, I think we can be with the second group "

First podium for Miguel Oliveira

Miguel Oliveira finished third in the Grand Prix of Catalunya, getting his first podium and becoming the first Portuguese driver to get a podium in the World Cup. Oliveira has a great race, thereby fulfilling the good feelings he had shown in every practice since the beginning of the season. Alex Marquez has also starred in a great performance. The Cervera, who has come to shoot second, was sixth. Alex Rins, in turn, has been dropped without consequence, on lap 15 when he was eighth.Oliveira will always remember the Grand Prix of Catalunya 2012. The Portuguese, who started from the second row in sixth position, made a good start, gaining a position, but not wanting to risk an inch, has completed the first lap in seventh place. His teammates, the pilots also CatalunyaCaixa, Marquez and Rins, stood at the ninth and 15th positions respectively. Alex Marquez A spectacular, with great pace, has scored two fastest lap times, has been gaining places to reach on lap 9, the second position. Oliveira was running in sixth position, together with the group formed by Efren Vazquez, Sandro Cortese, Louis Rossi and teammate Hector Faubel Oliveira, ranging from the second to the seventh. The exchange of position has been consistent among these drivers. In turn, Rins, who started from the 16th position, has been dropped when caused by another driver who has beaten him behind in Turn 4.In a fight cyclothymic, Marquez has returned to second place on lap 18, while Oliveira occupied the eighth place. But two laps later the roles have changed and the Portuguese was running in fourth position and that of Cervera was seventh. After another great battle with Rossi on the final lap, the Portuguese has managed to cross the finish line third, getting his first podium in another historic day for CatalunyaCaixa. Marquez, in turn, has finished in sixth place, four tenths of a teammate, Oliveira, standing at the door of a podium that was not decided until the end. The Cervera has fought one on one against drivers with much more experience than him in his third appearance at the World Cup as wild card.Thus, Marquez added 10 points and added 15 (16 °) in the overall standings after scoring three runs in which he participated. With the podium today, Oliveira goes up to the 11th position and is sixth Rins.Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 3rd place in the Grand Prix of Catalunya, the 7853 winner, 11 th overall with 27 points:"It was a difficult race for the high temperatures we have had. In the group we ran slower than Maverick, who has escaped. I had a mishap with Efren Vazquez and my partner Alex Rins, and then I lost ground. On the last lap I gave everything to be on the podium and in the end we succeeded. The first podium is always something very special and certainly not forgotten. We are very consistent and I think we will go from strength to strength in the championship. We continue in this line. "Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, nc, drop, 6 th overall with 44 points:"We left something behind, but I made a good start and won positions. I managed to get eight and was well positioned. But when the group can move wheels on these things. Another pilot has beaten me from behind and pulled me down, but these things happen. Now it think in Britain, which is a circuit I do not know. "Alex Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 6 th in the Grand Prix of Catalunya, the 8267 winner, 16 th overall with 15 points:"The start was not very good but then I could earn enough positions. I managed to go further and have reached the front group. It was a very bully and have had a very intense fighting at the front, I've had really good. I am very happy with the result, but now I think playing in the CEV and take every opportunity I can get as wild card. "

The riders of CX play at home

Pilots CatalunyaCaixa Miguel Oliveira, Alex and Alex Marquez Rins, invited for the third time this season, will contest next weekend's Catalunya Grand Prix, the second World Cup event at home. The Circuit de Catalunya will host another year the World Motorcycling Championship, one of the most special Grand Prix calendar.
After the complicated wet race in Le Mans, the drivers arrive at Montmelo CatalunyaCaixa in order to continue to grow in a circuit that already know. Oliveira will try to redeem themselves and strive for results that belong to the great rates shown on all training. In turn, Rins in the Grand Prix of France won his first World Cup podium, wants to continue its robust growth and keep adding miles. The young pilot will have the added value of home run in a first round of the World. The same situation as Alex live Marquez, who on Sunday won his second consecutive podium in the CEV in MotorLand Aragon circuit and reached the championship lead. The Cervera, who played his third Grand Prix in the category as a wild card, finished in the points in the previous two (GP of Spain and Portugal).
Everything is ready for the new category of land Moto3 first at the Circuit de Catalunya. One of the preferred paths for all pilots, by the heat of the stands and the atmosphere generated throughout the weekend. Last season, 146,718 people attended over the three days of Grand Prix. In addition, the Circuit de Catalunya has been recognized by Dorna, FIM and IRTA at different times by the awards for Best GP Organization (1992, 2001 and 2006) and Best Media Organization (1995).
Miguel Oliveira, pilot CatalunyaCaixa:
"I'm very confident it Montmelo is a track I already know him. I want to finish this tide of bad luck that we came from the Grand Prix of Spain at Jerez. Above all, I will initiate this GP as if it were the first of the season to start from scratch, only with the advantage of having the experience of previous races. It is undisputed that at this moment we are one of the teams to stand before every race, so I am calm and confident. I'm really looking forward to the start of the weekend to make again an excellent job and give the team once and for all what he deserves. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot:
"The truth is I am very happy with the result of Le Mans, but we have to continue working on the same line in order to maintain these results. I want to thank Dr. Mir and his medical team who helped me to recover so quickly, now we have to see how I'm on the bike. Montmelo is a track I quite like and run with the slight advantage that I know him pretty well. It's special home race for the first time in a World Cup, so I have really wanted to jump on the track and enjoy. I hope to do my best throughout the weekend. "
Alex Marquez, pilot CatalunyaCaixa:
"I have many looking forward to home race. This is my third invitation in the World Cup after Jerez and Estoril and after results in the CEV think it comes at a very good time. Shame about the fall last weekend, but I think I have enough time to recover and be one hundred percent and fight again to get into the points. The Circuit de Catalunya know him very well, is a track I like very much to be compensated in all aspects, technical and fast. To see how it gives us. "

