Teams: Team Estrella Galicia 0,0

PUIG continues supporting the spanish Estrella Galicia 0,0 in Moto3 led by the expilot Emilio Alzamora. This year, the team has a two young riders with a large projection that aspire to everything from the beginning of the championship


Álex Rins and Álex Márquez

Youth to power

Álex Rins
Date of birth: 08/12/1995  Place of birth: Barcelona Location: Barcelona  Hobbies: supermotard, motocross, mountain biking. Nationality: Spanish  Years Repsol rider: 3 (including 2013)
First Grand Prix: 2012 Qatar (Moto3) First podium: 2012 France (Moto3)  First Victoria: - Sweepstakes  Total appearances: 17 (17 in Moto3)  Fastest laps: 1 (1 in Moto3)  Poles: 1 (1 in Moto3)  Podiums: 2 (2 in Moto3)  Wins: -   Biography 
Álex Rins started in the world of two wheels as most pilots: with just six years, in the dust and mud of motocross. At 7 participated in his first race on a KTM 50cc automatic Catalonia Regional Championship, an event repeated the following year, where he finished sixth, and the Aragon Regional, where it won the victory. Soon he was chained titles in different categories and displacements, adding the runner-up in the Promo 70cc and 85cc Supermotard Catalan Championship in their first year of participation -2006 -. Promo 70cc repeated in 2007 and that year was not lost, got to be champion. He also won in the contest of 80 cc Promo and in the 12 Hours of Resistance Vic was a year of many races and all work was rewarded by climbing to the top of the podium. In 2008 he entered the Pre 125GP category to participate in the Championship of Catalonia and the Speed ​​Speed ​​Mediterranean Championship. After an excellent job got the runner in both events. The following season he repeated the same program in 2008 with Monlau Competition and Emilio Alzamora. In the Pre Catalan 125GP took the final victory, but I can not fight for the championship Speed ​​Mediterranean to miss a meeting, but was among the fastest race by race. The good performance of that year he served as a passport to the Championship of Spain of Speed ​​2010. He debuted in 2010 with CEV 125GP Monlau an Aprilia RS Competition. With motivation and the support of his team, Rins took third place overall finish. A result that secured a place in the championship for the next year, wearing the colors of Repsol in the fairing of his bike. He began his second season in the CEV 125 GP in the best way possible, with a win in the first round of the calendar, in Jerez. An excellent start to a year that Rins never forget. He managed one more win and 3 podiums in Catalunya-Aragón, Valencia-Albacete and that allowed him to beat his teammate, Alex Marquez, and proclaimed Champion of Spain. He also completed the 2011 season with the runner-up in Europe. With the title under his arm as best endorsement possible, the pilot made the leap to Barcelona World Championships the brand new Moto3 category in the 2012 season, again defending the colors of Repsol. In his first year did not disappoint Prix star, Alex got released in the World Cup podium in the Grand Prix and showed a regularity that was not lost on anyone. He scored 141 points in his locker, he stood at the end of fifth place overall and won the trophy for Rookie of the Year category, which was credited as best newcomer. Won the respect of its rivals, the new season has gotten Rins own right in the group of the fastest in the category. With the experience of his first season in the World Cup this year will feature a new bike-a coveted KTM-with which defend the Repsol colors again in the 18 World Cup calendar races.

Álex Márquez 
Date of birth: 23/04/1996 Birthplace: Lleida  Location: Cervera (Lleida)  Hobbies: supermotard, motocross, MTB  Nationality: Spanish  Years Repsol rider: 3 (including 2013) 
There are few combinations more infallible than talent and humility, to eventually end up distilling a good pilot. But if you add a family also passionate about bikes and an older brother, Marc, who has been breaking barriers in all competitions for which has been World Champion and two-time champion at age 17 to 19 - it is clear that the Álex Márquez destination eventually lead him to the path of the competition. As a child I wanted to be a mechanic said his brother Marc, but quickly get on the bike and also give it the throttle. He was born on April 23, 1996, breathing bikes almost from that day, and eight years and was runner Racc Championship Promo 50. The following year he repeated category and went up the step that was missing, Catalonia proclaimed champion of the category. Progressively burning stages, Alex went through the PromoRacc 70cc category, the Mediterranean championship PreGP speed 125 and the Catalan championship that same engine, to debut in 2010 in the Championship of Spain of speed. He had to wait for the second round of the series in order to participate, as the minimum age for participation was 14 years and had five days to meet them, and signed at the end of the eleventh position. In his second year in the Spanish championship, Alex faced the defending tournament Repsol colors in the Junior Team Competition Monlau, hoping to continue their education and earn a place among the fastest riders on the national scene. And he did. After starting the season with a second place in the round in Jerez, the small family Marquez climbed to the top of the podium for the first time in his career at Motorland Aragon. The duel between the two Repsol riders, Álex Rins and Álex Márquez, was served. Marquez came to the last race of the competition with two wins and two second places in the box, which allowed him to deal with national title chances until the last moment. A fall in the final leg of the last round of the season, left the young of meritorious Subcampeonato Cervera with Spain. Moreover, in the European Championship, Alex was just a step on the podium. In 2012, the Repsol rider returned to dispute the CEV with the firm objective of fighting for the title again, knowing well that it would participate as a guest in three World Cup races: Jerez, Estoril and Catalonia. Starting as one of the top favorites in the national contest, two wins and two podiums assured him the title in the sixth round. But above all, their good performances in the CEV earned him a permanent position in the World Championship for the second half of the calendar. Marquez did not waste his chance and after 11 races in Moto3, managed to score 27 points, signing the twentieth position at the end of the season. His best results, sixth in the race, "home", at the Circuit de Catalunya, and ninth in one of the most difficult paths calendar, the spectacular Australian track of Phillip Island. With the number 12 in its fairing, Alex played in 2013 World Cup the seventeen test riding a KTM and forming Álex Rins computer again. The Cervera continue gaining experience in the smaller of the World categories, counting again with Repsol as a traveling companion.


