Team Estrella Galicia 0,0

PUIG continues supporting the spanish Estrella Galicia 0,0 in Moto3 led by the expilot Emilio Alzamora. This year, the team has a two young riders with a large projection that aspire to everything from the beginning of the championship


Álex Rins and Álex Márquez

Two rider able to win the championship

Álex Rins 
Date of birth: 08/12/1995  Place of birth: Barcelona Location: Barcelona  Hobbies: supermotard, motocross, mountain biking. Nationality: Spanish  Years Repsol rider: 3 (including 2013) 
First Grand Prix: 2012 Qatar (Moto3) First podium: 2012 France (Moto3)  First Victoria: - Sweepstakes  Total appearances: 17 (17 in Moto3)  Fastest laps: 1 (1 in Moto3)  Poles: 1 (1 in Moto3)  Podiums: 2 (2 in Moto3)  Wins: -   Biography  
Álex Rins started in the world of two wheels as most pilots: with just six years, in the dust and mud of motocross. At 7 participated in his first race on a KTM 50cc automatic Catalonia Regional Championship, an event repeated the following year, where he finished sixth, and the Aragon Regional, where it won the victory. Soon he was chained titles in different categories and displacements, adding the runner-up in the Promo 70cc and 85cc Supermotard Catalan Championship in their first year of participation -2006 -. Promo 70cc repeated in 2007 and that year was not lost, got to be champion. He also won in the contest of 80 cc Promo and in the 12 Hours of Resistance Vic was a year of many races and all work was rewarded by climbing to the top of the podium. In 2008 he entered the Pre 125GP category to participate in the Championship of Catalonia and the Speed ​​Speed ​​Mediterranean Championship. After an excellent job got the runner in both events. The following season he repeated the same program in 2008 with Monlau Competition and Emilio Alzamora. In the Pre Catalan 125GP took the final victory, but I can not fight for the championship Speed ​​Mediterranean to miss a meeting, but was among the fastest race by race. The good performance of that year he served as a passport to the Championship of Spain of Speed ​​2010. He debuted in 2010 with CEV 125GP Monlau an Aprilia RS Competition. With motivation and the support of his team, Rins took third place overall finish. A result that secured a place in the championship for the next year, wearing the colors of Repsol in the fairing of his bike. He began his second season in the CEV 125 GP in the best way possible, with a win in the first round of the calendar, in Jerez. An excellent start to a year that Rins never forget. He managed one more win and 3 podiums in Catalunya-Aragón, Valencia-Albacete and that allowed him to beat his teammate, Alex Marquez, and proclaimed Champion of Spain. He also completed the 2011 season with the runner-up in Europe. With the title under his arm as best endorsement possible, the pilot made the leap to Barcelona World Championships the brand new Moto3 category in the 2012 season, again defending the colors of Repsol. In his first year did not disappoint Prix star, Alex got released in the World Cup podium in the Grand Prix and showed a regularity that was not lost on anyone. He scored 141 points in his locker, he stood at the end of fifth place overall and won the trophy for Rookie of the Year category, which was credited as best newcomer. Won the respect of its rivals, the new season has gotten Rins own right in the group of the fastest in the category. With the experience of his first season in the World Cup this year will feature a new bike-a coveted KTM-with which defend the Repsol colors again in the 18 World Cup calendar races. 

Álex Márquez  
Date of birth: 23/04/1996 Birthplace: Lleida  Location: Cervera (Lleida)  Hobbies: supermotard, motocross, MTB  Nationality: Spanish  Years Repsol rider: 3 (including 2013)  
There are few combinations more infallible than talent and humility, to eventually end up distilling a good pilot. But if you add a family also passionate about bikes and an older brother, Marc, who has been breaking barriers in all competitions for which has been World Champion and two-time champion at age 17 to 19 - it is clear that the Álex Márquez destination eventually lead him to the path of the competition. As a child I wanted to be a mechanic said his brother Marc, but quickly get on the bike and also give it the throttle. He was born on April 23, 1996, breathing bikes almost from that day, and eight years and was runner Racc Championship Promo 50. The following year he repeated category and went up the step that was missing, Catalonia proclaimed champion of the category. Progressively burning stages, Alex went through the PromoRacc 70cc category, the Mediterranean championship PreGP speed 125 and the Catalan championship that same engine, to debut in 2010 in the Championship of Spain of speed. He had to wait for the second round of the series in order to participate, as the minimum age for participation was 14 years and had five days to meet them, and signed at the end of the eleventh position. In his second year in the Spanish championship, Alex faced the defending tournament Repsol colors in the Junior Team Competition Monlau, hoping to continue their education and earn a place among the fastest riders on the national scene. And he did. After starting the season with a second place in the round in Jerez, the small family Marquez climbed to the top of the podium for the first time in his career at Motorland Aragon. The duel between the two Repsol riders, Álex Rins and Álex Márquez, was served. Marquez came to the last race of the competition with two wins and two second places in the box, which allowed him to deal with national title chances until the last moment. A fall in the final leg of the last round of the season, left the young of meritorious Subcampeonato Cervera with Spain. Moreover, in the European Championship, Alex was just a step on the podium. In 2012, the Repsol rider returned to dispute the CEV with the firm objective of fighting for the title again, knowing well that it would participate as a guest in three World Cup races: Jerez, Estoril and Catalonia. Starting as one of the top favorites in the national contest, two wins and two podiums assured him the title in the sixth round. But above all, their good performances in the CEV earned him a permanent position in the World Championship for the second half of the calendar. Marquez did not waste his chance and after 11 races in Moto3, managed to score 27 points, signing the twentieth position at the end of the season. His best results, sixth in the race, "home", at the Circuit de Catalunya, and ninth in one of the most difficult paths calendar, the spectacular Australian track of Phillip Island. With the number 12 in its fairing, Alex played in 2013 World Cup the seventeen test riding a KTM and forming Álex Rins computer again. The Cervera continue gaining experience in the smaller of the World categories, counting again with Repsol as a traveling companion.