Un spectaculaire Alex Rins retour 23 postes dans la pluie

The pilot CatalunyaCaixa Rins Alex has achieved today his first podium in the World Championship after finishing third in the Grand Prix of France. A memorable podium, as the youngster from Barcelona, ​​who yesterday suffered a small fracture in his little finger of his right hand, has managed to trace, in the pouring rain, 23 positions in one of the most difficult races of the season. His teammate, Miguel Oliveira, has been dropped, without consequences for the pilot, while leading the race.
Rins never forget the 2012 French Grand Prix. In a weekend-cyclothymic yesterday suffered a crash in qualifying and was doubtful for today's race due to a small injury to his right hand, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa starred in a historic performance after trailing 23 positions and get a first incredible podium. Rins, who started 26 th, and 10 positions has been recovered in the first round. Turn after turn, the rookie has been gaining ground. At just 16 years, has made an exhibition Rins driving on the slippery asphalt and French on lap 21, with the fall of Sandro Cortese, the young driver has already moved to third. And despite the attacks of Niccolo Antonelli (4 °) in the latest twist, Rins has defended a master's position, crossing the finish line in third place, euphoric, among the congratulations of his team, who have done a titanic throughout the preseason and in this early season.
In turn, Miguel Oliveira, who started from third position, started the race with a clear strategy: not to risk being left behind one iota during the early laps. And since 10 th place, the Portuguese, very comfortable in the wet, has made another comeback to get the lead electric test on lap 13. But a fall, two laps later, truncated expectations Portuguese, who was shooting at a rapid pace and was distancing himself from his pursuers.
With the podium today, Rins climbs to fifth in the standings with 44 points. Oliveira, in turn, with 11 is 16 degrees. The next appointment for the CX pilots will be at the Circuit de Catalunya, with the dispute on June 3 Grand Prix of Catalunya.
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 3rd place in the Grand Prix de France, 28,899 in the first-placed 5 th overall with 44 points:
"I still do not think so. It was an unexpected result because we have left in position 26. I started with the aim of enjoying the race and do my best. During the race several riders have fallen and this has allowed me to go up positions and motivate me even more, and finally, I could finish third which is a great result. The hand did not bother me much, yesterday I broke my little finger but before the race I have done an infiltration and I could go without many problems. "
Miguel Oliveira, pilot CatalunyaCaixa, nc, fall, 16 th overall with 11 points:
"I've done everything we asked. At the start of the race we would have taken very calm and the weather conditions were very difficult for everybody. I was following the first, always behind inadvertently set the pace in no time. This was our plan but I've been falling Faubel just up ahead. My goal was still to maintain my own pace but the fall has truncated the entire race. The conditions were really bad and that is hold off on the bike was the one who would win. And so it proved. I want to apologize to my team and I think did not deserve this. "
Emilio Alzamora, Team Manager:
"We are pleased by the outcome of Alex Rins, that being his first year in the World is showing great potential. In fact, his job is to keep adding miles and experience in the World Cup but today, we have again shown their worth. Miguel Oliveira has made some good workouts and as for the race today, we know, is a lottery. Had raised a very smart race and also had a very good and consistent pace but the slightest mistake in these conditions is at a premium. "