Alex Rins, Vice World

Alex Rins has proclaimed today Moto3 World Championship runner-up in the Valencia track , after finishing third in the final race of the season. As expected , the race was a duel between Rins , Salom and Viñales , who have played the title in 24 laps of the Circuit Ricardo Tormo . Alex Marquez , after a good start , finished in fourth position commanding the second group. The test has been something of the three drivers who have dominated all season and they were going to play the title in the final round of 2013 . With Viñales , Salom and Rins front, Folger and Miller kept aspiring Trio wheel , but have never come to get into the fight for the final victory . On lap 14 , Salom fell and was out of the fight for the title : World Viñales was Rins thing . Viñales has held the lead until jumper with 3 laps to go, time has taken command Rins and this has led to some frantic last laps , in which both drivers have advanced numerous times. Finally and although he has tried Rins curve to the finish of the last turn , Viñales has maintained its position and Folger has used this maneuver to enter the second goal , a thousandth Rins ahead of third. With this result , Rins season finished second and teammate Alex Marquez , now fourth , has occupied the same spot in the World Cup final classification Moto3 .   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 3rd- 0.187seg . "Reaching the final corner fighting for the championship title, having had two zeros in previous races , I leave nothing disappointed. Has been an incredible battle for me , never had fought so hard and this year I had never learned so much . Try to win World Cup next season , but will not be easy . 's strategy today to end has not come out quite as expected, because obviously we wanted to win , but overall the race itself has been as imagined. 've had a little scare to principle and perhaps in this race my engine did not accelerate as those of others , but I'm happy also for the season we have done. would also like to thank the team , because both good and bad times I have been clothing " . Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 4th to 13,666 sec . "It was a difficult race . Entire weekend meant a lot to prepare the bike and we had the bonus that had the front . Finally we finished in fourth place and I think that 's okay, because as we got to the race, we were not one hundred percent . attempt to analyze what happened , so we will not happen again next year . now time to rest and quickly pass the winter to work towards next year . "

Álex Márquez his first victory and Alex Rins not score

Alex Marquez finally joined his first victory and has done in the best possible time to the interests of his teammate , Alex Rins . The Barcelona , which reached 5 points off the lead , has been dropped to four laps to go when he had it all in the face to take the lead in the overall standings after the incident at the start of the race leader's Salom .   When starting the race, have quickly set over three drivers fighting for the title alongside Alex Marquez . It seemed they were going to escape, when the unthinkable happened : Isaac Viñales cast entered under braking and was swept away Salom , who thus added a 0 in the box . That put the race in Rins tray that only 5 points Salom , had a superb option to take the lead in the overall standings. He, his teammate and Viñales have escaped from the rest of the field , willing to risk their victory.   With four laps to go , Rins has suffered a fall whilst running third behind Viñales and Marquez . The victory would be a thing of the two pilots. And in the final hand , on the last lap , Viñales made ​​a mistake under braking that Marquez has taken advantage to win his first World Cup victory .   After this race , Salom remains first with 300 points, Viñales second with 298 , and third Rins with 295 , when remain in play 25 points of Valencia.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 24 º to 1:06.878 . "Today did not go as expected. 've Seen that Salom has been dropped on the first lap and I was third , shooting a fair bit . At the entrance to the finish I lost traction on the rear wheel without warning and I went to ground. has been a shame not to take advantage of the situation and hope to do better race in Valencia. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 1st - 39:45.953 . "It was a very strange weekend and the race also has been. Maximum I rode every lap , every corner I was on the limit , and in the end we have been fighting for victory Maverick [ Viñales ] and I , and we had a nice fight . I've taken a little thorn from other races he did not fight with them until the end of career and today I was able to do it and win, so I'm very happy . arrive one hundred percent motivated to Valencia " .

