Teams: Team Repsol CatalunyaCaixa MOTO 2 '12

PUIG sponsors Team Repsol CatalunyaCaixa from Moto2 leadered by Emilio Alzamora, and with an exceptional rider winner of the 2010 125c.c. World Championship and 2th of the 2011 MOTO 2 World Championship, Marc Marquez.


Marc Márquez

MOTO2 contender

The rider of Cervera (Lleida) run the 125cc Spanish Championship in 2007 and he finished in 8th position. The responsibles of Repsol KTM 125cc realized that Marc Márquez could be a future promise and they decided that Marc should participate in one race in the World Championship 125cc running a motorbike of this austrian factory KTM. With the advicement of Emilio Alzamor,  125cc World Championship in 1999, he started the season 2009 as a KTM official rider. Although he finished only one time in the first position in a race, he finished the season finishing nine times in the ten first positions. It was a great start in this category. At the end of the season, he finished in the 8th position.
Márquez signed with Ajo Motorsport team to run in the 2010 season. The young Catalan boy won his first race in Mugello, and then he got five consecutive triumphs. A drop in Indianapolis and another one in Aragon was an obstacle that came to Marc but four consecutive triumphs- including a dramatic triumph in Estoril- allowed Marc to finish the season with ten wins (12 poles) and the World Championship.
Marc Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa MOTO2 rider, has finished his first year in MOTO2 in the 2th position. Unfortunately a drop in Malasia's track assumed the farewell for the aspirations for Marc to win the MOTO2 World Championship. This year Marc Márquez has won seven races and he is one of the candidates to be the following MOTO2 World Championship.


Catalunya Caixa i Marc Márquez, World Champions

Two years ago opted for Marc Márquez CatalunyaCaixa and values: effort, continuous improvement and maximum efficiency. A commitment Cervera talented pilot and a firm commitment to the work of Marquez, facing the leap to the new category with humility, but with the ambition befitting a world champion after winning the 125cc title in 2010. Together they have worked to get a challenge. And after a season magical, unforgettable, in which Marquez has nine wins, seven poles and 14 podiums, the pilot has proclaimed CX Moto2 World Champion. A glaring success, the result of a joint work team. CatalunyaCaixa, provided by the World Champion, has worked hard, with determination and with all the necessary proximity to both dreams come true.
A historic year that began with a new example of constant CatalunyaCaixa pilot. Vision problems that arise from the accident at the Malaysian Grand Prix last year, cut short his season. But in the first Grand Prix of the year at the Losail circuit, the pilot took the win CX. An impressive milestone, exciting, he left behind the difficult winter of Marquez and welcomed an exciting season. With two wins in the first three Grands Prix, Marquez began the course as a sledgehammer to the head of the overall standings. But a fall in Le Mans he would lose a two-run lead would recover later in Silverstone. From the Grand Prix of Great Britain, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa dominated the standings, winning at Assen and Sachsenring. After the summer break, which could make the preseason Marquez could not do, his performance was spectacular: four wins, Indianapolis, Brno, Misano and Motegi-and second-MotorLand. For history will victory in the Japanese Grand Prix, after another pilot CatalunyaCaixa comeback. After staying stuck in the outlet and face the first corner from the 29th position, Cervera managed to finish first. After this display, arrived in Sepang with 53 points ahead of second-placed Pol Espargaró, and with options to World Champion three rounds remaining. But a drop in the rain tropical Sepang when Champion was virtually prevented the attainment of the title in Malaysia.
Seven days later, at Phillip Island, the pilot already proclaimed CatalunyaCaixa mathematically Moto2 World Champion. Marquez only needed to finish 14th and score two points for the title, but Cervera was third, with an advancement in the last corner when he was fourth. A new stroke of genius that proved, once again, the ambition and the talent of the young pilot CX, who at just 19 years and 254 days, won his second World Cup. And with the title under his belt, Marquez arrived in Valencia at Ricardo Tormo de Cheste circuit, which would see a major exhibition of the history. Marquez, sanctioned by Race Direction after an incident with Simone Corsi in the second free practice on Friday, had to go last in the Grand Prix of Valencia. And from the 33rd position trace and got a win dream. The greatest triumph in the history of motorcycling.
Thus, Marquez became the youngest driver to win the Moto2 title and third in history to win the championship in the intermediate category, after Dani Pedrosa (19 years and 18 days) and Jorge Lorenzo (19 years and 176 days).
The Cervera, with nine wins, seven poles and 14 podiums, beating his personal record of 12 in 2010 - has become the best champion in the intermediate category with 324 points. These figures together with those of the previous season, make the pilot in the great ruler CatalunyaCaixa Moto2: holds the record for wins (16), poles (14), podiums (25) and points (575).
In addition, Marquez, with 26 wins in the last three years in the World, and is the most successful driver before age 20. Overtook Pedrosa (21 wins), Valentino Rossi (17) and Lawrence (15). With these victories, the de Cervera and Spanish is the fifth winningest driver, behind Angel Nieto (90), Pedrosa (45), Lawrence (44) and Jorge Martinez Aspar (37), and ahead of historic and Alex Criville (20) and Ricardo Tormo (19).
This title is the best epilogue to two spectacular seasons, you have to add the two championships in Spain made by pilots also CatalunyaCaixa Álex Rins last season, and this year Álex Márquez. Challenges met.

Epic comeback and Marc Marquez victory in Valencia

CatalunyaCaixa rider Marc Márquez has starred today most epic victory motorcycling history. The Moto2 World Champion started last, ranking 33rd on the grid and, despite the wet asphalt Ricardo Tormo circuit, has achieved a magnificent victory, dreamed, in the Grand Prix of Valencia. The organization said the wet race, but the lights went out without the presence of rain. Marquez started from the last position on the grid and in the first set, the pilot had managed to overtake CatalunyaCaixa to 20 pilots. His first step finish line as recorded in the eleventh. Already in the second round, was ninth. The track began to dry out when, at 18 laps to go, a few drops fell again to the asphalt again moistened. Marquez continued cutting, fifth, seeing possibilities podium in front of him. The squeezed Cervera, sneaking in a left turn. No lost temple, kept thinking about the podium and regained the lost distance. In just two laps and was third with 13 laps to go. She ground through solo and scored several laps, the only driver capable of lowering the 1'46 barrier. Marc managed to scratch an average of eight tenths back to second placed Nico Terol. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa, shooting a second faster than the head of the race, caught and passed to Terol, winning the provisional silver with an eye on the highest drawer. The first position of Julian Simon danger. The distance of five seconds with seven laps to go seemed salvageable. Without rain, began to form and Marquez lane, marking another lap, 1'46 .440, reduced the barrier of two seconds behind the first. With three laps to go, Simon was already over. At the finish line, the de Cervera was placed first, Simon got 1256 and led the final two laps of the race. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa exceeded the checkered flag first, adding his ninth victory this year and winning his first race of the season at home. Thus, cycling Marquez two historical years in the Moto2 class. With 324 points, the de Cervera has been confirmed as the best champion in the intermediate category, while achieving nine victories, seven poles and 14 podiums. Spectacular figures must be added to the last year, that make Marc in the great ruler of the category: record for victories (16), poles (14), podiums (25) and points (575) . Marc Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, winner of the Grand Prix of Valencia, 48'50 .706: "Today I caught myself because seeing it rained in the warm-up, I hesitated a bit because water costs more advance riders. But once in the race, I made a perfect start and in the first two corners I've spent a lot of riders. Suddenly I have been there, I've had a pretty tough fight with Aegerter, with Rea and with Zarco. When I was able to overtake, I saw that I could go faster, but did not want to make any mistakes. Once I left behind, yes I've done all round the edge. Pilots had were far ahead, but I knew I was third, if he had been in the championship game would have stayed there, but I wanted to see what happened and see if there was luck, so I went to the limit. The race was very good and I am also glad that Simon and Terol have been on the podium, because they have worked hard this season and deserve this podium. " Emili Alzamora, Team Manager: "They are remaining races for history. From the Team Repsol CatalunyaCaixa I could not close this Moto2 project with a career that has made Marc Few words when you are a pilot does a race like today, only to thank all the people who have made possible that this project could be built: sponsors, family, Fan Club, all members of the team who have done a great job and of course, to Marc that over the past two years has made us enjoy as ever. Our project has gone ahead with sponsors who have supported pilots who have left the base, and this is the result of much effort. "