CX riders continue to advance

Pilots CatalunyaCaixa Rins Alex and Alex Marquez have finished in the 7th and 15th position respectively in the Grand Prix of Portugal. Miguel Oliveira, with problems in the front of his horse to enter the curve, was forced to abandon the race when it had only been played three times. A real shame because the Portuguese had been very consistent over the two days of workouts. After a good start, the Portuguese driver had been postulated as one of the fighters with options to victory but the technical problems you box when he was relegated to second place.
A good start which also starred his teammates, Rins and Marquez, who on his first visit World Cup in Estoril circuit have shown great potential. Both pilots, who departed from the 22 th and 19 th position, had already traced several positions in the first round and then joined the group of nine riders who have played the 7 th and 15 th position throughout the race. Rins, with a great pace (one second has lowered his best time of the weekend), has managed to make up a total of 15 positions, finishing in 7th place, first of this large group of pilots. Marquez, in turn, has fought all the way with more experienced pilots than him, finishing in 15th position. A valuable learning for the smallest of Marquez. Still, Cervera has re-scoring, scoring one point in his second race in the World Cup.
With today's result, Rins sum 28 points and sixth place in the overall standings. Oliveira Marquez is 14 ° and 20 °. The next appointment for CX pilots will be in the Circuit of Le Mans, with the dispute on 20 May French Grand Prix.
Miguel Oliveira, pilot CatalunyaCaixa, nc, 14 th overall with 11 points:
"I felt pretty good and was running comfortable with my bike, but unfortunately, I immediately noticed a problem in the front that I could comfortably be able to make the turn. We do not know where the problem lies, but the fact is that I had to abandon a career that I really wanted to do well. We must move forward and look to the next race in France in two weeks. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 7 th in the Grand Prix of Portugal, 21,792 of the first-placed 6 th overall with 28 points:
"The truth is that my team has done an amazing job over the weekend. Today we went on the 21 th position, we were far behind but we made a good start and from there I started to give everything to improve more positions. At first, I've been a bit stuck with the group in Wheeling, but then I saw I could get it-had-a good pace, and was partly due to the slight modification that my mechanics have done in the rear of my bike. I am very satisfied, and we have made a nice comeback. "
Alex Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 15 th in the Grand Prix of Portugal, 26,450 of the first-placed 20 th overall with 5 points:
"I'm quite pleased, since at first it took me quite adapt to the circuit. I made a good start and was able to recover several positions, although it was very difficult to overtake in the early laps. I was in a very fighter who would not let me shoot, but in the end I could add miles and experience, which is now most important. It was very fun. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"Both Alex have made a great career. Despite having had some difficulties over the weekend, as it was a new track for them, have managed to solve the race on a high note. They have done a great evolution. As Michael has been a shame since it had shown great pace throughout the weekend and was forced to abandon the race because of a problem with the front of the bike. We have sent the Dunlop rubber in order to analyze all possible causes. It really is a shame because after seeing the times of the drivers front was to fight for victory. Things that happen in racing. We must move forward and the positive note lies in the development being undertaken by Suters, which are becoming more competitive. "

First row to Miguel Oliveira

CX rider Miguel Oliveira will start tomorrow from the front row at the Grand Prix of Portugal after finishing 3 rd in the qualifying session. With the result achieved today, the Portuguese have accumulated in his second consecutive front row behind that achieved last weekend at the Jerez circuit. Alex Marquez has finished in the 19th position and will start tomorrow from the seventh row, while teammate Alex Rins start from the eighth row, particularly since the 22 th position.
In the third practice session, the pilots have benefited Moto3 a sunny morning to play his first training session in Estoril dry. CatalunyaCaixa pilots have a new step forward and have improved markedly records. Oliveira, who has returned to occupy the top position on the timesheets for much of the session, finished 3rd (1'48 .029, 0537 Maverick Viñales, first). In turn, Marquez was 11th (1'48 .894, 1402), increasing at nearly three seconds off his time got yesterday, and Rins 15 º (1'49 .129, 1637), a half second faster than yesterday.
One improvement that Marquez could not repeat Rins afternoon, concluding at the 19 th and 22 th places respectively. Marquez has gotten a better timer 1'49 .374 (2229 Sandro Cortese, a pilot who has been with the pole) and Rins finished with a 1'49 .447 (2302). Oliveira, in turn, has achieved a best time of 1'47 .916 (0771) on his final lap of qualifying, ending in third.
All three drivers will CatalunyaCaixa morning in the 'warm up' (10.00 hours, 11.00 hours peninsular Spanish) a new opportunity to continue their evolution towards the third race of the World Moto3 (14.30 h, 15, Peninsular Spanish 30 hours).
Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 3rd place, time: 1'47 .916, 37 laps:
"I'm happy. In the morning we have been fast and now in the evening too. We have a steady pace, although we lack a little better lap. Exit from the first line is pretty good at home Grand Prix. I hope that tomorrow in the race everything goes well and we have good pace and we are being consistent. Anyway, the other riders are very strong, so the aim will be to a good start and be in front from the start. On dry, so good, although we are prepared for anything. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 22 º classified, time: 1'49 .447, 38 laps:
"There has been a very positive train because we missed pick up the pace from the start of the session. We have to work hard on the bike to get a good start tomorrow and be as forward as possible. In the second and third sector lose enough gas opening and I just found comfortable with the bike. This afternoon we will work on it and try to improve. Tomorrow will be a pretty tough race because we are not doing some good times, but try to make a good start and stay ahead as possible. "
Alex Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 19 th, Time: 1'49 .374, 37 laps:
"In the morning went quite well, better than yesterday. He had good pace, only cost me a bit but with a front wheel was going faster. We finished in 11 th position, which is not bad. But this afternoon I went out and cost me more than I expected. I was not comfortable on the bike. We finished in 19 th position, a little behind, but try to go back tomorrow to see if we can finish in the 15 th and 10 th place. My goal is to get points. Yesterday we improved nearly three seconds in the morning. The bike was much better and I did too. Let's see if tomorrow we can make a good 'warm up' and the race to overcome. "