Álex Márquez

Álex Márquez got the World Champion title in the Valencia Gran Prix in a extraordinary race.

Álex Rins remounts and Alex Márquez should wait until to Valencia

Alex Marquez should wait for Valencia in the closing race of the 2014 season, to see if finally achieved his dream of becoming World Champion Moto3. In a career that Miller has tried to embarrass the Repsol rider Márquez finished fifth, while his only rival as the title race was second. After this race, Marquez arrives in Valencia with 262 points compared to 251 for Miller. Rins third today to climb from seventeenth position.   The race was in a group, as is customary in this category, and therefore as Rins Marquez were among the candidates fighting for the win. Together with them, Miller, Kent and Vazquez, among others, have alternated in front of the test. Miller has played its cards to avoid returning Marquez title overtaking whenever Marquez exceeded. That has made the Cervera will face fifth in the final lap after a touch with the Australian in the penultimate lap, and ran out of options to fight for victory.   Finally, Miller was second, Rins, Marquez third and fifth in a race won by Vazquez. In Valencia, Marquez will go to the track on Sunday with 11 points lead over Miller.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio CAT 3rd to 0.385 sec. "It was a fun race, in which I learned a lot, but it has also been tough, both mentally and physically. I think I made the best out of my life and I have advanced many positions, but I've reached the first corner with a little respect for other drivers, because they go beyond their means, so I tried to stay calm. Then I pulled up to the leading group and I finished on the podium. overall it has been a weekend very hard, because we struggled to find the set-up, I have to thank the team and Honda's work. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio CAT 5th to 0.831 sec. "We have seen on TV, it has been a very hard and fought race. I had to go very carefully all the time, because there was a title at stake. Maybe I had too much caution, but in the end I done the right thing. we have stayed on the bike and although I have had to settle for fifth place, luckily Miller has not won. I'm happy because we scored very important points. I would have liked to win the race and leave the closed title, but what matters is that we leaders Valencia. "

Márquez second and Rins third in a exciting race

Exciting and spectacular has been the Moto3 race held today in Phillip Island. The three major players in this intense season-the end of Repsol, Álex Rins and Álex Márquez, along with Jack Miller today have offered a recital at the home race for the Australian.   The test has been developed, as everyone predicted, in a large group in the lead with eleven drivers taking turns leading the pack. Throughout the test there have been numerous advancements, many of them to the limit, in the group head, on reaching the final round has been reduced to nine. With four laps to go, Marquez has been relegated to ninth, but was able to recover positions and played along with Miller and fellow Rins, victory in the last lap. Finally local rider has earned the win, followed by Marquez and Rins. Among the top three, just 32 thousandths.   After this race as 50 points in the game remaining, Marquez still leads, now with 20 income, followed by Miller and Rins, 41 points from his teammate. The next weekend, the Grand Prix of Malaysia will host the penultimate round of the 2014 season.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio Cat 3rd to 0.032 sec. "It has been a very difficult race with lots of overtaking, and I'll take all I've learned.'m Not entirely satisfied with the third place, because I could have chosen more. Knew that the last curve we choked a little, so I tried to hook Miller to pass on the straight but in the end they have happened to me. now we go to Malaysia with virtually no rest and there go for it ".   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio Cat 2nd to 0.029 sec. "Today we got 20 very important points. Was a very difficult race, in which I tried to set my pace from the start, both Rins as today were superior in that aspect. But three laps from the end I had a problem and I've fallen to ninth, but I was unable to trace. I finished satisfied with the strategy I have chosen, perhaps on the last lap I lacked some decision, but I'm happy with the outcome and with the work that has made the equipment. Shall we go to Malaysia with the same mentality, to try to work as we have done here. "