Numbers Champion

So the pilot CatalunyaCaixa becomes the youngest driver to win the Moto2 title and third in history to win the championship in the intermediate category, behind Dani Pedrosa (19 years and 18 days) and Jorge Lorenzo (19 years and 176 days).
The Cervera, with eight wins, seven poles and 13 podiums, exceeding its record of 12 in 2010 - has become the best Moto2 champion with 299 points. These figures together with those of the previous season, make the pilot CatalunyaCaixa in the great ruler of the category: holds the record for wins (15), poles (14) and podiums (24).
In addition, Marquez, with 25 wins in the last three years in the World, and is the most successful driver before age 20. Overtook Pedrosa (21 wins), Valentino Rossi (17) and Lawrence (15). With these victories, the de Cervera and Spanish is the fifth winningest driver, behind Angel Nieto (90), Pedrosa (44), Lawrence (44) and Jorge Martinez Aspar (37), and ahead of historic and Alex Criville (20) and Ricardo Tormo (19).
Past general:
First Race: 1998 Enduro Kids
First Grand Prix: GP Estoril 2008
First Podium: GP England 2008
First Win: GP Italy 2010
125cc category
Sweepstakes Total: 46
Podiums: 14
Poles: 14
Victories: 10
Moto2 category
Sweepstakes Total: 31
Podiums: 24
Poles: 14
Wins: 15
CX figures Marc Márquez 2012:
8 wins
13 podiums
7 poles
Four fastest race laps
13 times has started from the front row
99 laps in first place
16 Grand Prix starts
7278 km made in Sweepstakes
1545 Grand Prix laps completed
299 points
1st overall
· Moto2 World Champion youngest in history at 19 years and 254 days. Third youngest driver to win the championship in the intermediate category, behind Dani Pedrosa (19 years and 18 days) and Jorge Lorenzo (19 years and 176 days).
· Pilot with more wins (15), poles (14) and podiums (24) in Moto2.
· Pilot with more victories in the World (25) before the age of 20 years, beating Pedrosa (21), Valentino Rossi (17) and Lawrence (15).
· Best Moto2 champion with 299 points.

Marc Márquez drop in Malaysian Grand Prix

The rain has conditioned the Moto2 race of the Malaysian Grand Prix, in which Marc Marquez, has been dropped, without consequences, and could not finish the fifteenth round of the season. CatalunyaCaixa The pilot, who could claim today Moto2 World Champion, will have a new opportunity within seven days, in the Phillip Island circuit, in which, if you add at least two points, will be awarded the title mathematically intermediate category .
CatalunyaCaixa rider, who started from the third position, the race has started, the organization delayed due to adverse weather conditions, wisely. Not wanting to risk an iota, Marquez has completed the first lap in eighth place. In the next turn has overcome to Pol Espargaró, second place overall, and the pilot was then virtually CatalunyaCaixa Moto2 World Champion. Controlling Espargaró at all times, was going to be 12 º, Marquez has climbed to sixth place. After an exchange of positions with Andrea Iannone, the seventh when Cervera rolled on lap 13 has gone through the floor. The pilot was unable CatalunyaCaixa rejoin the race and was forced to leave.
Following the Malaysian Grand Prix, Marquez has only lost five points over his main rival in the overall standings, Espargaró, who finished 11th in a race cut short by rain. Thus, the CatalunyaCaixa leads the overall with 48 points. His next challenge: Australia.
Marc Márquez, pilot CatalunyaCaixa fall nc, 1st overall with 283 points:
"I've been very comfortable on the bike and it was very quiet because I knew Pol [Espargaró] was away. Do not want to go down the pace because it's much easier deconcentrated with water and just then it started to rain more. I tried to slow down, because in these conditions the track was slippery. Iannone knew I was close, but when I tried to overtake him missed, it was clear that this was not my fight. Ultimately much has lengthened its straight line and I was able to overtake without problems, shortly after I crashed. I did not expect, I braked much as in the previous round when he was completely straight, I have been closing address. A pity, but it is what has run in the wet. The good thing is that I have not done anything and that we had the advantage in general is very useful, now it turn the page. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"It is never easy but this race was very complicated. Marc went well and was gradually gaining ground until, again, it started to rain. In these conditions it is very difficult to drive because when the asphalt is half wet and starts to rain again, the bike's reactions are unpredictable. Several drivers have gone down and one of them was Marc Now we continue with the great work Marc and the team are doing and face the Phillip Island circuit with the same energy as usual. "

Leader comeback

Marc Márquez has become a rendezvous with history. The pilot starred CatalunyaCaixa Motegi today a new and achieved dramatic comeback victory in the Japanese Grand Prix, the eighth of the season and 25th win in the last three years in the World. With today's result, Cervera expands the difference in the overall standings with 53 points ahead of second-placed Pol Espargaró.
The Cervera, beginning the Japanese Grand Prix from the second position has been nailed to the exit and dropped to the 29th place. But after completing a great first round, it was the pilot CatalunyaCaixa ninth. Giro has been recovering after rotation positions to reach the front group and get the lead on lap nine, after beating Tito Rabat. A first position than Cervera has not abandoned until crossing the finish line, holding the final attacks of Espargaró, who has kept another intense duel for the final victory.
With today's victory, Márquez exceeds the number of wins they got last year, while adding performance today at comebacks like Estoril in 2010 and Phillip Island last year. Without rest, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa moves to Malaysia to play the next weekend the second of three races in three weeks of the tour of Asia and Oceania.
Marc Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, winner of the Grand Prix of Japan, 42'56 .171, 1st place overall with 283 points:
"I made a serious mistake at the start, rookie failure. When I put the first gear I noticed something strange, but now only pending traffic light and make a good start, so I've thought of confirming that the march had entered. When the lights are off I saw that had the neutral position and the first thing I thought is that nobody hit me from behind, not to lose the race, but because both the other driver and I could have done much damage.
In that respect I have been very lucky, but at the first corner was very late and I had to give one hundred percent in the first two rounds. Seeing that he was with the lead group, my goal was to score as many points as possible, but I was surprised myself to see that going up the ranks and reached those who were leading the race. From there, I took it more calmly when overtaking.
From Ecuador to the test until the end we have set a very good pace, better than in the qualifying session. That is very positive because Motegi is a circuit in which the Kalex going well here and get 25 points is very important. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"Once again, Marc has proven to rise to the occasion. A pilot impressive size. An output complicated, yet very dangerous, you put the race very difficult since left him in a position where they had only one option: the comeback. So he set to work, and despite having a very difficult challenge ahead, has managed to reverse the situation in the best way possible. We run out of words to describe these feats. Very happy and that allows us to face the Malaysian Grand Prix with even more energy. "

Marc Márquez is 2th in Gran Prix Aragon

CatalunyaCaixa rider Marc Marquez has achieved today his 11th podium of the season at Motorland Aragon, equaling the number of podiums which won last year after finishing second in the Grand Prix of Aragon. The Cervera, who started from the third row in seventh place, has made an intelligent, not wanting to risk an iota while warming his tires in the dry but cold asphalt Aragon. From low to high, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa has already reached the third position on the third lap, after overtaking four drivers in just one turn. It was then when the first game started with Andrea Iannone. After getting past him, and also advance to Simone Corsi, Marquez has taken the lead of the test in the fifth lap.
Position it has held until lap 15, at which Pol Espargaró and Iannone passed to Marc The struggle between the three drivers has been spectacular, especially with the Italian, and even towards the end of the race, has been added Scott Redding group. In the last laps, Espargaró has distanced CatalunyaCaixa while the pilot has had to wage an intense battle with soggy Redding Iannone and at no time have budge. Last but, despite the insistence of the two, the pilot CX has crossed the finish line in second place. Thus, Marquez gets 20 valuable points and added 258 in the overall standings, commanding 48 point lead over second placed Espargaró, and 80 over third-placed Italian Iannone.
After getting a new home podium, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa Asian tour starts with the running of the Grand Prix of Japan, on 14 October.
Marc Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 2nd place Grand Prix of Aragon, the 1447 winner, 1st place overall with 258 points:
"I'm happy, we really enjoyed today and you can not always win. In the final six laps, when everyone-including me-were waiting to attack, I have passed Andrea [Iannone] and Pol [Espargaró], and then Scott [Redding]. I've misplaced a bit, but even with that I think I made some good laps past. Pol has done a great race, was able to escape, because with Andrea've wasted enough time, but in the end the important thing is that I only have five points deducted. There are four races and we must think about the championship. I do not know what would have happened if he had reached Pol, but when Andrea and I have stopped bothering, it was too late. There was only one lap and it was very risky to go for Pol These 20 points are very important for the World Cup. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"We are happy with the result as the team has managed to make a good profit from the situation. The conditions that had to play both days of testing were not the best but overall, I think we can make a positive assessment of the weekend. In career, Marc lacked rear grip, which could not escape even if the battle is always very complicated Moto2. Now we face the four races with a good margin of points but we can not throw us off for a moment. "

Marc Márquez, Moto2 more leader.