Alex Rins, fourth in the Grand Prix of Spain

CX rider Alex Rins, just 16 years and in his second race, finished in 4 th place Grand Prix of Spain. Rins in a difficult race, with the semi dry asphalt, has been able to recover from a fall when he was fighting for first place with Fenati Romano, winner of the event, and has fought to enter the podium until the last lap. In the end, has been overcome by Luis Salom and Sandro Cortese. In turn, Miguel Oliveira has been dropped without consequence, while leading the race after a great career start. Alex Marquez, who has also fallen, finished in 12th position.
CatalunyaCaixa pilots have staged a good start. Oliveira, who started from third position is already set to lead in the second round, while Rins from the pole, rolled in third. Marquez, who started from the fifth row in 13th position, has staged a great start and was placed seventh.
With the race declared dry and semi dry asphalt, has been a very rough test. With the track very complicated, with some wet areas, Oliveira and Marquez have been dropped in the third turn. The Portuguese were forced to retreat while Alex was back on track in the 22 º position. Rins Oliveira took over from the front of the test, with more than three seconds ahead of his pursuers. Difference has been reduced after a small Rins output. Fenati and Louis Rossi have made and have undergone an electrifying duel. After the fall of Rossi, Fenati Rins and have continued to the front, with a difference of more than 20 seconds with the other riders.
But Spanish has been dropped on lap 12. Been able to return quickly and was able to rejoin the race with Salom and Cortese. Rins have completed the rest of the race with them, vying for second place with a knife between his teeth. Far from wrinkling, Rins fought until the last corner, beating all odds in the race and showing a maturity beyond your age. Only in the last lap, Salom and Cortese have been able to overtake, crossing the finish line in fourth place.
In turn, Marquez, in his World Cup debut, has staged a big comeback and recovered ten positions finishing in 12th position. Thus, the sum of Cervera their first 4 points in the World is in the 17th position in the Championship standings. Rins, in turn, with 19 points, goes up to the 5th position, and Oliveira is eighth with 11 points.
The next meeting of the CX pilots will be next week with the running of the Grand Prix of Portugal at the Estoril circuit.
Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, nc, 8 th overall with 11 points:
"It was short. We did three laps and I crashed. He was pretty quiet, but at the first corner there was a puddle near the piano inside, and I stepped on without noticing. In the end, I can be sad at all, since we have shown to be superior in all workouts. Now we have to focus on the next race in Estoril, at home, we attempt to give a lot of trouble. I tried to turn the bike into the track so as not to endanger any other driver, but after trying again to hang up, the commissioners not let me continue. It's been what's happened is sad, but we must not think much about it. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 4th in the Grand Prix of Spain, 37,061 in the first-placed 5 th overall with 19 points:
"The race was very moved, because curves Peluqui Nieto and the track was very wet and in almost every lap I had a shock. I made a good start, I have placed first and I've been pulling. Until I went off track and I have reached [Roman] Fenati. Then I made a small mistake, which was when I had the misfortune to fall. I kept fighting, I have not thrown in the towel because I knew I had to be there and beat the end I finished fourth, I finished fourth, which is fine. When I've been pulling ahead, had a very good pace. But when I had the scare I've calmed down a bit, and after the fall of the levers were not in good condition. If you had not fallen, would have made a great result. "
Alex Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 12 th in the Grand Prix of Spain, 17 th overall with 4 points:
"It was a very difficult race. After the fall I've had, I could get back on track and slowly I have been going up because I was comfortable on the bike despite the conditions that we had to run. In the end I finished 12, I did not expect to take points as after the fall I've fallen to number 22. So I'm glad I finished the race in this position and I am very excited for the next. "
Emilio Alzamora, Team Manager:
"I am very satisfied with the work we have done. The balance is very positive as all three drivers were very fast in practice. Miguel Oliveira has shown again that it is a pilot with a great talent, who has led the practice sessions on Friday and Saturday despite failing to finish the race due to a fall. Alex Rins, in his second career World Cup has shown great determination, since today was a very difficult race. He had a great race and a fourth place before their hobby is a great result. Meanwhile, Alex Marquez has also done a very good performance. His fall in the early laps relegated him to the 22 th position and despite this, managed to preserve the concentration and began a spectacular comeback. I am very pleased with the outcome. "

Álex Rins gets his first "pole" in Moto3

Alex Rins, just 16 years and in his second qualifying session at the World Cup, scored his first pole in Moto3 and tomorrow will start from the first position in the Grand Prix of Spain. In the first row, will accompany teammate, Miguel Oliveira, who has become the third fastest of the session. In turn, rookie Alex Marquez finished in 13th position and will start tomorrow from the fifth row.
On the first morning session CatalunyaCaixa pilots have come out on the track in Jerez, where last year Rins was proclaimed Champion of Spain and Oliveira won the final round of the CEV in the rain, with their characteristic determination and a single goal: the improvement of its records. Oliveira, who yesterday signed the best lap in the wet of the day with a 1'59 .753 time, continued in the same vein and at the conclusion of the first session had set the fastest time (1'58 .316). Teammates Rins and Marquez, who continued their work plan provisions, concluded the session on 15 th and 22 th places respectively.
In the afternoon, and again in the rain, the three pilots have started the qualifying session running at a high level, reaching from the beginning in the forward positions. In turn, Marquez improved his feelings and continued to accumulate miles and feelings But in the last minutes of the session, intermittent rain has stopped and the track dried minimally. It was the decisive moment, and without hesitation, the three wards of Emilio Alzamora have pitted and came back out with 'slicks'. And on the last lap of the session, the three drivers have achieved their best time of the day. Rins has signed on pole with a 1'57 .507 time, Oliveira finished 3rd (1'57 .975, 0468) and Marquez in his first qualifying session, concluded 13th (1'59 .500, 1993).
Tomorrow at 11.00 hours, all three drivers will face the Grand Prix of Spain with the confidence and ambition of a job well done.
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, pole with a time: 1'57 .507, 33 laps:
"It was a single round of these crazy because I was not sure what kind of tires we had to ride but my technicians, after seeing how it was the asphalt and the conditions I have said it best ride 'slick' and have successful . I want to thank all of them and my sponsors that make this all possible. It is one of my favorite circuits and tomorrow we will go on track to enjoy. "
Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 3rd place, time: 1'57 .975, 34 laps:
"I felt pretty well throughout the day. In the morning, in rain and we were fastest in the afternoon though, with mixed conditions has complicated the thing a little more. Finally, with the 'slicks' mounted, we could complete a lap that allowed us to finish in third. The team has done a great job and this will allow us to take the first line. The wet races are usually very long and we must be very focused and you can not afford even the slightest error. Tomorrow we must make a good start and stay calm, especially in the early laps.
Alex Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 13 º classified, time: 1'59 .500, 33 laps:
"This morning I had a good feeling, largely because we had the tires mounted. In the afternoon, we have improved a bit and continued to work with the development of the bike. At the end of the session, I forgot to push a little harder, but tomorrow we will go in the thirteenth position and hopefully make a good race. "