Álex Márquez wins and consolidates his lead

Bittersweet for Repsol Moto3 riders in Motegi. While Álex Márquez defeated the race and that has enabled it to consolidate its lead-and has a career margin, 25 points-when remaining three dates for the end of the season, teammate Alex Rins finished in a creditable tenth but delayed position, after being in dire straits during the first lap of the race, when Jakub Kornfeil braking has gone and has taken to track Rins has undergone goal in the first lap in position 21.   While Marquez fought for victory in front, has overcome Rins pilot calmly, until you reach the second set of race. There, the Barcelona has had to do with Bastianini, Fenati and Antonelli, and fourth of the group is finally over.   Up ahead in a final round of stroke, Márquez was the smartest of the group, and has managed his own mark drawn on the braking section curve right above the tunnel where Miller and Kent, fighting for victory , have been extended.   After this victory Marquez Miller fifth and tenth of Rins, the first locks in the lead with 231 points, followed by Australia at 25 and teammate 37.   The next meeting will be next weekend at Philip Island, Australia.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio CAT 10 ° to 6.686 sec.   "It was a pretty tough race, because in the first corner we have lost all our options. A pilot touched me and kicked me off line. I've tried to trace and recover positions, until I reached the second set. But from there it was very hard to escape, because as I have set before you, have cut a little distance from the first group and then the other pilots have begun to bother. braked late and went very fast, but they had fast enough and it has not been possible to fight to come later. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio CAT 1, 39'26.830 sec. "Our approach during the weekend has been difficult because they had just found the way, but in the qualifying session and especially in the warm up, we took a step forward and I felt very comfortable with the bike in the career. knew it would be hard and I started well I've made ​​the best start of the year and then I tried to stay focused. When was behind Miller and Kent had more rhythm than them, but as far ahead them, they tried to pass me around the next bend, so I placed behind staying calm at all times in the end I saw that they were going out and I have endured braking I'm very happy to win again here a year later,.. I have you to thank Honda because we had a very fast bike. "

Alex Marquez reaches the leadership in Moto3

Change in the overall standings thanks to Moto3 Álex Márquez second in the Grand Prix of Aragon. The Repsol rider has 11 points from Jack Miller, who has fallen on the first laps after an action with that of Cervera. Alex Rins head in the early stages of the race, crossed the finish line in fourth place after a mistake, but cuts two other points in the overall standings and stands 18 his companion when they are 4 races and 100 points up for grabs .   The sun and warm temperatures of the past three days have given way today to the rain and lower temperatures. Moto3 race has become a lottery, with a progressively drying track. Both Repsol Moto3 riders have been known to swim and save the clothes in these difficult conditions. Álex Márquez has sought victory until the last corner, finally entering second to 57 thousandths of Romano Fenati. His partner, Alex Rins, finished fourth after saving a couple of very difficult situations.   The next meeting will, within two weeks, Motegi, on the occasion of the Grand Prix.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio CAT 4th, to 11,631 sec. "I think today was likely to be in the front group to try to win or get a podium but we had a lance career in Turn 1 and I went out injured, because I've gone straight. But we are closer than ever 18 points, and while you never want a rider to fall, we have come a little more overall with Miller falling. So we're going with batteries charged to the Asian tour. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio CAT 2, at 0057 sec. "Today's race was difficult. At first we were a little scared because it was so easy to go to the ground in parts of the circuit were wetter.'ve Tried to stay focused at all times but I made some mistakes to go a little long in some corners.'s last corner Fenati has done very fast, I lost a bit of grip on the rear wheel and finally I could not pass it. I think twenty points achieved are very important today. regard to what happened with Miller , I have advance inside, doing my traced by the dry side and middle of the corner I noticed the contact, but did not know what had happened because he was focused on following my line. I think what has happened are sets career ".

A win for Rins and 2th position for Márquez bring them to leadership

Rins and Marquez have been reissued in San Marino reaped the result in the last Grand Prix, thus reducing the overall distance to the leader, the Australian Jack Miller. After achieving Misano second consecutive double, Alex is placed in the general 9 points off the lead, in the case of Marquez, and 20 Rins when remaining still five races remaining and 125 points at stake.   The race started with Miller pulling hard to the front and both Alex attentive to his attempt to escape. Although Marquez has gone better and has placed third, fourth Rins latter has quickly taken the lead in the second group and has been gone for Miller. In his escape, he has brought with him to his teammate and Oliveira, who has since fallen out of race for fall.   After overtaking Miller, Rins has come to escape something more than a second, but Marquez, second solo differences has been cutting into contact with fellow 8 laps. Patient after Rins, Marquez has beaten him two laps to go, but on the last lap Rins has returned overtaking and entered separated by 42 thousandths goal.   With this new victory and second place Rins Marquez, the following quote from this exciting season will be in two weeks at the Aragon Grand Prix at Motorland circuit.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio CAT 1 - 39: 50,694 "It was a beautiful race, although it has made me a bit long because, from the beginning, I've been a long time rolling forward alone. Initially I could open a little hole with my teammate Alex [Marquez], but in the last three laps he has managed to reach me. Eventually I was able to think about strategy, just as it happened to me last year, and in the end it went well and I have to do to win, so I'm very happy. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio CAT 2, at 0042 sec. "It was a pretty tough order for us week, have had four falls and one very strong in the warm up. So finally the second is very important to us. Maximum We've tried and we've managed to cut points the lead for the third time, so we should be happy and continue in this line. now comes a home race and hopefully the circuit is full, so fans push us at every turn. at Motorland, where we made ​​three test , try to be competitive from day one. "