Victoria by the minimum de Rins and fourth for Marquez

Álex Rins in Australia today took a major step forward in their own struggle for the title of Moto3 . The young pupil of Emilio Alzamora has overcome a career quite matched by a minimum difference -3 mil - , and has done so ahead of Viñales , second , and Salom , third, the two pilots that are diputando the title. This result allows us to reduce the advantage Rins Salom ahead of only 5 points overall .   New career in a group with the same players as always plus some special guest . At Salom , Rins , Marquez and Viñales , now have joined them Folger , Miller and Antonelli . The race has developed continuous overtaking alternating pilots leading the race, with Rins and Marquez lead at some point. Finally, in a final round of stroke, Rins has achieved victory in a head to head with Viñales and Salom , by just three thousandths .   Alex Marquez , who has made ​​a big comeback departing from the thirteenth position , has overcome rivals, despite the start of the test Oliveira has touched from behind and took him out of court. This incident has not stopped Marquez contact the group head jumper with 18 laps of the race, and fight until the last corner for a place on the podium , he was finally escaped by just three tenths .   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 1st - 37:40.375 "It was a fun race , very freestyled , with a group of seven riders in the lead. Important thing is that we are working very well with the team , because in this Grand Prix was costing us find the best set-up and to training we have not timed with the appropriate settings . through them I could be struggling to win. Prior to departure I had a meeting with Emilio [ Alzamora ] , Jose [ Carrion ] and Carlos [ Perez ] - my technical , to decide the best race strategy and planned to prepare well the last turn of the right, to go very fast to the last two corners , two lefts. We went well for three thousandths. 're five points behind Luis [ Solomon ] , but that does not change anything , because we will continue thinking race by race and both Japan and Valencia give the maximum . "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 4th to 0.502 sec . "We knew the race would be very difficult today because tearing his old time . I have made a good start and the end of the main straight I have drawn on the outside , with many potholes, and I have passed some riders. 've Also lost positions in the incident with Oliveira . at that time I did a reset, I've calmed down and started to pull . in those first laps I spent enough tires to reach the lead group and at the end of the race I had a little this reason. But we should be happy , because I think we are back to ride as in Misano , where I found the bike very well , so I try to follow this line to see if we can take another step forward and be with the most fast in the closing laps of the race. Here at Phillip Island the problem has been the qualifying session , so we will try to improve this in Japan. "

Rins, second and Márquez fourth in a spectacular career

Spectacular and intense has been the Moto3 race in the Grand Prix of Malaysia. With an initial group of 13 riders at the front of the test, it was not until half of it when it started to narrow the group and the protagonists of the fight for the title have gained prominence .   Salom , Rins and Marquez have been taking turns at the front and , after printing a strong pace , the group has been reduced to five drivers exceeded the Ecuador of the race, with three more Viñales and Oliveira . In the last laps , overtaking have been going non-stop and after a final braking section between Rins and Salom , it has approached the finish line first. The Repsol rider finished second to just 69 milliseconds and Alex Marquez was fourth , at 782 thousandths behind the winner.   After this test , Álex Rins remains second in the standings , 14 points of Salom , and Alex Marquez takes hold in the fourth.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 2 º to 0.069 sec . "We finished second , a deserved podium after a weekend of hard work . With the team we have improved a lot the bike from yesterday to today and I felt very comfortable in the race. Has been fun , long time since we had such a large group . 've shot many riders ahead, but fortunately in the end there have been some who were in the early stages , it would have been much more difficult. 've come first in the final straight , as he believed it would be difficult to pass me at that point. 've tried to close the door all I've been going to the far left , and still beat me Salom . brake later I tried , but could not be and I finished second. De anyway, we are very happy with the result and see what happens on Phillip Island. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 4th to 0.782 sec . " The weekend has been a bit difficult , because Friday we could not shoot too much due to a fall. Yesterday and took a step forward, but not expecting to be in today's race in the leading group , fighting with the fastest. When missing four or five laps I turned to look back, and then I have decentralized a bit and I have advanced . Moreover, right curves lost a bit because I needed some arm strength , but after an end complicated week I think we've done well. now going to Phillip Island, a circuit that I like. "

Rins heads to lead with his fifth win

After a competitive weekend , Alex Rins has made a smart career that has allowed him to gain a great victory , the fifth of the season, which places him second in the overall -win position - after cutting another 12 points to leader Luis Salom . With this result , the Repsol rider is located only 9 points of his compatriot . His teammate , Alex Marquez , scored 16 points in the third place that allow you to hold in the fourth position overall in Moto3 . Maria Herrera has not had an easy race , after falling in Turn 5 during the first turn , has resumed the march and has completed solo career goal to enter the twenty- ninth. Rins has come willing to break the race from the start and escape Salom, that started further back . In two laps, the Repsol rider had distanced the rest of the pack and took his wake to Viñales and teammate Marquez , the only ones able to go to the owner of the pole . Rins has taken turns leading the race with Viñales , studying constantly to prepare the final turns. When there were seven remaining, Marquez has been dropped by the group by excessive tire wear and has given good third position , a very good result for the young pupil Alzamora . Rins has solved the last lap with a surprising serenity. Vinales overtook end of the straight , under braking , and focused to score a rapid pace for the last lap plugging holes. Viñales had no options to overcome , and a failure in the gearbox of his KTM has made ​​entry into target with almost half a second ahead of Rins . After this new victory of Barcelona , Rins Viñales outperforms overall and stands second , 9 points behind compatriot Salom . Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 1st - 40:04.214 "I am very happy with the result , because mostly it's been an unexpected victory . Knew that today Maverick [ Viñales ] was much stronger than us, and instead found I did not entirely comfortable with the wind . Knew if it was the last lap before he had any chance to win the race and finally it has. 've tried pushing hard to get ahead of him in the first corner and then my team told me that he has fallen a little behind because he has jumped into gear. that's something we have to solve , because in the last race and it also has happened to me. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 3 º to 12.377 sec . "After the problems we had this weekend , a third position is very positive. Since the beginning of the race I rode to the limit and just not be at all comfortable , and that has made that could not keep pace Alex [ Rins ] and Maverick [ Viñales ] . at the end of the race, when Maverick has given final tug , went too the limit and I preferred to secure the third position , which I think is a good result . now have to improve late race in Malaysia , Australia and Japan , to try to roll with them until the end and gain experience for next year . "   Maria Herrera >> Audio 29th to 1:54.722 "In the warm-up I've been much more concentrated than yesterday and this helped me to improve the timing and tuning of the bike. Regarding the race , I have gone well and I've even advanced a few drivers in the first corner. Unfortunately , I crashed just as I was overtaking on the outside , when accelerating I went to the piano and I had to open up more to not touch me with another driver . 've stepped on the grass with the bike is almost flat and , although I have dropped the bike , I could not help falling . Eventually I was able to recover and get back on track , and then I followed concentrated as if they were training. "

