Race to forget for HP Tuenti team 40

Tito Rabat and Pol Espargaró go down at the same time, turn seven in the third round, leaving Le Mans if points. Axel Pons is rammed in the first round on a pileup.

Bad day for the 40 HP Tuenti team, which has seen its three drivers were outside playing before you complete the third round. Axel Pons has been rammed in the first round and Tito Rabat and Pol Espargaró have fallen in the same second, on the same lap, braking both in an area still wet and can not control the front. The last two are back on track, but with their mounts battered and no option to add a solitary point. After this bad result Tito lost the championship lead Favor Scott Redding, winner at Le Mans, and Polyccio drops to fifth. The next race in two weeks at Mugello (Italy). 23. TITO RABAT "I have not gone all that well, but then I saw that I could go forward, I happened to Pol and trying not to lose sight of Nakagami. But everything has been ruined to get out a little line, braking on a wet and go to ground. I tried to continue, but it was impossible to score points and not even go fast. It was a shame because we have a zero and we lost the World Cup lead, so we have to get to work to find a better result in the next race. " 20. POL ESPARGARÓ "I got a great start and I spent the seventh position to lead the race. I wanted to stretch the group and go calmly watching how people are positioned, and in this way avoid unnecessary risks. On the third lap I passed Nakagami and Tito suddenly, and a little later, to copy braking for my teammate, we have both a wet braking and have gone down. I'm back on track and tried to score some points, but he was not well anchored footrest, my foot slipped and I went over two or three times. The other favorites for the title have also been without a point, with the exception of Redding that henceforth becomes the greatest enemy to beat. " AXEL PONS, fall "I do not know what I have to do to get me off bad luck. I made a good start, gaining a few positions, worse in turn seven of the first lap I noticed a hit from behind and then I've seen on the floor and around me three or four riders. I have to do everything possible to rank well and get out more upfront, because back when it is one thing to another and there is no way to end a career smoothly. " CAREER 1. S. Redding (Kalex) 36.43.583 Two. M Kallio (Kalex) at 1.090 Three. X. Simeon (Kalex), to 1,234 April. D. Aegerter (Suter), to 1,701 May. J. Zarco (Suter) at 1.859 20. POL ESPARGARÓ (TUENTI HP 40) at 1.06.414 23. TITO RABAT (TUENTI HP 40), to 2v. WORLD PILOTS 1. S. Redding (Kalex), 76 points Two. TITO RABAT (TUENTI HP 40), 52 Three. M. Kallio (Kalex), 47 April. D. Aegerter (Suter), 47 May. POL ESPARGARÓ (TUENTI HP 40), 41 WORLD BUILDERS 1. KALEX, 95 POINTS Two. Suter, 62 Three. SpeedUp, 32 4 Motobi 14