Rins and Márquez returned to the top of the podium

Valuable result of Repsol Moto3 riders in the Grand Prix of Great Britain, which Álex Rins and Álex Márquez have finished first and second, respectively, after the great weekend starring the two wards of Emilio Alzamora. Thanks to this great result, Álex Márquez remains second and lowers the overall difference in Miller just 13 points, and Rins up to third place, 29 behind the leader.   Starting from the front row, the Alex have been held between the first and fourth position in the first round, initially traced to race two weeks ago in the Czech Republic, with fifteen riders in the first group. However, the constant advancements in the group have led to the division of the same on lap twelve, leaving four riders in the fight for the podium. Álex Márquez, Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira Enea Bastianini have reached the final round with everything to play for.   This time the two Repsol riders have been attentive and have not allowed surprises. In a final twist impeccable, Rins entered first goal with a lead of just 11 thousandths over his teammate, Alex Marquez, who in turn has exceeded 72 milliseconds to Bastianini finally third.   Following this Grand Prix Moto3 riders face each other again in Misano in two weeks, to address the crucial final part of the season with an increasingly equated World.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio CAT 1 - 38: 11.330 "I am very happy to get this win. Today is facing us all very well-the last three curves I think they have been perfect-, although it has been very difficult to follow a tucked in a group of four riders strategy we have fought very hard win., I think that both my teammate, Alex Marquez, like me, had planned to push hard from the start to win the race in a small group, but we have difficult both Bastianini as Antonelli, who were at the beginning of career in the middle. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the race and I happened very fast.'ve achieved this victory no doubt thanks to teamwork and support from Honda. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio CAT 2nd to 0.011 sec. "I'm happy with this result because I think we've done a very good race, fighting for the win from the beginning. I tried reducing the lead group setting a strong pace, but cost much distance by slipstreaming. Yet average career he has been cut and we have been four drivers, and that has given us more of tranquility for the Switch. I tried until the last corner and maybe I lacked a bit of aggression in the change of direction, but I think we have done a very good race. thing is we have to go on, cutting points on the leader slowly than we are to 13 points now. "

Márquez fourth and Rins dropped

After the doublet of the Repsol riders in Assen, the Today has not been a particularly lucky Grand Prize for Marquez and Rins. The first has been to the podium, and his teammate has seen a touch with Granado during the first turn left him with no options: fall into the first corner and left early finish of the race for the Barcelona. Miller has started very strong and has come to escape more than half a second of Márquez until the Spanish has trapped him for the fourth rotation, taking with him Binder, Masbou and Kent. The rest of the race was a succession of overtaking between these four drivers, keeping the front Miller. With four laps, Binder has escaped with Miller and have put a second ahead in the way, and had to fight Marquez for the third step of the podium with Masbou and Kent. Ultimately it was the French who has entered the third goal with a fourth Marquez 61 mil this. After this result, Miller remains championship leader and Marquez aúpa to the second position in the overall standings, 19 points behind the Australian, with Rins in fifth place, 35. Held Once this Grand Prix, the World will take now a short break and return to action in Indianapolis, USA, on 10 August. Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio CAT Fall. "From the beginning of this Grand Prix has cost us a lot, we've had many falls this weekend and everything has been very complicated. During the race I could do only two curves, because in the second Eric Granado touched me and we have been both to the ground. these things happen, they are sets of races that will make us stronger to reach Indianapolis. "Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio CAT 4 ° to 1.180 sec. "We wanted to have a good race before the summer to go with good taste and so I go, despite this fourth. Because I got a good start and I have placed behind Miller, but I saw I had to go far to limit-not just find me comfortable with the front and rear have been some scare-save so I think this race with a fourth place is very positive for us, and most importantly keep scoring points for the championship. in summer break will train the best to come prepared to Indianapolis.

Rins and Márquez, first double with Honda

The first doublet of Emilio Alzamora's charges came at the best possible time. Thanks to today Marquez win and second place of Rins, along with fallen leader Fenati Miller and the two Repsol riders have now taken an important step in their fight for the title of Moto3. Following this result, Marquez stood third Miller 7 points, which still leads, and remains Rhince fourth position but only the first ten points.   The race started with Miller commanding the group and pulling strong. Filming the limit from the outlet has its risks, and today the Australian has suffered in their own flesh, unable to avoid falling in the second turn. Behind him was Álex Márquez, and distanced the rest of the field, finding himself alone in front, has begun to pull open a gap of more than 3 seconds.   Behind, his partner Rins has also been able to escape the group and has come into contact with Marquez, the latter after committing a mistake under braking. Together they have been rolling until Rins made ​​a mistake and lost contact with his teammate. Marquez has direct and escaped alone to his second victory of the season, the second straight. Behind, Rins have been seen with Oliveira, who came very strong and he alone has exceeded 5 laps. The Barcelona has hooked wheel Portuguese biding his time, has come in the entrance to the chicane before the finish. Victoria Marquez, and suffered and deserved second position for Álex Rins who is still recovering from his injured left foot.   After this doublet, the two Repsol riders will now enjoy a short break until the next race in two weekends in Germany.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio CAT 2nd to 2.960 sec. "This second somewhat offset all that we have suffered this weekend, I'm very happy in career, when he was behind Alex [Marquez] and has been off the track, I was unable to catch him, but I could not follow. because I've started to make mistakes partly because foot pain did not allow me to concentrate fully. later, when I happened Miguel Oliveira, I focused on studying the line and finally I could pass him. "     Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio CAT   1 - 38:07.648 "I am very happy to get second straight win. It was a very strange race and I had a hard time from the beginning, because the track conditions have changed a lot since yesterday. During the first round did not roll at all comfortable and was very easy to fall off. Indeed, I had a scare in the first turn, because it was very windy and I lifted the bike.'ve made ​​a mistake and I was caught Alex [Rins.] from mid-career have improved and the end I felt very comfortable. knew I could keep up that we had and when I saw that I was running away, I tried to stay focused. I'm also happy for the team and Honda, because they are doing a great job. "