New authority of the pilot hit CatalunyaCaixa Marc Marquez in Moto2 World. The Cervera has achieved a spectacular victory in the San Marino Grand Prix and has seven wins in 12 races, three straight. Thus the pilot CatalunyaCaixa extends his lead in the overall standings, who commands with 53 points ahead of the runner.
Marquez scored his third consecutive victory on the route San Marino, after starting atypical of the race, contested just three laps suspended for security reasons. In the first exit, and from pole, Marquez has a good start of the race. But in the third turn has exceeded local rider Andrea Iannone, that would show just before the red flag, because an oil slick left by the eyeglass Gino Rea.
After the break, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa has started from the second position and stood behind Iannone. But a scare in the same area as yesterday, has relegated him to fourth place. Two laps later, after scoring one of the two fastest laps achieved by the CX during the race, has regained third place. Lap after lap has begun to close the gap with Pol Espargaró and Iannone, who formed the head of the race. With four laps, Marquez has overtaken Italian rider and has placed second behind Espargaró. In the penultimate lap, the Repsol rider has achieved CatalunyaCaixa new circuit record (1'38 .453). It was the prelude to a final round of stroke, with up to five overtaking between Márquez and Espargaró. CatalunyaCaixa Repsol rider, confident, and managing the attack to perfection, knew how to wait their time without let up in no time was awarded one of the most thrilling races so far this season.
Thus, and with five races to finish the World Cup, Márquez continued in command of the overall standings with 238 points. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa return to action in two weeks, with the running of the Grand Prix at Motorland Aragon on 30 September.
Marc Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, winner of the Grand Prix of San Marino, 23'11 .278, 1st place overall with 238 points:
"I like to win like that, especially with how the race has been raised. I knew I could be in front, I was confident, but in the warm-up and cost me a bit, because I had the right rhythm and did not know how to hold out the tires during the race. In addition, I have been almost fell once and I lost a little concentration. In that time I have advanced Pol and Tito [Esteve Rabat] and has been ready to spend a third driver, so I've seen that I had to react, because there were many more riders behind. Being a career so short, it has been difficult to think calmly on the bike and so the final was so intense. I tried to recover by going to the limit on every lap and when I finally able to contact Pol, I tried to overtake him in the first corner in which I had a chance and that is where we started the fight, which I think has been very nice to the viewer. At each stop trying to brake as late as possible, and he did the same, but I could be first to the last corners and cover all the gaps. It was an important victory because Pol [Espargaró] has always been fast on this circuit. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"Very satisfied because for us it was a weekend rather complicated: on qualifying rain and red flag, leaving the race with only 14 laps. Everything became a big unknown. Marc has managed the adverse situation perfectly and in the end, has been known to attack at the right time. We in the box, we have not wanted to mark anything as who is on the bike and knows how to analyze their chances at all times is himself. A limit as we have seen, in large part due to the great trust that has Marc, and above all, in the sweet moment in which it is located. This gave him the mental strength "plus" must now missing from the bike. As a team we need to maintain the state of grace in which Marc is ".

Marc Márquez conquest Brno

New blow for Marc Márquez authority. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa has consolidated its leadership in the Moto2 World getting his first win in Brno, the 23rd of his career. The sum of Cervera six wins in 11 races, the fourth in the last five Grands Prix, and send in the overall standings with 48 points ahead of the runner.
CatalunyaCaixa rider, who started from the second row in fourth place yesterday after suffering problems with the rear tire, has made a good start, gaining two positions in just two laps. The Cervera, stood behind Tom Lüthi, first, following him and studying him very cleverly throughout the test. A combative Andrea Iannone and Pol Espargaró have come forward to Marc, on lap 8 and 16, respectively, but the pilot CatalunyaCaixa Repsol has regained its position quickly.
Dominador of how and when, Marquez has overtaken Lüthi three laps of the race. Three turns in the pilot CatalunyaCaixa gained pace, getting his best lap on the last lap of the race after a great duel with the Swiss Lüthi. The Cervera has crossed the finish line with 61 thousandths ahead of Swiss runner, and Espargaró 440, third.
A win fruit of hard work he and his team have done throughout the weekend. In the first free practice they had to work hard to improve the set-up of his Suter and yesterday, after taking a step forward and improve in both sessions, suffered some problems in his rear tire. So, and again, a victory of effort and teamwork.
The next challenge will be the pilot CatalunyaCaixa San Marino Grand Prix, to be held at Misano on September 16.
Marc Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, winner of the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic, 41'19 .178, 1st in the overall standings with 213 points:
"Yesterday in practice I found it very comfortable and he knew he was ready for the race and could be ahead, but no one could escape, because we all had a very similar pace. So it has been, because I have seen that today the grip was less comfortable but still rolling, so I've been studying all race Lüthi. The pace has been slower than expected and I was able to prepare the final laps. When was three I gave one hundred percent to get the first and the last lap I plugged all the holes to win. It was a different tactic than usual, but this circuit has been difficult and I wanted to save myself. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"Marc has done a great race because this circuit is very difficult to make a difference, and more, in a category as Moto2. Furthermore, during training Marc has neither easy to find a good set-up with the bike. Unlike Indianapolis, has cost us more in this circuit. He and the team has done a great job and have great confidence that in itself has helped to show great pace that has taken place during the race. Has managed masterfully whole process, leaving the turns pass attacking the beginning and towards the end thereof. I am very happy because, back from vacation and getting back wins is very important and that allows Marc is back in full swing. As Marc says, we can not relax, because this is very long, and most importantly, he still having fun on the bike. "

Positive feelings for Marc Marquez after the test in Portimao

CatalunyaCaixa driver completes three intense days of work after making over 200 laps and 1,000 miles in the Portuguese track
The rider Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa today completed three days of tests helpful in the Portuguese circuit of Portimao. Taking advantage of the break of the competition-only run at Laguna Seca's MotoGP-Marquez and his team scheduled a test, which began on Monday, with the objective of working for the second part of the season and especially to Marc realizase part of Pronatura and miles to evolve the bike could not do during the preseason.
Accompanied by the good weather but very hot, with temperatures around 30 ° C, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa has conducted a total of 211 laps and 969 miles during the three day test at Portimao, which had never raced a bike in the intermediate category World. In the first days of the completed 79 laps, made 77 yesterday and today has turned a total of 55. Three intense days in which Cervera has tried different setups of the bike and some developments in Suter.
"Training has gone very well and we have obtained much information, that was what was in these workouts. The first day was more adaptive and cost me a bit, as this circuit has many elevation changes, ups and downs, and bumpy, which for tuning things a bit complicated. From there, we could try new things, as Suter has worked very well and we should be happy because we've got enough conclusions. Has been positive and this will help us be more prepared in the second half of the season and try to go a little faster, and above all, more comfortable, "praised the pilot CatalunyaCaixa.
Marquez Moto2 championship leader with 34 points ahead of second placed back in action on 17 August with the first free practice for the Indianapolis Grand Prix. More than well deserved vacation for Cervera.

Positive feelings for Marc Marquez after the test in Portimao

CatalunyaCaixa driver completes three intense days of work after making over 200 laps and 1,000 miles in the Portuguese track
The rider Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa today completed three days of tests helpful in the Portuguese circuit of Portimao. Taking advantage of the break of the competition-only run at Laguna Seca's MotoGP-Marquez and his team scheduled a test, which began on Monday, with the objective of working for the second part of the season and especially to Marc realizase part of Pronatura and miles to evolve the bike could not do during the preseason.
Accompanied by the good weather but very hot, with temperatures around 30 ° C, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa has conducted a total of 211 laps and 969 miles during the three day test at Portimao, which had never raced a bike in the intermediate category World. In the first days of the completed 79 laps, made 77 yesterday and today has turned a total of 55. Three intense days in which Cervera has tried different setups of the bike and some developments in Suter.
"Training has gone very well and we have obtained much information, that was what was in these workouts. The first day was more adaptive and cost me a bit, as this circuit has many elevation changes, ups and downs, and bumpy, which for tuning things a bit complicated. From there, we could try new things, as Suter has worked very well and we should be happy because we've got enough conclusions. Has been positive and this will help us be more prepared in the second half of the season and try to go a little faster, and above all, more comfortable, "praised the pilot CatalunyaCaixa.
Marquez Moto2 championship leader with 34 points ahead of second placed back in action on 17 August with the first free practice for the Indianapolis Grand Prix. More than well deserved vacation for Cervera.