Victoria de Rins and Márquez podium to celebrate the renewal

The best way to celebrate that both Alex stay together in the same team, sharing the tutelage of Emilio Alzamora in 2014 , has been with both on the podium , Rins , Marquez first and third. Important victory of Barcelona , which has enabled it to cut twelve points on overall leader , his compatriot Luis Salom . And large sample of Cervera pundonor that , after suffering a sharp drop on Friday in which he injured his right hand thumb , today made ​​a perfect career that has allowed to add the 16 points of the third. That and the 0 in the box Folger have boosted overall position , where it is fourth , behind triplet for the title of Moto3 . The race started with Folger front pulling hard , and Rins and controlling Viñales just behind the German. Quickly, these three drivers have escaped the rest , preparing to fight for the three posts of honor. Behind them , Marquez, who has gone nine, has been shedding rivals preceded him , to escape alone in search of triplet head. And while Marquez escaped , Folger suffered a sharp drop and left alone Rins and Viñales front. Marquez , without having waited and his battered thumb , mid-career was ended in the third and fought valuable position . Ahead , Rins and have played Viñales victory until the last corner. A first unsuccessful attempt to overtake Rins Viñales has been followed by a second attempt , this one successful , which has given him the victory in extremis. With this win , Rins remain third in the standings, but stands at 21 points behind Salom , and only 2 of Viñales . The following quote from this vibrant competition for the title will be within 2 weeks , in Aragon . Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 1st - 39:50.516 "It was a fun race and very clean. During the first round , Jonas [ Folger ] has pushed hard and I have started a second to see if he could catch . Starting from the middle of the race until the end we scored a very good pace with Maverick [ Viñales ] . on the fight for the victory in the last lap was very clear where he should overtake. knew that if I was going through another site I could advance him out of the corner, but all worked out. 'm very happy with this result today , now we have to think of Aragon " .   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 3 º to 6.434 sec . "It was a very difficult weekend for me. Halted Friday Fall quite our work and yesterday in the qualifying session , too. Knew today would be a tough race and it would cost , but from the first moment I met very comfortable. During the first laps I had problems passing other riders and when I went through, I tried to set my pace , and I surprised even myself seeing how I escaped . believe that the podium finish was positive ; now we have to go to Aragon and be calmer in training to prevent falls and continue our line of work . "

Rins and Márquez returned to the podium with a good race

After the disappointment of both in the last Grand Prix of the Czech Republic , nothing like a race a week later to be removed quickly the bad taste . Again a group of four riders has proven to be ahead of the rest in Moto3 . Rins , Marquez , Salom and Viñales have returned to dispute the three posts of honor , this time in England's Silverstone track . Finally the victory in extremis has been for Salom , followed by Rins , Marquez and Viñales , this time it has been off the podium . The top four goal have entered separated by just eight tenths . After the lights go off again four pilots have taken command and quickly distanced themselves from the rest of the pack. Viñales has made a feint to escape but his teammates did not have allowed, so it's been a career in a group of four to begin to know each other very well . All of them have been interspersed in front of the group, but none has managed to escape despite the continued attempts. Finally, we have returned to play the victory and the other positions of honor in a final twist clean overtaking loaded but adjusted . Salom has maintained its top position despite Rins attacks , and so has about Viñales Marquez . A final round of stroke in which the first four have entered separated by just eight tenths . Rins has returned to the podium and was able to play his cards in a new ending ajustadísimo and Marquez , which fell sharply yesterday , has been able to fight for victory in a circuit that until this weekend was totally unaware . A good weekend for the two wards of Emilio Alzamora . Now it rest a week and think and at the Grand Prix of San Marino , within two weekends in Misano .   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 2 º to 0.049 sec . "It was a very difficult race , as all . From the outset, four drivers have struggled to win. This second place , coming from Brno- there we climbed the podium - known very well for my team and myself . Has been a career really fought and finally , in the last two laps , passed by Salom and Marquez goal in front and I third, until the last second and I 've been trying to tighten their best to go with Salom . appeared in the final straight that his bike was a little more than mine , I took his slipstream and I lost a little, but I'm very happy. "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 3 º to 0.698 sec . "I'm happy with the result. Knew it would be a tough race . After yesterday's crash , the others were one step ahead . At the start of the race, with new tires cost me a lot. Know I must make better use of tires at the start of the race , that's something I have to improve for the future . at the end of the race I was very comfortable, had tires in good condition because I had carefully. my set also helped me a lot , and that is why I have to congratulate my team. now have to continue improving. a podium here is very important , it motivates me to me and my team . now come circuits we already know, but we must be equally focused, because we can cost more than a new one, so we will try to continue in this line and go slowly improving . "