Àlex Márquez and Honda have graduated

Álex Márquez final victory in the Grand Prix of Catalunya, after escaping alone from the same output and put it towards the second win of his career in the Moto3 World Championship. And, important first win for Honda in the new Moto3 NSF250RW. His fellow box, Álex Rins and Maria Herrera, has been less fortunate today. The first was removed in the fourth round by a technical problem while young Toledo has finished out of the race by touching an opponent in the second turn.   Taking advantage of the excellent standard shown in training, Álex Márquez has managed to outrun the rest of the field from the first lap, extending their lead every lap to an important home victory, which places him fifth World with 85 points - 32 Leader, Jack Miller. His teammate, Alex Rins, has gathered all his strength to get going again after the injury yesterday, but fortune has turned his back on the fourth turn, by a problem with the gear shift of his Honda. Nor has completed testing María Herrera, who in his comeback attempt was dropped when rolling twenty-second and tried to overtake another driver, who hit on the second lap.   The eighth round of the World will be in two weeks at the historic circuit of Assen, where once again the race will be held on Saturday, the 28th of June.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio Cat Retired "It was a difficult day. During the warm-up was out track without infiltrate and had enough pain, so for the race we decided that he would infiltrate and I felt very well while filming. But today we had a failure, and I say we because we are a team. were also all of us when I we fell in the Japanese Grand Prix last season. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio Cat 1 - 41:11.656 "I'm happy because it was a great weekend We knew we were a little behind in the general, but we were reassured that we had improved the bike in testing Mugello Since yesterday I got my first pole,.. Was very special for having achieved in this Grand Prix in front of the fans. Today knew it would be a difficult race, so I wanted to do well to gain some advantage and I succeeded. Already in the first round I got a second and a half the group back, I followed by rolling to maximum and as the race progressed everything was easier, because I've been very focused throughout time. because I made a very good career and I'm very motivated for the next appointment, the GP of the Netherlands. "   Maria Herrera >> Audio Fall "I started pretty well and I was able to overtake two rows. I've gotten in the second group and I tried to push. But in a curve, a rival has given me in the back of my bike and I was taken off line. On the next lap he was recovering positions and trying to rush braking to overtake another driver, it has been slammed and I could not avoid contact. This weekend we worked hard, I better know the bike and have lowered my times, so although we have not completed as expected, I'll take that. "

Another podium for Rins and drop Marquez

Heads and tails to the Repsol Moto3 riders in the beautiful Mugello circuit , a particular path by its long straight racing scene is usually always in a group . And today would be no exception, so the race was first developed with a group of up to 13 riders in head that falls and then by technical problems has been reduced to ten, ten pilots who fought in the last turn by victory. For Repsol riders face today was for Rins , which adds another 16 points with his third place , and the cross has fallen to Marquez, who has been involved in the fall of the last lap with Miller and Bastianini .   Realising the exit quickly Rins placed first and sixth Márquez partner. Next to them , a large group of up to 13 riders escaped from the rest of the pack quickly. In that group was the current overall leader , Australian Miller , local Fenati and Kornfeil , Masbou , McPhee, among others Bastianini and Viñales .   Returns have been happening with constant overtaking, until it has reached the last turn . Rins is located in the most advanced positions and has avoided the problems of the back of the group, but Marquez was unable to avoid being involved in a crash with Miller and Bastianini at Turn 12 . After the race he has been subjected to various medical tests and were discarded injuries suffered only a few bruises .   The victory was the played Rins , who has entered the home straight first , Viñales and Fenati . Finally, thanks to the play of slipstream , the three have crossed the finish line in reversed order. Fenati win in their land, and 16 points for Rins who placed third overall , 17 points behind the Australian Miller. Álex Márquez is sixth overall with 44 points from Miller. Both drivers will have a day of testing with his team on Tuesday June 3 .   Álex Rins >> AUDIO >> AUDIO CAT 3rd- 0.011 sec. "It's been a very slow and with many overtaking race. Initially Fenati , Miller, Marquez and I have tried to break up the group , but some younger pilots who do not have much experience leading careers have slowed a bit. We finished third and we are a little sad , because we knew that if he went first to the last curve not win and Fenati has been more ready than us. with the fall of Miller we have come a bit overall, but much championship ahead. within two days we will have a day of testing here in Mugelllo , so arrive at raring Montmeló . "   Álex Márquez >> AUDIO >> AUDIO CAT fall "Despite the fall , I'm from Italy with good taste , because we've been to a very good level . Believe that we have taken a major step forward over previous Grands Prix and here we have been competitive , both in training as in the warm up and the race . Finally we have been unlucky , because in the last lap everyone struggles to advance positions and sometimes they want to win too . But this is racing and Montmeló try to do well in front of the hobby. positive thing is that we have not lost points on the leader , that's who caused the fall, so now try to forget this and keep fighting for the podium in each circuit, so that it arrives sooner victory. "