Marc Marquez said fifth position

Marc Marquez finished fifth in the Italian Grand Prix, a race that has not been found comfortable with the development of his bike. Thinking about the Championship, the pilot has chosen not to risk CatalunyaCaixa and achieved 11 valuable points for the standings, headed to 34-point lead over second-placed Pol Espargaró, tied with Andrea Iannone.
The CatalunyaCaixa, who started from the front row, especially in the second position, made a great start, ranking leader until lap four, when it was surpassed by Tom Lüthi. A surprising Takaaki Nakagami has joined in the front group and Iannone have played together as a group, as usual, the first leg of the race. In Ecuador on the test, Espargaró joined them, forming a group of five riders at the head of the race. But on lap 15, when Marc ranked third, the CX has suffered a scare that made him drop to fifth. Throughout the entire weekend, the pilot of Cervera has made good times aboard his Suter, however, never found comfortable with the configuration of your mount. That's why, cleverly, and not wanting to risk one iota, Marc has managed to be cold and thinking about the championship, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa has secured fifth place, crossing the finish line behind Iannone, Espargaró, Luthi and Bradley Smith.
With the Grand Prix today, "the proof of 9", the World Cup comes to Ecuador. Last year, after defeating nine races, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa was second in the overall standings to 47 points first classified. Now leads the championship with 34 points ahead of second.
Soon the Cervera hold three days of testing at the circuit of Portimao (Portugal) on days 23, 24 and 25 July in which he and his team prepare the Indianapolis Grand Prix, held on August 19 U.S..
Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 5th ranked in the Italian Grand Prix, the 3796 winner, 1 st overall with 163 points:
"We're not satisfied. Best of all is that we scored 11 points, because in a moment of the race I saw on the floor. We have suffered enough, we must be honest. We've been all weekend saving furniture. From the first lap I noticed excessive bounce, unusual, because yesterday he did not. I tried to drive smoother and more aggressive, and all forms remained. After being almost fell twice, I thought about the World Championship and the final score 11 points better than none. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"This weekend has been a bit complicated. Marc was not comfortable despite having made good records over the two days of testing. Today, in the 'warm up' we have also tested some solutions that have not worked and also in career wins' chattering thus, could not do what he has done. One of the most important points to keep in mind is that Marc has learned to be conservative when the bike is not ready. In a category as matched as this you need to know to make a fourth or fifth place and stay off the podium if you want to fight for the championship. Now we have a break in the coming weeks and take the opportunity to make a three-day test at Portimao where we will try, along with technicians Suter, provide all means and have a little more stability. "

Marc Marquez will start from the first line in the Italian Grand Prix

The rider Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa finished second by a sigh, in qualifying this afternoon. After dominating much of the session, Marquez has chosen to get the pole until the last lap. In the end, Cervera was second to only 69 thousandths of the best time of Pol Espargaró. Thus, the CX will start tomorrow from the second position in the Italian Grand Prix and will occupy the first row in the grid, for the eighth time, nine possible this season.
The second day of testing at Mugello has started with the morning free practice session in which the pilot CatalunyaCaixa finished second. That of Cervera, following its work plan and regular progression, has started the day with a lot of determination and in his fifth lap of the 19 who completed, have had their best record (1'52 .867) in Mugello. With a great pace, shooting consistently in low 1.53 and 1.52 high, has led much of the session. Only Tom Lüthi has passed for only 72 milliseconds, in the final minute of the session.
Marquez has continued printing a cruising speed in the qualifying session. Now was the first moment of the weekend, and the pilot CatalunyaCaixa torpedoing the timer has started from the login. In his fourth lap had already achieved the best record in Mugello (1'52 .438), marking the provisional pole, and with an iron fist to dominate the rest of the session. But on the last lap, Espargaró has managed to lower the Marc record for only 69 milliseconds, while Marquez, with heavy traffic on the track in the closing minutes, could not improve his time again and, after making 20 laps , ended the session in second place.
The pilot played CatalunyaCaixa morning (24:20) ninth race of the season in Mugello, which adds two consecutive wins in 125cc Moto2 in 2010 and last year.
Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 2nd place, 39 laps, time: 1'52 .438:
"Today we had a good feeling because we ran a very good pace. Here at Mugello pole to achieve a return is difficult because you have to take reference drivers to take advantage of aspirations. The traffic generated in the circuit cuts off a bit around and you have to be very attentive to the other drivers. Tomorrow will be a race in a group, very long and very hard physically. Heat and address changes physically wear out much. We must be very focused on this circuit. The most important thing is that for the race tomorrow we have a good base and we leave from the front line. "

Marc Márquez, the king of Sachsenring

At cruising speed. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa Marc Marquez has achieved today in the Grand Prix of Germany for his second consecutive victory, the fourth of the season. Thus, the CX gets its 11th win in Moto2, 21 th of his career and even the record of victories in the World Cup won by a pilot before the age of 20 years, to date, held by Dani Pedrosa. In addition, the pilot maintains CatalunyaCaixa his romance with the demanding Sachsenring, where Marquez scored three consecutive wins in the 125cc class in 2010 and the last two in Moto2. With the win today, Marquez consolidates his lead and leads the overall standings with 43 points ahead of second placed Pol Espargaró.
The CX has ruled with an iron grip throughout the race. Starting from pole position, also the third consecutive year, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa with a dictatorial pace, with great intelligence has led the entire race. Only Andrea Iannone, who has gone down, has been able to advance you, in the absence of 19 laps. But the next turn, Marquez has returned to the head and has even managed to increase the gap to his pursuers, Mika Kallio and Alex de Angelis, on the final leg of the race. CatalunyaCaixa driver crossed the finish line at 2,093 seconds of Kallio, second, and De Angelis 2567, third.
After a great job, by all technical equipment, and tire choice, which has been crucial, hard-left with compounds, the pilot was able to address CatalunyaCaixa the final laps secured without deviating one iota of rhythm carried out throughout the race. In the end, his team manager Emilio Alzamora was very satisfied with the approach of Cervera career that has been applied.
Cervera played the next week the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello.
Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, winner of the Grand Prix of Germany 2012, 41'32 .467, 1 overall with 152 points:
"I knew from the beginning I had to start strong, because both Iannone as Espargaró came a little late and I knew I could make a difference. But with new tires I had found comfortable. With less grip sensations have improved, but then I have left some problems in the rear, I was bouncing off the curves and prevented me from having to keep up in training. I think we did a smart race, because when I saw Iannone I almost came to change the strategy and stay behind him to not spend too much tire. But I decided to throw and when I saw her fall through the screens I have tried to stay focused. It was very hard to be the whole race with so little advantage, but went well and at the end, old tires, I could keep up and open a small hole. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"It was a perfect race. It is the first time that Marc is leading the race from start to finish and that's a very important point to consider. Marc is a young driver you will gain experience year after year and today, I liked the approach has been applied and career as he has managed. He knew he had to go right, shoot and score their own pace, and has done so. He has managed to do very well, which is not easy the fact maintain concentration throughout the race. In addition, some problems came from "chattering" also knew neutralize. To commend the crew who have done a great job. One of the keys of the race was the choice of hard rubber, and the development of the bike, so I think Santi Hernandez has had little to do with this victory. We go to Mugello highly motivated and with the same energy as usual. "

The World Championship has not a break and lands in Germany

The World does not rest without taking a break around the paddock has shifted to the Sachsenring circuit this weekend will host the eighth round of the season. After the great victory, the third of the season at Assen achieved, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa Marc Marquez faces the German Grand Prix as championship leader with 23 points ahead of Andrea Iannone in second.
The visit Cervera Sachsenring circuit in which Cervera also adds two consecutive victories. Marc got the win in the 125cc Moto2 in 2010 and last year, in addition to getting two pole positions and have the track record both in Moto2 (1'24 .733, 2011) and 125cc (1'26 .053, 2010). Last year, the pilot had two beautiful CatalunyaCaixa duels with Andrea Iannone and Stefan Bradl during the race. With seven laps enjoyed a great advancement in the descent of the German track where Bradl beat and led the final laps with an iron hand to win his third straight victory.
Thus, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa try to continue their work to keep their love affair with the German track. "The Sachsenring is a bit peculiar, especially the first part, but of that I have a good memory, because last year I did well. We come from a win and that's always positive, but we must remain calm and try to continue our working method. The first part of the circuit is very slow, where you need to find a good set-up that does not compromise all the fast, which also has stronger brakes, and that is where you actually do time, "the pilot CatalunyaCaixa analyzes.