Álex Rins shrewdly imposed

Álex Rins has added its second victory of the season and maintains your options of fight for the title. The young pupilo of Alzamora has managed to overcome an adverse situation in the three last laps, when has seen as Salom took command of proof and was escaping four tenths to the front. His companion Álex Márquez, in a new sample of its great capacity to suit unknown circuits, has returned to perform a great performance, finishing fifth by little more than 5 seconds of Rins, after have rolled good part of the race fourth. When booting the race, Rins is has put in charge and has begun to pull hard. He quickly have marked differences among the first and the rest of platoon, with Viñales and Salom following closely to Rins, and something more retarded Miller, Márquez and Folger. As we sailed along the twists, Folger has lagged off hook, while Márquez would lose touch with the three first that put course to podium. Rins has remained to front of the group during all laps of the race except at the end, when to lack of three turns, Salom has taken command and has opened a small gap respect to Rins and Viñales. During the latest twist and when it seemed all sentenced, Rins has decided not giving up and thanks to a braking masterful in the penultimate corner in the descent, has overtaken Salom. Its action has not allowed response and has entered into meta victorious, followed by Salom and Viñales. By behind, Márquez has been disputed the fourth position with Vazquez and Oliveira. Finally Portuguese has surpassed him in the penultimate spin and Márquez has entered meta fifth, a great result in its first weekend in plotting germano. After this result, Rins maintains the third position in the general classification by behind Salom and Viñales-to 30 points of Salom-, and Márquez is fifth.   Álex Rins 1 º - 39:34.735 "'m Very happy. Al principle of the race I tried escape a little, to see if it could reduce the group; but I saw that exceeded the Ecuador were still unless half-second, so I've decided let pass to Viñales or Salom for power study them a bit and not I do all wear front. But Viñales could not go so fast and I've again ahead, until in the final laps has attacked me Luis [Salom] and has thrown very strong. That has motivated me to go ahead and not throwing the towel to power get the victory. In the penultimate corner I could pass him and arrive first. The truth is that not I've thought lot and me came out from within try, for her not to return to spend what of the last races ".    Álex Márquez 5 º to 5 201 "The truth is we knew that today would have to make a very good output to try escape in the front group. I've done,'ve traced various positions upon reaching the first corner, but later I I have clogged with Folger and Miller, and those in front have caught few meters that I tried reduce. When Maverick [Viñales] stood before them recuperating a little, but as soon Rins led, stretched the group. Al end, in the fight with Oliveira, I have committed a small error in the last lap and I have not able to overtake. But I have that be happy, because I've gone whole race giving my one hundred percent in each lap. He left tenth, I finished fifth in a circuit that also unaware, already five seconds of first, so I go on vacation with good flavor of mouth ".

Rins and Marquez fight back for victory

Álex Rins and Álex Márquez have returned to be protagonists in the Dutch Grand Prix. Both Repsol riders have kept their chances of victory until the last lap of an intense career that has seen a new victory for Luis Salom. The two wards of Emilio Alzamora have been part of the group of five riders, along with Salom, Viñales and Oliveira, who has fought for victory until the checkered flag. These five drivers have land in between from virtually the first turn. Distancing themselves from the rest of the pack, turns watching each have complemented each other, and sometimes making overtaking very on edge. Rins has gotten away mid-race and enjoy a lead of just over a second and a half, but after a few spins his attempt to go solo has been aborted by their peers. Finally, the victory would be a heads-up in the closing laps. And so it proved. Despite leading the race to reach both Rins like Marquez, has finally been Salom the winner, followed by Viñales and Rins. Alex Marquez has had to settle for fifth. After this result, Rins strengthens its third position in the overall standings and fifth Marquez. Álex Rins 3rd-0.282 sec. "It was a very difficult race. At first we made a good start and that has allowed us seconds. During the first laps I tried to escape and I managed to distance myself a second and half of the rest. But as we saw in training Maverick [Viñales] I had better rhythm and finally caught me. From that moment the fight started with Salom, Oliveira and Márquez, with overtaking very abrupt, but that's racing. At the end we achieved a third place that is a good result for us because in every race we've finished on the podium. Hopefully we can finish all the remaining Grands Prix the same and follow this path, that is right. " Álex Márquez 5 ° to 0.416 sec. "The podium is very little escaped. Has been quite a tough race, and at first I did not feel entirely comfortable with the bike as I had grip problems behind when accelerating. Little by little I gained confidence and I was able to catch Álex [Rins] that had escaped. At the end, I knew it was the last lap until we came to the slow curve back. At that time the world has me up and I could not do anything.'m happy with the result today, and we have fought for victory until the last lap. We can be very satisfied with our first time in Assen, and now we just have to continue in this line that is correct. "