Second consecutive podium Rins

The Grand Prix is back to offer excitement to the last meter in a thrilling race, which was decided on the last lap . In a large group of up to ten riders finished in less than two seconds apart , Rins and Márquez have crossed the line in second and fifth place , respectively , after a final spin plagued overtaking. Finally the winner was Jack Miller.   The race was a true display of the smallest of the World , in a category where equality and emotion are a constant in every Grand Prix . The fastest riders in training have led the race at different stages , with several riders in front trying to escape. Even Rins been tested for a few laps attempted to go solo , but the constant advancements in some cases and the toughness in the persecutions International , have led to a final round with ten grouped riders fighting for victory and the places of honor .   In a final round of stroke, both Rins and Márquez have taken advantage of the mistakes of their opponents and the typical chaos of the last turn to fish in troubled waters . Rins Márquez finished second and fifth . Miller has managed endorsing their lead with another victory and now has 104 points ; 33 more than Rins fourth - and - 44 ahead of fifth - Marquez .   The sixth round of the championship will be within 15 days at Mugello , on the occasion of the Italian Grand Prix .   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 2, to 0.095 sec. "I am very happy to be second important thing is that I felt very comfortable at the beginning of the race with Miller and Ephraim [ Vázquez ] I tried to escape , . . . Guess they have had a shock to have fallen so far behind is hard keep this up just as I had reference , I have finished achieved. Was a fun race without much trouble as I have heard they have had my rivals , though I have perhaps lacked a bit of aggression. anyway , I'm happy followed this second result, which is very good both for me and for the team, for Honda and for the championship. Mugello will continue to work . "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 5 ° , to 0931 sec. "I think I did a good race. Because I left seventh , but slowly I managed to put myself second. Though the difference with Rins was very large, I have managed to reduce it, but in the end had me to find comfortable and it was hard to follow the group front. we need to improve some aspect of the set-up to give us a plus, so in preparation for the following races will try to keep evolving . Aragon After the test we took a step forward, but there are some things that just run and have progressively improved. "

Rins, almost got the victory

The morning run has offered an exciting duel between the fastest riders in Moto3 . Today has been a group race from start to finish , which Rins has been one of the stars to the last corner. Teammate Alex Marquez now has not been able to fight for the podium. After making a poor start , in no time he has been seen in the top positions , but has finally saved the race with a seventh place finish valuable . Rins , who has fought for victory until the final turn , finished third and score his first podium as a Honda Pilot .   Have not had a good start of the Repsol Moto3 riders. In the first lap , Rins occupied the seventh, ninth and María Márquez seventeenth . He quickly formed a large group that has decoupled from the rest, with the two Repsol riders alongside Miller, Fenati , Vázquez , Viñales and more. Rins always been very active in the top positions of the group, while Marquez suffered in the delayed group positions tire problems .   The group has been completing laps down to the last laps , with Fenati , Rins and Featured Vazquez. These three riders have played in the last lap victory, and have come together at the final corner before the finish face . In a braking stroke, Rins has tried but has been about to fall, finally yielding to Fenati first, and Vazquez, second. Teammate Alex Marquez with tire problems throughout the race , finished seventh , and Maria Herrera, after fighting with a large group of riders with more experience - Masbou , Guevara, McPhee, Oettl , Binder, Loi, Hanika and Tonucci - has finished in seventeenth place .   After this fourth calendar appointment , Miller will continue to lead the overall standings by adding 79 points , with 51 Rins fourth and fifth Márquez 49 . The next race is in two weeks in the French Grand Prix in Le Mans.   Álex Rins >> AUDIO >> AUDIO CAT 3rd- 0.147 sec. "To finish third here in Jerez, with all the fans supporting us , it's a great result for us after what we have done in this first championship . It was a difficult race and fun time. Because I maintained a good fight with Fenati and Efren [ Vázquez ] ; . them out a little better in the last corner and I have studied his line in some laps, but it has not been possible at the end why I 've played in the last braking , although he knew that if he left behind Fenati , Efren happen to me . "   Álex Márquez >> AUDIO >> AUDIO CAT 7 to 3808 sec. " Today I am not entirely satisfied that finish seventh house is not the result we would have liked to get in front of our fans . I've done the best race I could , pulling all the time to get to the front group . I've been some laps with them, but I was hard because we had some external problem, it has not been guilt or team or Honda ahead to the next races 'm sure it will get better and I get to France again with motivation to the fullest. to try to do our best again. "   Maria Herrera >> AUDIO 17th to 15 753 sec. "We knew the race would be complicated by the tire wear . I have concentrated on making a good start but I could not come out quite right. During the first laps I attacked to gain positions and place me best. 've Seen I've come to be in the 12th , I pulled the group that was for a few laps and then have it worn me gums After that , I have been left because it was hard to keep up , . had problems with train front and I decided to keep my pace and finish the race I'm happy with this participation in Jerez , . learned a lot and I've done better rate than in the FIM CEV Repsol each training have improved , so it has been a positive weekend . . touch Now think about the next round of the national in Le Mans. "