Marc Marquez gets his third victory and is more of a leader

The pilot CatalunyaCaixa Marc Marquez has now achieved his third victory of the season in the Dutch Grand Prix, his tenth win in Moto2 and 20 th of his career. Thus, the Cervera has signed a new exhibit at the Assen circuit, where he scored three consecutive wins in the 125cc class in 2010 and the last two in Moto2. With the win today, Marquez consolidates his lead and leads the overall standings with 23 points ahead of second placed Andrea Iannone.
The Cervera, who started from pole position, has been imposed in a race extremely competitive. After a very tight, Marquez has fallen to fifth. Low to high, Marquez has gone up the pace and winning positions until lap 11 Scott has made progress in Redding, who has kept another great duel for second place. In turn, Iannone had managed to escape and leading the race with more than three seconds of advantage over Marquez.
But the pilot CatalunyaCaixa has become hit and intensity, lap after lap, has managed to iron out the difference with the Italian to reach you with three laps of the race. Marc has starred in another nice duel and after several overtaking, the driver has gotten CatalunyaCaixa leave behind Iannone and cross the finish line in first place, getting his third consecutive podium and the sixth of seven possible this season.
No time to rest, Marquez played the next week's German Grand Prix.
Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, champion Dutch Grand Prix, 39'43 .170, 1 overall with 127 points:
"It was a tough race but nice. At first I struggled a lot, because I have left some problems that had no training and I could not pick up the pace, maybe it was my strong point today. When I saw that Iannone was leaving, I tried to stay calm because I knew that ultimately influence career tires enough. Perhaps I made the mistake of spending too much time trying to overtake Aegerter and Redding. They played their cards, but I could pass. Finally last two laps were very nice with Iannone, which I would liked to have been Pol [Espargaró], because I think it would have been a tight race fought. In any case, we are pleased with how we've done, our labor, and now we have to think in Germany, which will be a race too important. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"Marc has done an excellent career. Again, the race has managed to perfection. It was not easy. The team has done a great job as they have managed to give a competitive bike and on the other hand, Marc has used all the resources to take the win. A shame for Pol, that a fall could not be there before, because with Iannone had been the toughest opponent to beat. The rating of the weekend is obviously very good but we must continue working to get a bike more stable throughout the weekend. "

Marc Marquez, new leader of the World Championship

The pilot CatalunyaCaixa Marc Marquez is, again, the leader of the Moto2 World. After finishing third in the Grand Prix of Great Britain, Cervera has achieved in its fifth Silverstone podium of the season, the 30 th of his career. In a tough weekend, Marquez has been very competitive despite not having the best feelings in the saddle.
In the 'warm-up' this morning the team took a step forward, after intensive work carried out with coach Santi Hernandez. However, Marc did not turn out the desired feelings over his saddle and that hurt the performance of the pilot CatalunyaCaixa one of the most demanding circuits on the calendar.
After a good start, in which Marc has been in the 5th position, a first group of seven riders led the race at a pace below the power-pole position yesterday. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa has gained positions in the early laps, and after advancing to Andrea Iannone has reached the 3 rd position in the third turn. But the exchange of positions has again become a constant in today's test and from the 4 th position, Marquez has gone from strength further, reaching the 2nd position on lap 11. But a combative Scott Redding has spent two laps later. A duel which won its peak in the final laps of the sixth round of the season, in which the pilot has reached CatalunyaCaixa again the 2 nd place with four laps remaining. But Redding has been exceeded by last turn of heart attack, in which Marquez and the Briton have maintained a great duel, with successive advancements in between. The CX finally crossed the finish line in third place, behind Pol Espargaró and Redding, thus 16 valuable points to climb to the top of the standings.
Thus, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa farewell to Silverstone, where last year fell and left the British route to 82 points the winner, as the new overall leader. With 102 points with 6 leads to the second and third place, Pol Espargaró and Thomas Luthi, who are tied on points. The next challenge for Marc will be in two weeks, with the dispute of the Dutch Grand Prix in Assen, in "The Cathedral".
Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 3rd place in the Grand Prix of Great Britain, the 1521 winner, 1 st overall with 102 points:
"Today has been very difficult. Seeing where we were yesterday, I think it's a great result. In the warm-up we have improved a bit, but we knew the race would suffer. We have seen that Kalex here were very thin and I decided to give one hundred percent in the race, staying calm and thinking of adding the maximum points for the championship. The race was a very high rate from the beginning and with Iannone and maybe if we had not bothered Redding, Pol [Espargaró] had not escaped. He went well, I have set before trying to catch up, but Redding has made me pass, so I think in the end we did a great job. Add 16 points in a circuit that has cost us both is very important, and I have to give special thanks to my team who have been working very hard all weekend, especially yesterday, they were working until two in the morning. "
Emilio Alzamora, Team Manager:
"This has been the most difficult weekend for Marc On the one hand, weather conditions, rain and wind did not help much, but another important factor has been the failure to finish to find the ideal set on this track that Marc would be comfortable with the bike. In addition, a defective exchange, jumped down when faced one of the fast corners of the circuit, made during practice yesterday, Marc went to the ground. All of these circumstances will face Marc has made today's race without having the bike ready. Even so, Santi Hernandez and Marc did a great job during the warm-up in the morning. We knew that the most aspired to the podium and today was even dating Marc has given these conditions the maximum and could add some points that are very important for the championship. Give thanks to the team yesterday were until two o'clock in the box ".

Second row for Marc Márquez

The Silverstone circuit, escorted at all times by the British and dense clouds whipped by a strong wind, has hosted today the second day of testing, before the sixth race the Moto2 World will be held tomorrow on the British stage. The pilot will start tomorrow CatalunyaCaixa Marc Marquez from the second row at the Grand Prix of Great Britain after winning the 5th fastest time in the qualifying session. The Cervera has achieved his best weekend (2'08 .864, Pol Espargaró 0853, author of the pole) on lap 14 of total 15 that has completed the afternoon.
In the morning, and because of the fine rain that has appeared at the beginning of the session, most drivers in the intermediate category members have been relegated to the inside of their boxes for much of the session. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa Marc Marquez, who could only complete four laps British, was waiting for the track to dry to get out again. When missing only 5 minutes to conclude the session, and dry the track apparently has gone out of his box on board the Suter. It was then in turn eight, one of the fastest British circuit, the CatalunyaCaixa has lost control of his mount and has gone down, thus terminating the first session of day two.
Already in the qualifying session, and after the pilot CatalunyaCaixa technicians conduct a titanic work to recompose the frame again, Marc has come again to the ring to face the prelude to the big race that takes place on the morning British track of Silverstone. On a cold asphalt, temperatures were around 18 º C and 16 ° C, the Repsol CatalunyaCaixa continued working aboard his horse even though he could not find the desired feelings.
A lack of warm-up tomorrow (9.00 hours, 10.00 CET Spanish), the pilot CatalunyaCaixa hopes to find a solution that allows you to recover those tenths necessary to contest the sixth round of the season, the Grand Prix of Great Britain, with guarantees. The Moto2 race will open the day (11:20 a.m., 12.20 CET Spanish) followed by MotoGP (1:00 p.m., 14.00 CET Spanish) and then that of Moto3 (14.30 h, 15.30 hours CET Spanish).
Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 5th-placed time: 2'08 .864, 19 laps:
"This morning I suffered a fall quite strong, but I've been lucky not to hurt me. In the afternoon was quite windy and we could not find the ideal set, but we still managed fifth place on the grid for tomorrow. Maybe we are not so close to the fastest riders as other Grand Prix, we lack a bit, but tomorrow we have the warm-up to end to try some changes. This afternoon we will review all data to improve a few tenths. "