Brilliant second position of Àlex Rins

In a reflection of what is seen in the qualifying session yesterday, the Catalunya Grand Prix Moto3 seen a tight race until the last lap, in which the superiority of Luis Salom and Alex Rins has decided to test in the last laps. They finished first and second, respectively, of a podium completed by Maverick Viñales, which almost reached Alex Marquez finally fourth. When the red lights, a group of seven riders has formed Rins head command and Marquez in third place, accompanied by Salom, Viñales, Vazquez, Oliveira and Miller. After succeed in leadership at different stages of the race, the group has been reduced to 5 mid-career pilots and 4 in the final third, until a change of pace from Salom to 6 laps led all the limit, stretching the small squad and preventing overtaking last minute. Salom has crossed the finish line first, regaining the World Cup lead with 127 points and Rins, second today, remains in third with 101 points. Alex Marquez has passed under the checkered flag less than 4 seconds and is fifth World Cup with 48 points. Repsol Chairman, Antonio Brufau, was one of the first to congratulate Rins and Marquez after his great race today. Álex Rins 2 º to 0.211 sec. "It was a very difficult race. At first there were many in the leading group and was a bit dodgy lot of overtaking. Though this morning we had a good pace, I did not want to risk more than necessary during the race. Al Initially I tried to push, and that has led to premature tire wear. Yet we can be happy with this second place at home. want to thank the team, my family and all the fans who have come to support me this weekend week. " Alex Marquez 4th to 3.993 sec. "It went pretty well. From the beginning I noticed comfortable with the bike and was riding with the lead group. Eventually we happened Salom, who had an ace in the hole. A we lacked a bit, maybe something of pace on used tires. already knew that the limit would suffer a bit with all the tires, but I'm happy. We have to be satisfied, to gain experience of this race and continue this line that I think is correct. Surely if so we can fight with the fastest. now about Holland, and there's sure to be difficult to be a new track for me. So we have to continue this line of work and sure to go well. "

Rins and Marquez fight for victory until the last lap

Great performance from the Repsol riders in the Grand Prix of Italy of Moto3. In a rapid and dramatic race, with numerous overtaking featuring six drivers who have fought for the lead of the race, Rins and Marquez have demonstrated a high level in the complicated Italian track. The race started with Viñales and Folger impose a strong pace, which has quickly made a group of six stand out over the rest of the pack. The Spanish and German have been joined Rins, Marquez, Salom and Oliveira. The 20-lap race have been a succession of continuous overtaking among pilots of this group. Five laps to go, Folger has been left off the hook, while the rest were still ahead lap after lap. Rins Salom and have put a little distance through on the last lap and it was clear that victory would be up to them both. Behind, Viñales, Oliveira and Marquez fought on the last lap for third place on the podium. Finally, the victory went to Salom, with Rins entering 99 thousandths of fellow. Viñales was third, fourth Oliveira and a brilliant Alex Marquez, in his first visit to the Alpine route, has achieved fifth place going to 62 thousandths of Oliveira. After this result, Rins takes hold in the third position and reduces the difference with the first, Viñales, 25 points. In turn, Alex Marquez is consolidated as rookie of the year and placed fifth overall. Álex Rins 2 º to 0.099 sec. "We are very pleased, because for this weekend has cost us more about other great prizes. With the passage of the workouts have been improving and, thankfully, in the race I felt very good.'ve Tried not to get first lot times, not to stop the group and also to prevent tire wear. The only thing an action has been improved in the last corner, I've been too long and I could not follow the trail of [Luis] Salom.'m not saying that would have won, but I could have tried. So we are very happy with this second place and I would like to thank the support team, especially when things are not going well. " Alex Marquez 5 ° to 0.819 sec. "It was a nice race and fun. Did not expect to be so close to the leading group, but I made a very good start and there has been the key. Afterwards I've been a little behind with [Miguel] Oliveira we have slipstream thanks to catch them. During the last laps I lacked a bit of aggressiveness, as all have tightened a lot and I struggled to follow. Overall I have to be happy to be my first race at this track. We are learning and this is most important. Today we shot with the fastest group and this allowed us to see and learn many things. Now we have to evaluate the experience of this race, especially in the closing stages to implement it in the next Grand Prix, as in Montmelo, a track I like a lot.

Rins Márquez returns to the podium and achieved a valuable fifth

After yesterday's rain, everyone expected Betsy career. During the warm-up Moto3 riders have options to leave wet tires and prepare their bikes to run in the wet. Although the track was finally gone dry, the rain has made the rounds that the race was raced on slicks. This has caused several crashes among World beardless. It has quickly formed a fast group head, Viñales, Folger, Rins, Marquez, Salom and Oliveira. The Portuguese has been ruled a few laps for fall and Marquez has been left hook in the seventh round of the 24 who have completed, rolling solo to the end despite attempts Kornfeil after him, catch him. Rins career has taken in stride, preferring to wait. Folger made a mistake during the second half of the race and stayed behind Salom hook, which could not keep pace and Rins Viñales. The victory would be a thing of the two Spanish. In the last two turns, Viñales has slightly increased the pace and that has allowed him to deal with some comfort the finish line with a lead of more than 1 second on Rins, who entered second control at all times Salom movements third, behind. Álex Márquez was finally fifth. With this result, Rins ranks third in the overall standings, 29 points behind Viñales, and Marquez took the Brit to eighth place.   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat) 2 º to 1.264 sec "The race was very complicated, so the team and I are very happy with this result and more coming to Le Mans after a fall in the previous Grand Prix. Above all it cost at first, because the track conditions were not the most appropriate. But from mid-career Jonas [Folger] and Maverick [Viñales] have thrown quite strong. Even so, I could get second and I took the wheel of Maverick, but in the last laps I could not follow. The important thing today is that the result is very positive. We are excited and already Mugello head start. "  Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat) 5th to 37,949 sec. "It was a long and difficult race. At first, I stuck to the front group and believed that they could follow. But in the middle of the race I had a fright, I lost the good feeling with the bike and that has made me stay behind in fifth. It's okay, it's normal after seeing that yesterday cost me a bit to keep up. It is a very positive outcome after falls in Texas and Jerez, especially considering that Le Mans was a new track for me. Now it think and in Mugello, another new path in which we intend to continue with this line of work to get better. "