Thrilling second place Álex Márquez

Finale at the World Championship return to Argentina , where Álex Márquez completed a splendid performance in the Moto3 race morning . The Repsol rider has soared since the fourteenth place at the end of the first lap after making a poor start , and achieved a disputed second position to pass under the checkered flag . His teammate , Alex Rins , has been remade a difficult weekend and has achieved the leading group , but has finally lost touch with the top four and finished fifth .   The departure of Alex from the third and fourth row has been discreet . Rins has remained eighth in the first turn, but Marquez has lost three seats and was fourteenth at the end of the first lap. Since then, both have begun to recover positions, including lap Marquez in the third step goal - faster even than the pole position yesterday , reaching Livio Loi with a group of three riders escaped head : Jack Miller, Romano Fenati and Efren Vazquez.   In the final laps , Rins has failed to keep pace and has been in the fight for fifth with Vázquez . Ahead, in a finale with touches including the penultimate corner , Marquez has repeated his second place in Qatar , this time behind Fenati and Miller third .   With this result , the World will come next week at Jerez with Miller adding 66 points in the lead , Marquez fourth with 40 and Rins fifth with 35 .   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio CAT 5 º to 5.530 sec. " At the end it was a fairly successful result . Then how has all the Grand Prix , we are pleased with this fifth place. This weekend has been the most I've learned in all the races I wear. In Today at first it took me overtake other drivers to get ahead, but recently I've been able to just reach the leading group. it was a shame because Efren [ Vazquez ] has been a little long in a curve and lost the contact with them . trip are over all my options what is important is that we have not stopped working , the whole team is working hard and we have to focus on and Jerez . "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio CAT 2nd to 0.099 sec. "It was a weekend very difficult and I think we worked very well all three days. Yesterday we much it cost in the qualifying session , we made a mistake , but in today's warm -up and we found the solution to the race. Knew I had to be very focused , but I have not gone well in the first corner and I have long gone and many riders overtook me , then you cost me a lot further . 've tried to concentrate again and continue in my line , and little we have just reached the front group . 's last lap was fun , we have advanced many times and really enjoyed it. This result gives us great moral to Jerez . "

Valuable fourth place for Álex Rins and Álex Márquez fall

Heads and tails for the two wards of Emilio Alzamora at the Grand Prix of the Americas. After a good practice for both Álex Rins and Álex Márquez for today neither has had the reward they expected. Rins has finally become a valuable fourth place , while his teammate Marquez , immersed in the fight for the podium until the last lap , has been dropped two corners from the end that has prevented him from continuing.   At the start, the two Alex stood at the head group . Miller , winner of the first Grand Prix in Qatar and winning again in Austin has set a high pace from the first lap , leaving the rest of the hook quickly squad except Vazquez . Fenati Marquez first and later were able to reach the duo escaped midway through the race, but Rins has had to settle for leading the second group ahead of Kornfeil .   On the last lap , Márquez has fallen braking hard on the penultimate corner and was his teammate , Alex Rins , who finally entered fourth goal.   After this result , Rins ranks fourth in the overall standings with 24 points and teammate Marquez sixth with 20 .   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio CAT 4th at 7182 seconds "We have improved a bit out about Qatar , but it also meant a lot to put the bike up for the entire weekend. When going behind Alex [ Marquez ] saw that eluded me , trying to brake very late and this is where I failed more . Seeing that he could not keep pace , I decided to think about the points and try not to make any mistakes . So it's been a bad yet good result achieved today . "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio CAT fall "We have not gone too well and early career has taken me to spend as much as Kornfeil Rins . When I did, I went to the front group , where Vazquez and Miller were , and when I caught I was very good on the bike , I could keep up without problems. But in the final laps were much degraded me tires and was very limit in each curve was about to fall and end in the penultimate , I walked a little . the line and I've gone to ground was a shame because we were having a good race Errors like this are not to be repeated , . we have to look forward and keep improving the bike. "

