Álex Rins wins twice

The Repsol rider achieved his first World Cup victory in a race contested over two legs, being interrupted by an accident. Álex Márquez, fifth at the first exit, has been dropped in the resumption of the trial.

Alex Rins thrilling victory in the Grand Prix of the Americas. After dominating much of the race, the Repsol rider achieved a second career victory after just five laps, after the interruption of the test by Jasper Iwema accident. Álex Márquez, fifth in the first race, has fallen into the second round of the restart. The wrong choice of rear tire, too soft, has been the cause of the fall. Starting from pole position, Rins has led the race from the first lap, in a group of Maverick Viñales and Luis Salom. However, the work has been canceled in the twelfth turn when an ugly fall Iwema been forced to stop the test, which has resumed half an hour later. In an intense shootout with five laps, Rins has seen a resurgence faces Luis Salom and again with Maverick Viñales, which has been imposed on a flawless final lap. With this result, the Repsol rider placed championship leader with 41 points, tied with Salom and one ahead of Viñales. Next destination, Circuito de Jerez, where will the action within 15 days at the Grand Prix of Spain.
 Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat) 1st - 11:26.535  "I'm super happy and very happy for the victory we have achieved today. Since Friday, the team and I have worked very hard to pick up pace and escape at the beginning of the race. We tried, but Viñales followed me at all times. The truth is that in the first set, when taught the red flag, I thought it was over. I've held, but when I reached the box I'm told that there was still another race to spare. It has not been easy to see that you have to get back on track just for a ride. At first I worried a bit, because I know, and Salom Viñales are very strong a few laps, but everything went well. At the end of the second race, when Luis Salom happened to me, I thought that there was still another twist, but when I saw the commissioner of the checkered flag, I opened gas like crazy to overtake and I have overcome. "
Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat) Fall "During the first part of the race I was not entirely comfortable on the bike. It took me pick up the pace, but from the middle of the race I started to feel good and even started down time. Unfortunately, we had to stop and make a new start. This is where we made a bad decision to mount a soft rear tire pushing me much the front. Apart from this we are left with the positive, which is that during the race we went fifth and setting a good pace. Now we have to get to Jerez is a circuit I know, convinced and motivated, knowing that we can go as fast as we did in the IRTA ".