Oliveira and Rins, fifth and tenth in the Grand Prix Catar

CX pilots have staged a great performance in his first race in the MotoGP World Championship 2012. Miguel Oliveira and Alex Rins, who went from eighth and thirteenth place respectively, have closed their first Grand Prix of the season with a good taste, with the fifth and tenth. After making some good training before the race, which left their mounts sneak among the eight fastest category, CatalunyaCaixa pilots have shown great potential host.
Before a race easy, and with obvious difficulty, by the pilot Rins, if the first shot with his mount on the Losail circuit, none of the two pilots of the structure that leads Emilio Alzamora has ceased to shine under the floodlights of Losail. After a somewhat complicated output, in which most members of the category drivers came in a very compact at the first corner Catari circuit, and two groups were defined.
Oliveira, who has already won a position in the first round, has joined in this first group, along with Roman Fenati, Maverick Viñales, Sandro Cortese and Luis Salom. In turn, the rookie Rins after committing an error in the output, has slipped to 17th position. But after the first lap it was 15 degrees.
The Portuguese, with the knife between his teeth, held a spectacular duel with Cortese and Salom for third place throughout the race. Even in the final laps were added in the fight Zulfahmi Khairuddin and Arthur Sissis, forming a group of five drivers, each fighting to get on the podium. Rins, in turn, was turning lap after winning positions, beating the likes of riders Hector Faubel.
Oliveira, highly concentrated, without committing a single error, has come to occupy the third position only four laps to finish the Grand Prix. In the end, the Portuguese has finished in 5th position, after beating Sissy and Khairuddin on the final lap and finished 10 th Rins, adding as well, his first points in the World Cup after a great debut. Oliveira, 11 points, has completed the grand debut of Team Estrella Galicia 0.0 in World Motorcycling Championship.
Pilots CatalunyaCaixa, and leave Tasting and set sail for Jerez, which will host the Grand Prix of Spain on April 29.
Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 5 th ranked Tasting Grand Prix, 18,745 of the first-placed 5 th overall with 11 points:
"I'm satisfied. Physically I felt good throughout the race and also, we ran a good pace even though I could not take advantage of the holes. Now come circuits in which the recoil is not as important and we can take advantage of the slow corners, as in Jerez and Estoril. Continue with the same line of work, and to finish in the top five in the first test is a good result. I want to thank all my team has done a great job. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 10th place in the Grand Tasting Prix, 28,733 of the first-placed 10 th overall with 6 points:
"It was a fun race. Despite having made a mistake at the start, in which I have been delayed, I think we did a good job. We had a good race pace and I fought with highly experienced pilots, so I get a good conclusion and face the next appointment with great enthusiasm. He had a good cornering, which allowed me to get out faster. It was my first race in the World Cup and have been a host of very positive feelings. "
Emilio Alzamora, Team Manager:
"We're in the right direction. I want to thank the great team that together we have done and especially the drivers who have made a great career in a very complicated category. Michael has done a great career, maximizing the Losail circuit despite the lack of power has influenced the outcome. Anyway we are very happy with the saddle and sure in Jerez things will be different. As for Alex, congratulations because it was his first race in the world and shown great pace and determination, I am quite sure that will give us many joys. "

Oliveira and Rins, ready to shine under the floodlights of Losail

CX riders Miguel Oliveira and Alex Rins traveling to Doha today (Tasting), which will debut next Sunday in the new category of Moto3. The spectacular Losail circuit will host the night only evidence that forms the official calendar of the World Motorcycling Championship.
The new draft Moto3, led by Emilio Alzamora, comes to the big event of Tasting with more than 4,000 kilometers after spring training circuits held in Valencia, Albacete and Jerez. Both drivers made great progress, which has allowed them to close the last IRTA test at Jerez with a good feeling. CX rider Miguel Oliveira, who has completed more than 2,000 km in its new Moto3 during the preseason, wait a foothold in the World Cup and contribute, despite his youth, experience and quality in the new category. In fact, last season clinched the final two rounds of the Championship of Spain of Speed ​​(CEV) with the first Moto3 coming up to a podium.
Meanwhile, the pilot Alex Rins, who missed most of the preseason due to injury, has made more than 700 km. Tasting and arrives with the hope and desire to learn from a rookie, yes, with the title of the CEV 125GP as a letter in their new environment. On the last day of testing at Jerez, Rins and got rolling a little over a tenth of his teammate Oliveira, a few laps later to ride the new bike will be his next season.