Márquez second and Rins fifht in a exciting race

The first race of the 2014 Moto3 season has brought many surprises from start to finish. The holder of the pole , Álex Rins , has made a bad start and has made his first lap in tenth place , having come rolling twelve. Teammate Alex Marquez has started better and stood second wheel Miller , both have slipped quickly from the rest of the pack .   While Miller and Marquez escaped , coming to enjoy almost two seconds ahead , they look with Rins Kornfeil Vazquez and Oliveira . Lap by lap the chase group has been narrowing the gap , and on the last lap , Márquez error when leading the race , has led to an internecine struggle for victory. Miller finally been first with second third Marquez and Vazquez . Rins , which has come to be placed second , has been injured in the home straight for the lack of space with his closest rival and crossed the finish line fifth .   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio CAT 5 º to 0.639 sec. "At the start I made a small mistake , because I released the clutch prematurely. Afterwards I tried to push hard during the race to reach the front , waiting to see if they committed a fault . Finally there has been, but I 'm happy to Austin for all the work we've done with Honda and more eager yet. Mostly I have to thank the team and Honda, because the bike was fine. throughout the weekend we had a very good pace and that 's what we were already thinking about Austin . "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio CAT 2nd to 0.233 sec. "Today I've made a rookie mistake , . . Has entered me dead center in a curve over the last lap but I'll take the second place with 20 points we've added that to start the World are fine I think throughout the race I had a very good pace pulling only head. When placed before Jack [ Miller ] , however , we were shooting slower and pilots pursuers approaching , so I've tried to give maximum all returns. is the line that we have to follow and I am very happy with this first race with Honda . "

Márquez and Rins finished the pre-season with good results

Good note to Álex Rins and Álex Márquez at the end of the last preseason workouts just before starting the first race of the year next week at the Losail Circuit in Qatar - . Emilio Alzamora 's pupils have continued to make progress during the three days of testing at the Jerez circuit , to complete the final test in Jerez with the second fastest time set by Marquez and the tenth - eleventh Rins on the combined three days .   On this last day in Jerez, the Repsol riders of small displacement have continued taking steps forward and the Andalusian track , today has been a dominant Álex Márquez. Author of the best time in the second session , 1 minute, 46 seconds and 359 thousandths, has fallen to only 33 thousandths of Jack Miller. Alex Rins has also confirmed his progress with a time of 1 minute, 46 seconds and 694 milliseconds, 3/10 Australian .   With these training sessions , ending on time for both Rins as Pronatura and Marquez already have their bikes ready to face the Qatar Grand Prix at full capacity within seven days.   Álex Rins >> Audio ( cast) / / Audio (cat ) 1:46:694 , 61 laps , 270 km. "We have taken a step forward yesterday and we have found a first baseman in the set-up , but still lacking. Perhaps this preseason has been the hardest for me , because of the injury and the new bike. We have taken many turns and has cost me more than other years, but more work is ahead of Qatar. What we have advanced today will help us throughout the World . It was the day we have more advantage and I could see where the limit was . We have analyzed what went well and what did not work as expected, and we have tried to improve on all the first part of the curve , where more time lost. We did it , but maybe I have missed one more day to make a better time. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio ( cast) / / Audio (cat ) 1:46.359 , 74 laps , 327 km. " At the end of yesterday and found our way we had to go and what we had to work on the last batch . Today I left motivated and convinced that we could improve on the aspects that were costing me . We have been consistent and that is most important , rather than make a return. I think we are ready to Qatar , there is still to keep working, but arrived in good condition. It has been a difficult season , evolving a new bike , always with the support of Honda. They have not failed to bring new parts, which have allowed us to improve and , in the end, this last day has been very positive . We arrived in Qatar very motivated and eager to do well. "

Álex Márquez y Fabio Quartararo continues the pre-season

Very positive for the wards of Emilio Alzamora, Álex Márquez and Fabio Quartararo , in the first of three days of testing to be performed at the Jerez circuit rating . The French Champion in 2013 CEV Repsol Moto3 class , during these tests to replace Alex Rins was operated yesterday doll . On the first day in Cadiz Circuit with Honda NSF250RW Marquez and Quartararo have progressed back to back , gradually improving the development of the new bike and finishing tenth and eleventh respectively in the timesheets today .   The workouts , preseason third official seconds after completed last week in Valencia, have started late due to the rain that fell last night in southern Spain . Asphalt is not dry until after one o'clock , but as the track conditions have permitted, Álex Márquez did 44 laps and set a best time of 1 minute , 48 seconds and 286 thousandths. On the other side of the box , Fabio Quartararo completed 48 laps of the Andalusian track and despite his 14 years, has stopped the clock in a creditable time of 1 minute , 48 seconds and 232 milliseconds, in the eleventh position of the timesheets led by Jack Miller.   Tomorrow, the second of three days of testing at Jerez.     Álex Márquez - 1:48.186 , 44 laps , 195 km. "We started quite well this training, because from the beginning I felt more comfortable than last week in Valencia week is a track I like most , with fast curves , . . With Honda I 've noticed more comfortable in this track I think chassis supports us and is one of the strengths we have to try to exploit , because in this aspect we have enough room for improvement. 'm not much discomfort in the shoulder, but I noticed quite tired, because after three days of last week , returning to the track today I noticed the accumulated fatigue " .     Fabio Quartararo - 1:48.232 , 48 laps , 212 km. "I'm happy with how it went the first day. In some workouts with the pilots of the World , I see that the level is very high from the beginning. It was a shame that the track was so wet in the morning, because we were unable to roll much . but later we left and went well , though I think I can improve a lot . Initially I struggled a bit , but I adapted quickly, because it is a circuit I like a lot of the prettiest in Spain "


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