Podium for Marc Márquez at home

Marc Marquez has now achieved his fourth podium of the season after completing a day marked by the incident, with three laps to finish the race and in turn 10 at the Circuit de Catalunya, between the pilot and Pol Espargaró CatalunyaCaixa.The pilot has CatalunyaCaixa a great race, very few fought against militant Andrea Iannone and Thomas Luthi. From the pole, Marc has made a good start, reaching the first position into the first corner but the extreme competitiveness of Moto2 has fallen once again apparent. Iannone, who started fourth, and Dominique Aegerter, sixth, have advanced to the pilot CatalunyaCaixa, which together with Toni Elias and Thomas Luthi front were the first group.A group that is rapidly reduced by three riders: Marquez, Iannone and Luthi, which were swapping positions. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa has come to the lead on three occasions around 8, 15 and 16 - in a relentless struggle with the Italian and Swiss Luthi. With three laps to finish the race, Marquez had a touch with Pol Espargaró when Cervera was recovering after the traced line to regain control of his mount, who moments before had seemed irretrievable. Marc, with all his energy put in to save the situation, did not see the Granollers and could do nothing to prevent the touch.After the incident, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa, learned to stay calm and by the Italian rider Iannone and Swiss Luthi, kept the rhythm without losing concentration and finally crossed the finish line in third place.So, with 86 points, just two of the overall leader, Luthi, the CX pilot stood second overall. But a one minute penalty imposed by Race Direction, condemned him in the standings. Marquez was placed in the 23 th position and was fourth overall with 70 points, but a later claim team Repsol CatalunyaCaixa made the FIM canceled the previous sanction. Thus, Marc regains third place in the Catalan Grand Prix and second place in the overall standings.Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 3rd place Grand Prix of Catalunya, the 1137 winner, 2 nd overall with 86 points:"It was a race in which we fought a lot. Perhaps we did not have the best setup, but we have been fighting a lot and we did a good job. I felt very comfortable behind Iannone, but has been ready and obviously I tried to brake. I decided to bet it in the closing laps, but when I had three I made a small mistake and then I have played with Pol [Espargaró]. I feel for him and I apologize, I hope that was not hurt, because I knew that had fallen through. I have noticed a touch, but I have not seen, and I do not carry mirrors and I can not see what goes on behind. "Emilio Alzamora, Team Manager:"It was a difficult weekend since the first practice on Friday the development of the bike was not right and that somewhat delayed our work ahead of Sunday's race. The team has done a great job and was able to resolve these small misalignments in the face of the second day yesterday. In the 'warm up', Iannone has awakened and has been very competitive throughout the race. The race was well fought. Regarding the penalty, we as a team, we have seen fit to make a claim because they did not share the decision of the Race Direction. Later, we were but the most important reason is that Pol has emerged unscathed after the incident and is one hundred percent ahead of the next race. "

Marc Márquez will run at home

Once again, returns to the World Circuit de Catalunya. For Marc Marquez, the home Grand Prix. This weekend, the fifth race of the season lands on the tarmac of a circuit very dear to all pilots of the three categories that make up the MotoGP world championship. After the fall he suffered in Le Mans, the pilot comes CatalunyaCaixa second overall just one point of the winner, but always with a determination and desire to shine before their own.
Two wins (Losail and Estoril) and podium (Jerez) achieved in the first Grand Prix credited a great start to the season for Cervera. In Montmeló the goal is to continue the great line of work he and his team are taking place and try to repeat the actions of past seasons. And it takes two consecutive years Marquez on the podium at the Circuit de Catalunya: second in Moto2 in 2011 and victory in 125cc. in 2010. In the Grand Prix last year, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa made one of his spectacular comebacks, falling to the 12th position at the start and finishing second. Marc got his second consecutive podium in Moto2.
In the second being the season competed in Moto2, the CatalunyaCaixa continues to demonstrate its potential race after race. The experience gained over the last season in their favor even if it is true that face every test as if it were the first in his career. With the same eye to one of its circuits talismans, the CX pilot hopes to make a great performance in front of their fans. The passion that lives on the steps of the Circuit de Catalunya is not lost to anyone, especially the pilots from their mounts can hear the warmth of the audience despite the acoustic power of their machines.
Again, everything is prepared for all members of the Moto2 start your engines with the intent to enjoy the large audience that is always on the path to see their idols of the two wheels. Last season, the three-day Grand Prix resulted in an audience of 146,718 attendees. In addition, the Circuit de Catalunya has been recognized by Dorna, FIM and IRTA at different times by the awards for Best GP Organization (1992, 2001 and 2006) and Best Media Organization (1995).
Marc Marquez, pilot CX:
"This week is very special to me as we run in Montmelo both my brother will be invited in Moto3-pilot like me. Comes home Grand Prix and there is obviously eager to be prepared to get a good result. I fell in Le Mans after a good weekend, but now the classification has been matched very much and it's like zero comenzásemos pilots are ahead. The aim must be to be very focused on the third day and from the first time think about the race. Montmelo is a circuit I like very much, where last year on the podium last year and got the win in 125cc. I have wanted to come and start working, in addition to watching my team, my people, my fan club and encouraging the public "

Fall of Marc Marquez during the French Grand Prix

A weekend marked by rain has conditioned the outcome of the pilot CatalunyaCaixa in the French Grand Prix 2012. Despite having made some good training, under conditions really complicated, Cervera pilot was unable to complete the fourth race of the season. Marc Marquez has suffered a fall during the rainy French Grand Prix. In the 11th turn, and when Cervera occupied the fourth position, the CX has gone down, in turn 10 in a fall without danger to rider CX.
Marquez, who started from pole position, has not felt comfortable at the start and head prudent and completed the opening laps. In the third round, and from the 11th position, the pilot CX Repsol has begun a new comeback, step by step. But when he was fourth, Marquez has been the ground, in turn 10 of the legendary circuit of Le Mans.
Excessive punishment for the pilot CX, who yesterday won the pole position and this morning, in the 'warm up', also commanded the wet. Marquez is now second in the overall standings, just one point winner, Pol Espargaró, sixth in the race today to win Thomas Luthi.
World moves to the Circuit de Catalunya where on June 3 will host the Grand Prix of Catalunya.
Marc Marquez, pilot CatalunyaCaixa, nc, drop, 2nd overall with 70 points:
"Today it rained and the warm-up I felt pretty good, but in the race had much more water on the track and at the beginning I did not feel as comfortable as in the morning. I've played with De Angelis and I have spent several drivers, so I took it calmly and slowly I have been taking confidence. But you have to shoot in the wet. Went well, was comfortable and confident on the bike, and suddenly a small bug that the bike has very suddenly slip back and I could not do anything. The good news is that we are a point behind and we've got experience in wet races. Now it think in Montmelo, where I have really wanted to go. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"Shame about the weather. Since in the Moto3 race we have seen how difficult it is to complete a race in these conditions. Marc has not found the same 'feeling with the bike I had in the morning, during the' warm up '. If I do a review of the weekend, I have to say that despite not having scored, we satisfied the circuit since Marc has proven to make a great pace throughout all training. Nevertheless, we went to a point of leadership and this is most important. We must be positive and see what happens in Montmelo. "

Marc Marquez positive training at Le Mans

The rider Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa started today in Le Mans to work with the configuration of your Suter of the race next Sunday. After a very consistent start, which then were really fast lap times, that of Cervera, at the controls of his Suter, has completed a total of 39 laps finishing in fifth place in which was the first day of the Great Prix ​​de France 2012.
The morning session, marked by cold conditions (19 ° C in the asphalt) has seen times pilots Moto2 progressively downgraded records. The CatalunyaCaixa, very consistent, completed 19 laps of the track with a best time of 1'38 .727, which led it to conclude the session in third place.
In the second practice session, with a superior asphalt temperature (24 ° C), Marquez has improved its record in the morning, stopping the clock at 1'38 .486. His best time in Moto2 at Le Mans, as exceeds that achieved last year (1'38 .533, Race). Five minutes from the end of the session, it started to rain in some areas of the track, thus hindering the closing laps CatalunyaCaixa pilot and other pilots in the intermediate category.
Tomorrow, Marquez and his team will continue with their work on the third free practice session (11.10 hours) and later in qualifying (15.10 h).
Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 5th-placed time: 1'38 .486, 39 laps:
"I have been pleased with how today's practice. We shot with the intention of finding a good set-up with the bike while maintaining a good pace throughout the day. So far we have always worked under the same method and we're getting good results so I do not see why we should change it. In the category drivers are very fast that which you get careless, then you are in fifteenth position, so we must continue to maintain the same level of concentration. There are many drivers who can become rivals. We must be very attentive to what will happen in every Grand Prix since there is strong competition. Luthi is a pilot who is very strong and we must always bear in mind, neglect or Redding Iannone pilots who are also very fast. Tomorrow we still have room for improvement, especially in the geometry of the bike but we should also pay special attention to the tires. "