Miguel Oliveira, pilot CX:
"The first big prize I face with great desire but also very head. Tasting The track is very long and very beautiful at night and word is different from all others. Start the season very motivated since it is also the premiere of a new category and my debut in this great team. I hope everything goes the best way and we do a great job together. "
Alex Rins pilot CX:
"The truth is that I am somewhat nervous about the start of the championship. In Tasting've never been but I've played a few times in the play with this circuit, I feel it will be a fairly complicated plot and even more to run at night ... it will be a first experience. I have really wanted to start the championship, also I have to thank Fermin, Christina and Dani, my physios who have helped me a lot to be 90% in Tasting, and the effort made by the whole team to get everything ready for the debut. "

Miguel Oliveira and Alex Rins conclude their season with a high mark

Riders CatalunyaCaixa Miguel Oliveira and Alex Rins today completed the third day of official practice at the Circuito de Jerez. So give both drivers ended his season after making positive 1437.5 miles between the two during these three days.
Taking advantage of the sunny and hot day in Jerez, Oliveira and Rins have started very early to roll along the winding path Andalusia. In the morning session, Oliveira, following 50 laps, has achieved a record of 1'48 .310, was ranked in seventh place. Rins, which today premiered the new chassis Suter has completed 40 turns and a more than creditable 1'48 .610, the rookie was 11 °, coming back among the best pilots of its kind in the timesheets.
In the afternoon, Oliveira and have continued adding Rins miles, completing 17 and 20 laps respectively. Both drivers have improved their times. Oliveira has frozen the clock at 1'48 .245, sixth fastest in the afternoon, and Rins, with 1'48 .350, has achieved a spectacular eighth fastest in the afternoon session. In the three day test, the Barcelona youngster has improved its figures every day, reducing by more than a second time achieved on the first day of testing. In the end, Oliveira and Rins were eighth (1407 Maverick Viñales) and ninth (1512), respectively, in the combined ranking of the three days.
Thus, the Portuguese driver has conducted a total of 186 turns during these three days of testing, accounting for 822.7 miles. For its part, has joined Rins 139 laps, making a total of 614.8 km, very valuable for its debut in the new category.
Pilots CatalunyaCaixa left Jerez with a good feeling and I set sail to Qatar, where he will be held on April 8 the first Grand Prix of the season's MotoGP World Championship. The work done to date is more than satisfactory and is a great base to start the World Cup deal with tons of excitement.
Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 67 laps, 1'48 .245:
"We have closed three days of workouts that have been very productive for us all. Today was the day that we could give more turns, as temperatures have accompanied us, and this allowed us to improve the time achieved during practice yesterday. We followed the same line of work these days but we have focused more on the fastest lap in long runs. I think we're rolling with a good beat and now we must look to Qatar with the tranquility of having done a good job in preseason.
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 60 laps, 1'48 .350:
"I am very satisfied. Today we had the ability to roll with the Suter chassis and I really liked. I think we did a good job of adaptation as we ran pretty fast from the start. I want to thank the team as yesterday, were working late into the night. If I do an overall assessment of the three days I have been very positive about training, which is very important for the first race of the season. Now I must continue working to recover physically my shoulder 100%. "

CX riders continue to improve

After the official presentation in Madrid, pilots have become CatalunyaCaixa work today at the Circuito de Jerez on the first day of the IRTA test, the last before the season starts next weekend on April 8 Qatar. Miguel Oliveira and Alex Rins have returned to donning overalls to continue their adaptation and continuous improvement in the new category of Moto3.
And is that its evolution is still noticeable. Both drivers have been shot at a high level today. Oliveira, who completed 64 laps, with new configurations and released in Albacete, was third on the timesheets, achieving a best time of 1'48 .614 (+1.2 Fenati Romano, the #). The Portuguese has improved and the record, unofficial (1'48 .9) which recorded five weeks ago on the same path in their second preseason test.
In turn, Rins, which is improving every day of the injury on his left shoulder has issued a total of 59 laps. The pilot Barcelona, ​​with a better timer 1'49 .632 (2218), has managed a creditable 15th position in his debut have been their first tests IRTA. The last time I rolled over Rins Jerez was last November when the CEV 125GP champion.
Beyond the final standings in the timesheets, Oliveira and Rins have returned to give today another step forward in their preparation for the first race of the season. Tomorrow, both drivers will face the second day of testing at Jerez, in a test that will lengthen until 21 March.
Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 64 laps, 1'48 .614:
"It was a positive day. We started working with the Suter and the feeling was good. The aim of the day was to learn the bike and move them as they develop training. I think in the end we succeeded because we have gradually adapted to the bike. In relation to the previous test I think we've taken a step forward and we must continue the same line. We have two days of testing and hopefully we can complete a good end of season. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 59 laps, 1'49 .632:
"It was a positive day and I'm very happy, because I'm pretty good shoulder, I had almost no discomfort. I need to familiarize myself with the team and the bike is completely new. In practice this morning at the Jerez circuit, one of my favorites, we have come almost to the configuration we had on the Aprilia. We have been improving some aspects and have been dating ever. Tomorrow need to find the set-up, but just happy today. "