Unrewarded Day

Bad luck for the Repsol riders in the Grand Prix of Spain. Both riders have staged two of the many falls that have occurred in today's race, which ended on lap 17 due to a serious accident Alan Techer French, which has forced the marshals to show the red flag. As had completed two thirds of the test, the race has been terminated and Maverick Viñales has won Moto3 test. Despite the promising work that Repsol had made during the Grand Prix of Jerez ─ Rins started from pole position ─, none of them has managed to score in the third round of the World. Despite going to the floor in the first round, Alex Márquez was able to rejoin the race and qualifying in 23rd, while Rins has been forced to retire on lap 10. The winner of the Grand Prix of the Americas has fallen at turn 11 when he lost grip the rear wheel of his bike while accelerating. After this 0 in the box of both, Rins and Marquez will within two weeks a new opportunity to make amends in the next round of the World Championship, the Grand Prix to be held on 17, 18 and May 19. 
Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat) Fall "It was a shame to throw the whole weekend away, because we had a good pace and throughout the weekend we have done well. I made a good start and was trying to pull in the early laps, but Maverick has happened to me and seemed to have more pace in the last sector ─ went a bit ─. In the tenth lap I crashed, opening gas;'ve done quite normal and I think I have gone over a bump or something. Now we have to think in Le Mans, a track I like a lot and we will see how it goes. "
Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat) No. 23 50 055 sec. "We knew it would be a tough race and that in the first round would be very risky. I made a good start and then I took it easy, filling gaps and trying to pass other riders. But out of the last corner, a pilot has been crossed, I tried to pass it inside and when closed touched me. That's racing. We have to stay with the experience and the information we have obtained when I turned just the rest of the test and try to improve for Le Mans, which will be a new track for me. "

Álex Rins wins twice

Alex Rins thrilling victory in the Grand Prix of the Americas. After dominating much of the race, the Repsol rider achieved a second career victory after just five laps, after the interruption of the test by Jasper Iwema accident. Álex Márquez, fifth in the first race, has fallen into the second round of the restart. The wrong choice of rear tire, too soft, has been the cause of the fall. Starting from pole position, Rins has led the race from the first lap, in a group of Maverick Viñales and Luis Salom. However, the work has been canceled in the twelfth turn when an ugly fall Iwema been forced to stop the test, which has resumed half an hour later. In an intense shootout with five laps, Rins has seen a resurgence faces Luis Salom and again with Maverick Viñales, which has been imposed on a flawless final lap. With this result, the Repsol rider placed championship leader with 41 points, tied with Salom and one ahead of Viñales. Next destination, Circuito de Jerez, where will the action within 15 days at the Grand Prix of Spain.
 Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat) 1st - 11:26.535  "I'm super happy and very happy for the victory we have achieved today. Since Friday, the team and I have worked very hard to pick up pace and escape at the beginning of the race. We tried, but Viñales followed me at all times. The truth is that in the first set, when taught the red flag, I thought it was over. I've held, but when I reached the box I'm told that there was still another race to spare. It has not been easy to see that you have to get back on track just for a ride. At first I worried a bit, because I know, and Salom Viñales are very strong a few laps, but everything went well. At the end of the second race, when Luis Salom happened to me, I thought that there was still another twist, but when I saw the commissioner of the checkered flag, I opened gas like crazy to overtake and I have overcome. "
Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat) Fall "During the first part of the race I was not entirely comfortable on the bike. It took me pick up the pace, but from the middle of the race I started to feel good and even started down time. Unfortunately, we had to stop and make a new start. This is where we made a bad decision to mount a soft rear tire pushing me much the front. Apart from this we are left with the positive, which is that during the race we went fifth and setting a good pace. Now we have to get to Jerez is a circuit I know, convinced and motivated, knowing that we can go as fast as we did in the IRTA ".