Dr. Marc Marquez again in Estoril

The pilot CatalunyaCaixa Marc Marquez has achieved today his second win of the season at the Grand Prix of Portugal, his ninth victory in Moto2 and the 19th of his career. An electrifying victory, tachycardia, memorable. The Cervera, who started from pole position, has been imposed in a fiercely competitive race after passing, in a final round of stroke, Pol Espargaró, who was second. With today's result, that of Cervera and has 12 consecutive races without leaving the podium.
The pilot CatalunyaCaixa has made a good start, very clean and clear. In the second round, Thomas Luthi, who started second, has been at the forefront of the race, ahead of Marc, who has taken the start of the race calmly. On lap 9, Johann Zarco has beaten Marquez, who has come to occupy the 4th position for some curves after Espargaró also pass. Before starting the next turn, Cervera had already recovered the 3 rd position and has begun to close the gap on Espargaró (2 °). On lap 15, the pilot has made progress CX Pol and five laps later, he has also hunted Luthi. The Cervera returned to lead the race, followed by Espargaró, who barely separated by thousandths in step goal, leaving a little behind the Swiss.
And on the last lap duel was electric, with a give and take of up to six overtaking the two pilots, with a touch of fairings included. In the end, a shock of Pol at the entrance to the chicane, has allowed the escape of Marc, who crossed the finish line at 1,987 seconds difference Espargaró
Marquez added, so, his second win of the season and his third consecutive podium after his victory in Tasting and second place finish at Jerez last weekend. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa consolidates and leading the World Cup overall standings with 70 points, 9 ahead of Espargaró in second.
Marc says goodbye to the best shape of his talisman circuit, where he debuted in the World Cup in 2008 and which in 2010 achieved one of the most epic victories in the history of motorcycling. World moves to Le Mans, where he will be held May 20th Grand Prix of France.
Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, winner of the Grand Prix of Portugal, 44'04 .086, 1 overall with 70 points:
"It was a difficult race since the beginning Luthi has drawn strong trying to break the group. I knew we would come at the end with very worn tires, so I went quietly. There was a moment that has happened Zarco also Pol [Espargaró] and it looked like I was back, but I managed to stay calm and start climbing, because I knew I had rhythm. With ten laps I decided to wait for the next five behind them, to recover a little, and then I have decided first to try to open a hole. Pol has reacted very well and we've played all on the last lap, which was like the 125cc, passing on each curve. I knew he braked hard and had to use my strengths, and has been a nice final lap, which could have won either, but in the end we managed well. "
Emili Alzamora, Team Manager:
"We are pleased with the work that Marc has performed throughout the entire weekend. We knew that Iannone, Luthi and Pol would thereby escape there would be a complicated task. In addition, we have not been able to give a top speed that Marc deserved. There have been a clue that Marc could not escape. Marc again be in great form, and is demonstrating its robustness. Now we make two or three races with the asphalt completely dry, because during the preseason we could not evolve Suter. "

Second pole in a row for Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez loose. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa achieved today in the Estoril circuit his second pole in a row, the ninth in Moto2 and 23 of his career. With a record of 1'40 .934, new Moto2 record on the Estoril circuit after passing the previous best time, in possession of Stefan Bradl (1'41 .591, 2011), the de Cervera has achieved the first position in qualifying and tomorrow will come in front of the grid in the Grand Prix of Portugal.
The pilot CatalunyaCaixa dominated with an iron hand the second day of practice pertaining to the third round of the season. In the morning, and during the third practice session, Márquez was awarded the best time stopping the clock at 1'41 .041, having played 19 laps. And in the qualifying session, Marquez has continued its dictatorial rule, leading the session from that of CX completed its fourth round. At cruising speed, the pilot has been spraying CatalunyaCaixa their records, until the last lap, which has managed to freeze the clock at 1'40 .934's spectacular.
Tomorrow, Marquez will make his third race of the season (11.20 hours, 12.20 hours peninsular Spanish) and for the third time, the pilot will CatalunyaCaixa occupy the first row of the grid, with Thomas Luthi and Scott Redding.
Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 'pole', time: 1'40 .934, 39 laps:
"I wanted to go fast at this circuit, because in Estoril is tough to get. But from the beginning and we have found good on the bike, with a basic set-up good, and we have gradually been improving. Tomorrow we still have to prove anything in the warm-up, but of course we're happy. We'll have to stay calm, because the race is the most important, is where we play championship points. We are prepared to fight for victory. We have a good base from there, try to get a good start and see how the race goes, fast or slow, or there is some reference group. We try to give a hundred percent and see if we can get to the final laps fighting for victory. "

Second podium for Marc Márquez

The rider Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa still leads the World Cup after defeating Moto2 Grand Prix of Spain. The Cervera has finished second in Jerez, in a very difficult race and cut by rain on lap 18, when Marquez was leading the race. But not all riders have passed, the end result was the passage of the finish line on lap 17, when Pol Espargaró was first, followed by pilot CatalunyaCaixa.
Thus, Marquez scored his second podium of the season, 13 º and 27 º Moto2 of his career. From the pole, Marc has made a very wise output due to the complicated state that asphalt had. In cyclothymic always first turn of Moto2, the Cervera, with Thomas Luthi, Espargaró, Scott Redding and Mike Di Meglio, were exchanging the top positions continuously.
With the development of the race, Luthi, Redding and Marquez have distanced themselves from the front of the career, starring in another electrifying duel. But on lap 14, it started to rain, and all the drivers, knowing that they could cut the test were achieved when two-thirds of the race, have taken a step forward. Marquez and Espargaro have been at the head, exchanging the first place in a spectacular duel. At the end of lap 17, Pol has crossed the finish line in first position, and being the only money they have completed all the drivers before displaying the red flag, Espargaró has won in Jerez, followed by the CX pilot.
Marquez says goodbye to Jerez with 20 valuable points that you can continue to control the overall standings with 45, with 4 points ahead of Espargaró, second. The next challenge will CatalunyaCaixa pilot next week at the Estoril circuit, which will host the Grand Prix of Portugal.
Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 2nd place in the Grand Prix of Spain, the 0241 winner, 1 st overall with 45 points:
"It was a very difficult race, especially at the beginning and end, because the track was quite tricky. At first I struggled a bit to go picking up the pace and after completing two thirds of the test, I tried to move to the first position, because I knew I could stop the race. When drops started to fall I have come to mind experiences that had lived in 125 and last year. I knew it was much more important to score 20 points a zero, so this second place is very important. As was the track we must be very happy and now think in Estoril. "
Emilio Alzamora, Team Manager:
"The training of the Grand Prix have been very complicated because the weather has complicated things a bit. However, Marc has done a very thorough training and pole included. During the race Marc has known to be conservative at times suitable to risk while at the most critical. When the rain started Marc knew they would stop the race and it was then risked in order to retain the position until the race direction to give the race finished. However, a second place is a very good result, I am very happy '

First "pole" of the season for Marc Marquez

The rider CatalunyaCaixa Marc Marquez has achieved today at the Circuito de Jerez, his first pole of the season, the eighth in Moto2 and the 22 th of his career. The Cervera will start tomorrow in the Grand Prix of Spain (12.20 hours) from the first position in a first row that will accompany Takaaki Nakagami, runner, and Pol Espargaró, third.
In the morning, the third free practice session, rain and strong winds have again become the protagonists. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa, wet weather has improved over a second time yesterday with a record of 1'54 .950 to .487 seconds of Johann Zarco, and has finished in 4th position.
As usual, Marquez has completed the second day of work in Jerez evolve from less to more, and exhibiting in its best moments. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa achieved his best time (1'43 .005) on lap 17 after completing a total of 19 where he has been a qualifying session with the track dry. A new scenario as in the previous sessions of Cervera had to roll on wet and extreme conditions. But their adaptation, again, has been meteoric and Marquez, lap after lap, has been lowering its own records, exceeding personal best last year in Jerez (1'43 .310).
Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, pole with a time: 1'43 .005, 38 laps:
"One lesson I learned last year is you have to take things calmly in this category. This weekend has been very special, because wet conditions is always difficult, and even more so when they change throughout the day. This morning, with the wet track, I found comfortable and this is important for tomorrow, because nobody knows what the weather will. In the officer, at first I took it in stride. In the second exit, with wind and a bump in the track, the situation was delicate, but we have achieved a major pole. Even so, most important is tomorrow, so we have to be very focused and try to stay calm, because the desire and motivation are a hundred percent. "