Marc Márquez comeback

The pilot CatalunyaCaixa Marc Marquez completed the first day of official IRTA held these days in the Andalusian circuit of Jerez de la Frontera. Prelude to the start of the season, the test, closing a difficult season for Cervera, however, asphalt Jerez circuit has witnessed the great performance done by the of Cervera.
After the forced break and despite not having made much of the preseason, Marc Marquez completed the first day of the three scheduled, at the controls of the Suter. Its main purpose lay in familiarizing with the sensations back at the controls of the Suter and pick up the pace in one of his circuits talismans. 54 laps and a time of 1'43 .080 made it clear that the pilot CatalunyaCaixa has become energized and with a determination worthy of being studied.
The beginning of the day, Marquez saw a cautious and clear guidelines. Add kilometers and evolve gradually to approach the level of the rest of the field, which carry forward the entire preseason, was his challenge. At the end of it, the results have shown that any outcome would have fallen short because the pilot CatalunyaCaixa has adapted quickly to their desired Suter and signed the fifth fastest time of the day, only 0'453 seconds behind the winner, Switzerland's Thomas Luthi (Suter).
Despite the good result achieved during the first day of practice CX pilot hopes to continue to improve over the next two days.
Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 54 laps, 1'43 .080:
"I was very excited to do a train with the other pilots. After the test we conducted in Albacete, where we could confirm that the light was good, today was the first time I went up to the Suter. Today was a day to get back to feeling in a fast circuit. At first I struggled a bit because the other guys are still one step ahead of us but towards the end of the workout I felt much more comfortable with the bike. It was a logical step after having lost much of the preseason and now we do more work. Fortunately the bike has not changed much since the last Grand Prix last season and although there are always new things to try I can end up satisfied with the first day of practice. "

Presentation of CX riders Moto3

The cultural complex Matadero of Madrid has been the scenario in which, this morning, pilots CatalunyaCaixa Miguel Oliveira (Almada, Portugal, 1995) and Alex Rins (Barcelona, ​​1995) have revealed the colors that will compete along of the season. Under the watchful eye of team manager Emilio Alzamora and the rest of the team, the new draft was presented Moto3 before a crowd of media. In addition, the event also attended the pilot also CatalunyaCaixa, Marc Marquez, godfather of the new draft Moto3.
In turn, the drivers of the Junior Team CX Alex Marquez, which will debut at the World Moto3 as a wild card on 29 April at the Grand Prix of Spain in Jerez, Maria Herrera, Francesco Baldassarri Bagnaia and Lorenzo have not want to miss the opportunity to be next to the new talents in the category of Moto3.
Rins Oliveira and face the new season with humility and in order to continue growing in the new category of Moto3. Oliveira, imposed after winning the final two rounds of the Championship of Spain of Speed ​​(CEV) with the first Moto3 coming up on a podium, wait a foothold in the World Cup and, despite his youth, contribute to the team his experience in the Championship . In turn, Rins CEV 125GP champion, faces his first season in the World Cup with the illusion of a rookie and with the ambition of a winner.
For its part, the general manager of Estrella Galicia, Ignacio Rivera, CEO of CatalunyaCaixa, Adolf Todó, and the Head of Sponsorship of Repsol, Gonzalo Vázquez, took the stage to devote some parliaments to create the new structure, which As of today, becomes the bearer of the three companies in the new category of Moto3.
Next week, from 19 to 21 March both drivers made the last training camp at the Circuito de Jerez. The last rehearsal before the first Grand Prix of the season in Qatar next weekend on April 8, when the CX pilots will kick off in the World Motorcycling Championship.
Miguel Oliveira, pilot CatalunyaCaixa:
"I am proud to belong to this great team in what will be my second season in the MotoGP World Championship, this time in the new category of Moto3. I want to thank Emilio for trusting me and giving me this opportunity. I think it's a very competitive project, which I hope to give the maximum to get the results we have set from the first race in Qatar. Nor do I forget the sponsors, without them nothing is possible. I have wanted to begin the last qualifying and see what our performance. "
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot:
"I just recovered from the shoulder injury and I still have a little more to be fully enabled, but I have high hopes and I am preparing to begin full World the best form possible. So far I could only do two days of testing in Albacete, so for me the test next week in Jerez is very important. I want to thank Emilio for trusting me and giving me all this time the opportunity to compete with the best in the world, with a pilot of the category of Michael and a team alongside very professional and where has it all. The sponsors have a strong commitment to us and hope not to disappoint them. "
Emilio Alzamora, Estrella Galicia Team Manager 0.0 (Moto3) and Repsol CatalunyaCaixa (Moto2):
"Getting here is the confirmation of all the work we have done all these months. We are very excited about being able to share with friends, sponsors, suppliers and the great team we have created. We really want this to start and that the protagonists are just the drivers. But today is a day in which we must not forget the people who made this dream possible and these are the sponsors. Thanks to Estrella Galicia 0.0, CatalunyaCaixa and Repsol. To Monlau Competition is proud to celebrate a day like this with Michael and Alex, in addition to the four pilots of the CEV. Just hope to reap the rewards and especially privileged to enjoy our work. "