Superb performance and Marquez in Qatar Rins

A great performance of the two wards of Emilio Alzamora. Alex Rins, starting from the third position, is placed in front of the pack to get to the first corner, while teammate Alex Marquez completed his first lap six. Rins, with Salom, Folger and Viñales have diverged from the pack in a few turns, and Marquez has only been able to catch and keep up. The race would be about five pilots, including Marquez Rins and prepared their strategy for the final laps. A final laps that were to die for, and unless Folger, the rest have led the race at some point in the last laps. The last two drafts have multiple overtaking and braking very borderline, with the two Repsol riders as protagonists. Salom has taken the fight for the win, with second and Rins Viñales third by just six thousandths, making his first podium of the season. Just over two tenths have separated Marquez, fourth after a superb performance, his first podium in the World Cup. After this exciting start in two weeks, the World will foot on American soil for the Great Prize of the Americas in Austin. Álex Rins 3 º to 0423 sec. "It was a very difficult race. At first I have been able to pull in order to get away, but that has not happened. Even I have seen that I have been stuck Salom and I pass to avoid running down both rear tire. The end of the race was very hard fought. In the line all been put in parallel and I was in the middle, and that has made were to open up. At that time I lost a little time and took the opportunity to go Salom. Moreover, no one expected that Alex [Marquez] was in front and the truth is that it has made a good career. Both the team and I left very happy with the work done. " Álex Márquez 4th to 0.701 sec. "Yesterday in the qualifying session was not quite right, finished ninth but he knew he could improve enough in the race today. In fact, convinced that if left to a good start and I hit the front group, could fight them. We did not know if it would hold the pace, but that the final laps would be difficult for the great suffering tire wear here. In career, has been a shame the last lap because we have a fair bit after going to the limit throughout the race. But we tried and for me this result is a victory. In short, we're very happy to be my first time in this circuit. Now we already in Austin, a new circuit for everyone, so we face with great gusto and confidence to continue on this line "

Work done for Rins and Márquez

With two weeks to kick off the World Motorcycling Championship 2013, Álex Rins and Álex Márquez completed the preseason with four profitable day test at Jerez. It was the last test of the season, which ended with the Repsol riders in second and third place in the timesheets today. With only two rounds to one hour ahead and good weather and high temperatures from ten in the morning, Rins and Marquez have to roll out shortly after opening track access to Cadiz. Tweaking increasingly tuning his KTM, both have beaten their best times of the four days, stopping the clock Rins in 1 minute, 46 seconds and 610 thousandths and Marquez in 1 minute, 46 seconds and 986 thousandths. Álex Márquez suffered a slight fall at turn 11 during the morning that has not prevented him pursuing this last day of testing. With the homework done and completed tests, Rins and Marquez have closed four days in Jerez in third and fourth respectively, a classification that has left Luis Salom and Maverick Viñales in the first and second place. The real action starts in exactly two weeks in Qatar, with the first free practice for the opening round of the World Cup 2013. Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat) 1:46.610, 32 laps, 142 km. "The truth is that I'm very happy to Jerez. We have improved our time and get more pace, both with new and used tires. Though Salom has tight end on the last lap and managed to make a better time, we're happy with the homework done ahead of the first race. We lacked, perhaps, to make a long run to see how the bike responds without grip but overall, I think we are quite ready and eager to forward to the first Grand Prix in Qatar. " Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat) 1:46.986, 22 laps, 97 km. "When we started the season we found a new bike for us, but little by little we have adapted and we have taken steps forward. Former test that we did was great, but we really wanted these workouts and every day we made progress. latter day went pretty well, I have a good feeling with the bike and I think we prepared to Qatar. This season I have to do is work the most and try to be ahead whenever possible. I have no pressure , but I'd make a podium this year, why not? "

Grand Prix 0 for Rins and Márquez in Jerez

Álex Rins and Álex Márquez are from today until next Thursday, making the final pre-season test before the World Cup. These workouts mean the countdown that will lead to the start of the first Grand Prix of the year, on April 7 in Qatar. The Repsol riders have started this afternoon at the Circuit de Jerez four day test where Rins again has ranked among the fastest, finally second, and Marquez has returned to film in the top ten best-ninth. The sun and good temperatures have received the rookie of the year last season in the small category and teammate, Moto3 Champion of Spain in 2012, offering excellent conditions for final preparations ahead of the first test season in three weeks in Qatar. In the first hour of track, which have enjoyed exclusively without sharing it with the Moto2 riders, Alex Rins has again shown its best side, setting the fastest time after 19 laps with a time of 1 minute, 48 seconds and 15 milliseconds . Ninth in the timesheets over Álex Márquez, who after 20 laps has fallen to 1 second and 968 thousandths of a teammate. After a time you only have rolled Moto2 riders, at 15:40 hours Rins and Marquez have returned to court to continue testing the configuration of your KTM for this season. The Barcelona with the number 42 on his fairing has dropped more than half a second your records and has come to be among the fastest in the category. Rins finished the day in second place on the timesheets, to 252 thousandths of Jonas Folger, who has been the fastest. On the other side of the box and the 12 in its fairing, Álex Márquez has improved his times nearly two seconds of the first session, closing the day with a time of 1 minute, 48 seconds and 182 milliseconds, in the ninth position timesheets. Tomorrow will be the second day of the official Jerez test, which ends Thursday at noon. 
Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat) 1:47.401, 49 laps, 217 km. "We are working very well. Jerez KTM has brought several things to try. One of them we used today and has not gone as well as we expected. In the morning we have put themselves first, with a good pace, and in the afternoon we have improved. This is what counts, have a good pace and be among the fastest. To give rain forecast tomorrow, but we will continue rolling because we still have things to prove. " 
Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat) 1:48.182, 48 laps, 212 km. "Today has been with us over time, has done a very good day. From the beginning of the day we started working very well with the team and have tried many things during the day. Every time I go to court I feel more comfortable and I am very happy because I think in the afternoon we made a step forward. We finished a second faster and that to me is very important. We'll see if time preserves the remaining training days and if we can improve even more, to get to Qatar with the best preparation possible. "
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