Marc Marquez dazzles with his driving

The rider returned to dazzle CatalunyaCaixa all the MotoGP World Championship with a new exhibit aboard his Suter. Marc Marquez has managed to impose in the Grand Tasting Award 2012, ahead of Andrea Iannone and Pol Espargaró, in a memorable race. The Cervera has managed well, their eighth win in Moto2, the 18th of his career, and became the first leader of the general classification of the intermediate category.
After yesterday's qualifying session, in which the rider CatalunyaCaixa got the second fastest time of the day, which enabled him to emerge today from the front row Tasting Grand Prix, Losail asphalt looking forward to the roar of four-stroke engines that make up the intermediate category Moto2.
The first race of the season presented very exciting, and really has not left anyone indifferent. Much less CatalunyaCaixa members, who excited the showing of his pupil, have tasted the sweetness of victory in what has been the first race of the 2012 season. A jubilant Marc Marquez has a dramatic effect to hinder tried hard preseason expectations and illusions. Leaving any doubt, the CatalunyaCaixa has come out with determination and ambition of a world champion. In the second round and was able to be placed first, beating Espargaró and Thomas Luthi, who started from pole position.
Iannone, Simone Corsi and Tito Rabat were added to the group leader and the exchange of position has been consistent between them. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa has become 5 th on lap 13, but lap after lap, Marquez has starred in another of his comebacks, passing Iannone, with hints of fairing included, and Espargaró, and spraying the track record of Losail Race ( 2'00 .645). In the final laps behind lapped Luthi, who led the race until the first turn of the last lap made a mistake. Marquez has come to lead the test, while Iannone, second, tried to give chase to Cervera. In the latest twist of Italy has made it to first, but Marquez in the stretch, has been able to overcome Iannone and his first win of the season.
The next challenge will be the pilot CatalunyaCaixa April 29 at the Circuito de Jerez, where he held the Grand Prix of Spain.
Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, Grand Prix champion Tasting, 40'34 .225, 1 overall with 25 points:
"The truth is that it was a tough race, I did not expect this victory. My goal in today's race was to try to follow the pace of other drivers, but it has not been as strong as we expected. It was a very elaborate and beautiful victory. After the winter we've been through, is much appreciated. This Grand Prix has been especially hard during practice and I had a hard time catching up. But in the race I felt very good, very concentrated, because I knew if I was not one hundred percent in every way would not have options. It was a surprise to me. There are still many races, this is only the first and we have to go step by step. This just started. "
Emilio Alzamora, CatalunyaCaixa Repsol Team Manager:
"I think we need adjectives to qualify the performance of Marc's really got something special because when you face adversity, we grow. I think one of the most important keys have been the work that Marc has performed with his crew, using used tires throughout the weekend, looking for settings, looking at the telemetry of last season, going over every detail, and so on. For CatalunyaCaixa Repsol team today is a very special day and we've been very difficult times over the winter. Now I remember people like Dr. Mir, who with the help of Dr. Sanchez Dalmau made this victory possible. I want to thank the unconditional support of the sponsors CatalunyaCaixa, Repsol, the fan club, family and all fans. We could not have started the championship best. "

Marc Márquez: "I like Losail circuit"

The pilot CatalunyaCaixa off tomorrow to Doha (Tasting), where Sunday is held the first Grand Prix of the 2012 season. After the unusual winter he lives, the CX faced with great enthusiasm a test that will give us a great deal of emotion. Outbreaks catarí Losail circuit will witness the first major challenge for Cervera. Last season, the pilot could not score CX after suffering a spectacular fall, with no consequences, while contesting the race. This time, Marc gets confident, calmly, and with the experience of a pilot with exceptional talent and the ability to absorb any information that will go ahead.
The Losail International Circuit in Tasting, hosted for the first time in 2004, a Grand Prix MotoGP World Championship. The first stone was laid in December, in the presence of world champions past and present, as are MickDoohan or Valentino Rossi.
One of the main features of which will be the first Grand Prix of the 2012 season, lies in the enormous amount of focus-could cover 10 football fields, which houses the circuit. His great structure makes it one of the most modern circuits in the current calendar. In addition, the masterpiece was created in the desert Catari, with all the technical difficulties involved.
The circuit of 5.4 km, has a line of 1,068 meters and 16 curves, and was approved by the MotoGP Safety Commission then made by Valentino Rossi, Sete Gibernau, Kenny Roberts Jr and NobuatsuAoki.En 2008, broke the mold with Tasting celebrate the first night Grand Prix history, which was the culmination of the most important permanent lighting project in a sports arena. The test was a complete success and has established itself as one of the most spectacular events on the MotoGP calendar.
The pilot CX has worked very hard throughout the preseason, as far as physical concerns, and comes to the appointment stronger than ever and, most importantly, a desire to shine barbarian in the spotlight Qataris circuit Losail.
Marc Marquez, pilot CatalunyaCaixa:
"I really wanted that arrived this week. On Tuesday we left for Doha, where a new Moto2 season and where we hope to get a much better result than last year. The whole team has worked very hard this winter to this moment and I have only words of gratitude to them and all the sponsors who have trusted me. The injury is increasingly further back and that's a very positive signal for the start of the World Championship. Months have been quite complicated, but when we get to Catar look no further back and try to enjoy. The Losail circuit I like, is a fast and very particular path, where I hope that the Suter to give maximum performance. "

Marc Márquez: "Everything has gone far better than I expected"

The rider Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa today concluded three days of official IRTA held in the Andalusian circuit of Jerez. The test, put an end to a season somewhat atypical for the pilot CX and approach the pilot to the first race of the season to be held on the tarmac Losail Qatar next weekend on April 8. With good taste, despite having lost much of the preseason, which has prevented him to add the same amount of miles than other drivers in its class, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa today go to where it will wait impatiently Cervera the arrival of their first challenge of the season: Qatar.
The pilot followed today CatalunyaCaixa adding miles aboard his Suter, with which tested different technical specifications. Taking advantage of the hot day in Jerez, Cervera has begun its work early. In the morning session has completed 35 laps, setting a best time of 1'42 .430, improving again yesterday and managed to roll under the pole of the last Grand Prix of Spain (Stefan Bradl, 1'42 .706). In the afternoon, the pilot has made CatalunyaCaixa another 18 laps following the training schedule stipulated.
In all, Marc has completed a total of 53 laps during the day today, finishing fifth in the timesheets, as in the combined ranking of the three day test at 0'447 Claudio Corti, pilot who set the fastest time of these workouts. The overall assessment, having completed a total of 160 laps (707.7 miles), has been very positive for CX pilot, who has quickly adapted to the bike and, again, has shown everyone the great potential the pilot hiding.
So, Marc Márquez closes its season and faces, looking forward, the first Grand Prix of the 2012 season.
Marc Marquez CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 53 laps, 1'42 .430:
"The balance is very positive, especially given the situation where we were and where we are now, so I think we must be very happy with the results of these three days. Gradually we have been rediscovering the confidence on the bike because, like it or not, after five months, you lose some. We have begun to test changes in the configuration of the bike and we're getting to the first, they are still slightly ahead. Anyway, everything went much better than I expected. The next challenge is to Qatar, and obviously did not get 100% in terms of kilometers and the Moto2 tests because we have not had time, but be patient and take full advantage of the situation "

Marc Marquez made ??a successful test at Albacete

Marc Marquez has returned to action. The CatalunyaCaixa team rider, who was piloting his Suter since the fall of the Malaysian Grand Prix in October, could resume again today with the sensations his mount on the asphalt of the circuit of Albacete. After the approval of doctors, last Monday, and after testing the Suter, the next day, making only 8 laps of the circuit Lleida Alcarràs, Marc has been directed toward the circuit of Albacete, where he completed two days of satisfactory training.
Both the pilot and the team have been happy to test this part of the pre-season training plan. Optimum weather conditions have accompanied the pilot CX, which has taken full advantage of the two days completing a total of two sessions per day. A morning and an afternoon session.
Now his goal is to continue to accumulate between 19 kilometers and 21 March in training officers to IRTA Jerez de la Frontera circuit. The Cervera returns home to rest over the weekend and recharge for the final of the preseason.
Marc Marquez, pilot CatalunyaCaixa:
"Because the test was Alcarràs be possible to do this test in Albacete and Real. And the truth is it was amazing to get back on the bike. These two days of training I used to add kilometers, to hear about the feelings and Suter could be convinced to ride in Jerez. Although I'm missing something, but this is a first big step in my campaign. I thank the team for their patience this time, the sponsors and the fans gave me the love. "
Emilio Alzamora, CatalunyaCaixa Repsol Team Manager:
"We are all very happy to see again in March on a motorcycle. He waited five months and it is time for a rider like him. The training of Albacete were satisfactory, but the most important thing is that Mark has returned to smile, the smile never seen. "


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