CX pilots conclude with flying training at Albacete

Los pilotos CX concluido have today the third and final day of entrenamientos that they be guided in the Circuito de Albacete. Los pilotos the structure led by Emilio Alzamora, Miguel Oliveira and Alex Rinser, which continues down the recuperándose sufrida lesion in his left but men who are ya podido realize its PRIMEROS Moto3 pot, have a few intense and Positive entrenamientos was created, with the only Objective of familiarizarse monturas with the brand new and it's most important in your new category.
Miguel Oliveira was the pilot encargado on Wednesday morning, the Dar-out in these pistoletazo entrenamientos in Albacete. Under these notebook accessories mount that uses the routed in those of later test, the Circuito Ricardo Tormo (Cheste) and at the Circuito de Jerez, the Portuguese to exercise is above the watchful eye of his team colleague, Rinser, that that day, without roll on the track, in what is still trabajando siendo your Recovery procedure.
In the next day, Oliveira ya prob with the new chassis of Suter. In its turn, Rinser debut this season and present its full PRIMEROS kilometers in the new category. The pilot was Barcelonés past intervened on 26 January a fracture-dislocation sufrida the men left behind them is a fall during a few entrenamientos, on land that realizaba facilities in the Catalonia Race Track (Montmelo). After six weeks, Rinser debutaba yesterday in the new category, with great caution and the maximum mimando his men left with the Objective of the scientists fear could be in them siguientes scientific test.
In Today's the day, ambos pilotos, with magnificent conditions that best meteorológicas Still yesterday, have Sumando valuable continuation of kilometers in its procedure-cultural adaptation and evolution. Los pilotos CX abandonan Albacete with feeling very afraid positivas entire workplace was created and, over all, the fear of progresión Oliveira and Rinser. The team retomará entrenamientos them in the Circuito de Jerez, from 19 to 21 March.
Alex Rinser, pilot CatalunyaCaixa:
"My PRIMEROS entrenamientos ago from mucho tiempo have ido well. The last time I SUBI me the bike was in December, ya no me acordaba. I buenas guided by feelings, the bike very well, and the truth is that two days have been very Positive, I shall very happy and ready for ya face in Jerez. Still fabulous to know that scientists fear much better scientific fabulous although the lesions in the shadows, but tengo tiempo appetite and be ready for them IRTA. "
Miguel Oliveira, pilot CatalunyaCaixa:
"Damo fear concluidos terceros entrenamientos the year behind them three days: in Albacete in which the heme mucha pick up useful information. Quite well ido have entrenamientos them. Empezamos the first day of the test information to be able recopilando mucha compararla then with the new chassis for the Suter. The truth is that here con muy buenas salimos of sensations and realize that We have a large margin of better. "

erez CX pilots leave with positive feelings

After the first test performed at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo de Cheste (Valencia) last week, Miguel Oliveira and Alex Marquez has continued its process of adaptation in the new category in the Andalusian track and after three intense days of work, have completed their training plan with good nota.l of 716.5 kilometers. The pilot has already accumulated some valuable CatalunyaCaixa 1340.5 miles aboard his new mount. Taking advantage of the sunny and warm day with an ambient temperature of 19 ° C and the asphalt of 34 ° C, Oliveira and Marquez have been out on track after 11 am. The Portuguese has completed 46 laps, equaled the best unofficial time yesterday: 1 minute, 48 seconds and 9/100. During the three days, Oliveira has made a total of 162 laps, with a totaLos CatalunyaCaixa pilots have today concluded the third and final day of practice that have taken place these days at the Jerez circuit. Marquez has returned to complete a remarkable training. The Cervera has returned to step forward and after shooting 56 turns has made a creditable record, unofficial 1 minute, 49 seconds and 6/100, improving his time for a third day. In these three days, the pilot has joined CX 122 laps, 539.6 miles posed. In the last two weeks, the youngest of the Marquez has been a total of 1067.6 km, very important to deal with their season in the Championship of Spain of Speed ​​(CEV) and in turn, prepare tests warranties World that participate as a wild card. The more than 1,256 km completed between both drivers, as well as those made in Cheste, represent a wealth of valuable information for the following test and, above all, for the next season. Also, for the next tests are expected to have new developments on the bikes. Miguel Oliveira, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 46 laps, 1'48 .9:
"We terminated the second practice of the year after three hard days in Jerez where we have done many miles and collected a lot of useful information. We have continued to stress throughout the day, looking for the best with the material we have to moment and we matched the time set yesterday. We are very satisfied, but there is still much work to do. I want to thank again the whole team for all their work these days. I have wanted to arrive the following training and testing new developments that come in the private test. "
Alex Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 56 laps, 1'49 .6:
"I am very happy with the second official practice of the season. I have gone from less to more, and today I felt very comfortable from the start on the bike, I hoped to make time in the end we succeeded. Since the first round this morning and I rode in the fastest time yesterday and that's always very positive feeling. Now I will focus on training that we have programmed in the ESC, so all these miles accumulated with pilots of the World I will go very well for the future. " Emili Alzamora, Team Manager: 
"After six days of testing we went home with much information and a technical team that every day is more adapted to our drivers. Conclusions have been drawn with HRC to study the changes that we will arrive shortly. In the following test will have private Suter chassis that is already completed. We room for improvement in both the chassis and the engine and that is where we must focus our efforts. We are very happy with the performance of both drivers and hope that Alex is Rins reinstated as soon as possible. "
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